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Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans or the Minecraft universe or the song I mention in this chapter or whatever. When will you learn?
“Why did you call me a she-wolf?”

“I was waiting for that question! :D
“This ought to be good”
“I don’t think he’ll tell her“

Oh no
– Beast Boy thought. Just when he believed she won’t ask, when he let his guard down, when he himself forgot about it, she asked him about the only thing he didn’t want to talk about. Ever. He turned around to look at her.

“OMG, look at his face! XD”
“Don’t look at her like that, answer her!”

Raven looked at his face and saw his eyes were wide as saucers, mouth slightly agape. His wolf ears were flattened. It indicated that he was somehow scared, so it must've been important and realizing that Raven became even more insecure. She felt him stiffen and she saw him turn his back at her as if he just wanted her to continue cleaning his back, but she knew better. He just didn’t want to look her in the eyes.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She frowned.

“You took him by the throat, threw him on a tree and screamed ‘the she-wolf is mine’. Don’t you remember?” she reminded in casual, gentle tone.

“Oh, that.” Seeing that the ‘I don’t recall’ argument won’t satisfy her he decided to take another path. “It’s nothing, that’s why I forgot about it.” He was going to deny everything and she didn’t like it. Not after all this time of secret and not-so-secret crushing and all-night talks in her room and drunken love confessions and jealousy and other stuff they didn't want to admit. She was annoyed and tired of their own game.
Raven threw the wet piece of his sleeve with which she cleaned his now clean back on the floor and folded her arms on the chest.

“Garfield” she said sternly.

“What?” he asked really impolitely, still not turning to face her.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

”I told you it was nothing.”

“That’s not an answer” she said gentler before touching his arm lightly. "Look at me."

Beast Boy sighed, finally deciding on facing her. “Look… I was shifting into a wolf and I was really pissed. Probably my wolf instincts were taking over and I called you a she-wolf. It sounded good just then, in my head.”

“Makes sense, but judging by her face she doesn’t buy it. And me neither.”
    “Makes sense? It’s bullsh*t and it’s obvious”

Raven crossed her arms on her chest, raising her eyebrow menacingly. He adverted his gaze.

“Oh yeah, she doesn’t buy his sh*t :D
“She knows what’s his deal”

“Yeah” she spat sarcastically. “I don’t buy it.”

“You don’t believe me?” he asked glancing at her but looking away the moment he saw her eyes.

“Maybe I’d believe you, if you were a better liar. But you don’t want to look at me and you didn’t answer right away, which means you have something to hide. And obviously it concerns me. Now tell me the truth.”

“I don’t want to talk about it” he spat.

“You better start.”

“I called you a she-wolf, never happened before, it’s the first time for everything. What’s the big deal?” he blurted out on one breath.

“Beast Boy” she said through clenched teeth.

“Raven” he mocked her, looking furiously in her eyes, his ears erect. “When ya say ya don’t wanna talk ‘bout somethin’ we’re supposed to leave ya alone. But when it comes to you wanting to know ya give yourself the right to push?”

“Calling me a hypocrite won’t get you anywhere” she declared. He rolled his eyes as a response and Raven sighed.

“Fine, don’t answer.”

“What? No! I wanna hear the answer!”

“Thank you” Beast Boy muttered, his muscles relaxing a little bit.

“Another question.” She said suddenly and he tensed again. “Why did you say I was yours?”

“Oh she’s good”

Beast Boy’s head turned at her abruptly. His eyes were dark with anger, his nose wrinkled. Raven didn’t give in. She straighten her back and held his glare, arms still crossed on her chest. Beast Boy finally gave in, turned away his stare and shook his head.

“You just don’t know when to back down, do you?” he asked just a little above a whisper and got up.

“Answer me, Beast Boy!” she demanded, getting up just like him. He approached the waterfall and looked outside.

“It’s getting dark, we should build up ourselves, otherwise the hostile mobs may find and attack us, just like the creeper before” he stated and untied his bundle. He took out the square of planks with a number sixty four written on it and began to build a wall.

“Stop ignoring me!” Raven stood behind him, trying to suppress her anger.

“I said, I don’t want to talk about it” he repeated his words.

“Yes, but that was about the previous question.”

“I uphold what I said.” Raven felt frustration bubble inside of her and she sighed aggravated. She looked to the side with furrowed brow, bit on her lower lip and shook her head at Beast Boy’s immature behavior. Suddenly it all became dark and then a light of a torch appeared. She looked at him, he was now putting the door in with the light of few torches on the new wall. The sound of the waterfall tuned out. When Beast Boy was finished she hoped she would have some chance to talk to him, make him change his mind, but he didn’t even turn his face to her. He just began to build up the cold stone walls with planks that remained in his hands. Raven sighed again and just thought of anything to say that would make him realize what those words meant to her. When he took out a pickaxe (she had no clue when he created it, she supposed he did it that night he went out) and started to dismantle the stone underneath their feet. She observed him and thought of saying something that would make him know what she felt like. After deciding on her words, she finally spoke.

“I don’t like being objectified, Beast Boy.” He stopped in his tracks, obviously listening to her. “I’ve had enough of being a toy for my father and his worshipers.”

“someone said something about her being some kind of a victim?”

“I don’t objectify you.” After saying this he resumed dismantling the stone floor.

“Yes, you do. Calling something or someone 'yours' is the definition of objectifying. And you don't have any right to call me yours. Nothing ever happened between us.“

"I know that" he said, anger evident in his voice. He didn’t stop working the pickaxe though.

"Then why did you call me yours?" she asked in demanding tone.

“I’m certainly not objectifying you, Raven” he denied, seemingly calm.

“Oh, you’re right. It’s more of a reification.” Beast Boy sraightened abrutly looked at her with outrage.

“That’s what you think? That when a guy calls a girl his it’s reification? You think when Robin calls Starfire his girlfriend he’s treating her like a meaningless thing?!”

"I died watching this”
“He’s so hardheaded, why won't he just finally tell her he's head over heels for her?”
“They are both stubborn...”

After a few seconds of silence Beast Boy spoke up again.
“You only see the bad side of everything. You could look at the bright side for once” he said resuming his work. Raven bit on the inside of her cheek, thinking intensely.

"I'm sorry.” His wolf ears perked up hearing her words. "I may have overreacted a little." Beast Boy made a face, showing he thought it was putting it lightly, but he didn't squeek a word. However Raven continued. "But among all the things you've said, it's the first time you call me yours. Even though we didn't even get a chance to talk about us."

“It’s more ‘bout me than you, Rae.”

“But it also concerns me and I want to know what you meant. I want to know where it came from. And where it's going.” Beast Boy sighed heavily, hiding the pickaxe and taking out two squares of sixty four planks. He walked to her and put one in her palm. She looked at him with her eyebrow raised.

“Put planks on the floor starting from that wall, it’ll make everything faster” he ordered, indicating the wall on her right. She glanced at the square in her hand with disbelief.

“So you'll just leave me hanging” she said irritated. Beast Boy inhaled, clenching his jaw. He pushed the hair out of the left side of her face, leaving the bruised side covered and looked her directly in the eyes.

“I'll talk when I'm ready.” Saying that he took off to the opposite wall.

“Will you?” she asked doubtfully, but her voice wasn't as demanding as mere seconds ago.

“It's not easy for me, I just need to gather my thoughts.”

"Alright then" Raven said with a sigh of her own and began putting down the floor.

"looks like it's quiet before the sh*t storm"
    "yeah, it also feels like Rae-Rae's pmsing like hell..."
        "you have to be a sexsist male to come up with such conclusion"
            "actually I'm a girl... And there's nothing wrong to connect oversensitivity, moodiness and irritation with pms. I know I'm a                   royal bitch on those days ^^"
                "connect your brain b*tch"
                "ignore the person above, pls. but why don't you connect her behavior with the recent rape attempt she experienced?"
                    "she's pretty moody since the very beginning, but the stress about the assault might've intensified it I guess"

After a long moment of silence their backs met and they realized they were closed in the only two squares that weren’t covered with planks yet. They were facing each other and Beast Boy took the remaining planks from her hands.

"Here comes the perfect moment for a kiss. I bet they're going to blow it again XD"
    "I don't think he's in the mood right now"

Without a word he grasped her under her armpits and sat her down on the planks, not letting out a sound about his aching arm or back. He didn’t even give her a chance to say or do a thing, but put the two remaining blocks of planks down and headed to the wall accross the door. It obviously needed to be covered in wood. Raven huffed, crossing her arms again. She was hoping he would start talking already.

“Oh gee, she’s pouting again :D adorable little creature XD”
    “I can bet she’d kill you if she knew what you just said and where you live”
“Raven was so adorably helpless in BB’s arms. like a tiny pussy cat ;D”
“I hate it when my bf picks me up like that, I feel even smaller -.-”

"But you will tell me, right?" she asked and instantaneously regretted speaking up, because Beast Boy immediately tensed and let out an aggravated sigh. Not turning to face her, he said.

"Raven. You're being pesky. That's my job."

She hung her head and whispered an apology. "It's just..."

Beast Boy groaned and pulled a face. He dropped to the floor.

"Why you no drop it, woman?" he asked desperately.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know! I'm a hypocrite, lapidate me!" She looked at him apologetically. "I'm sorry, but everything is against me lately. I come home after four months, you have a fvcking girlfriend. Then you suddenly break up and before I gather the courage, after three fvcking weeks, to finally face you to talk about some things, the fvcking alarm goes off, then we land here, then another world-ending prophecy comes up...!"

"Okay, first of all, breathe" Beast Boy said calmly, seeing she was ready to burst into tears any second. "I thought you don't curse" he added with a chuckle.

"Oh, I do, on wonderful occassions like super painful period cramps and being sexually assaulted. And I do it alone in the safe haven that is my room. And in all the languages I know. Believe me, the cussing never stops." He chuckled again. “So. Are you ready to talk yet?" she asked meekly after a few long seconds.

He remained silent. God, he felt helpless. She backed him into a corner. How could he even start? He knew he was doomed to fail, yet again. And it was gonna hurt, yet again. But she did deserve to know. Her questions echoed in his head. Why did you call me a she-wolf? Why did you say I was yours? He let out a major sigh and swallowed. He didn’t turn to face her instead focusing on some point in front of him.
“just spit it already!”
“how much longer will they just stay quiet?”
“OMFG, he’s gonna confess! I mean properly ^^; At least I hope -.-”
“I don’t f*cking believe it”
“I don’t even. The Bae feels are killing me.”


“I…” he began and hesitated, feeling her eyes on him. She was indeed looking closely at him. His ears were down again. His tail waggled ever so slightly. He was insecure. “I wasn’t fully in control. I mean…” he cut off again. “You remember the fight with Adonis? The chemicals?" Raven frowned.

"Is it about that... beast form again?" she asked softly. When he didn't reply, she spoke again. “Was that what you were changing into to attack that priest?” She had no idea what he was trying to tell her. Other than he was madly in love with her, which in itself was beyond her.

He shook his head. “Yeah, but it's not about that, Rae. I began changing way before I even knew what was happening. It's more about..." he hesitated. Finding the right words was incredibly hard at this point.

"So it is about feelings?" Raven's question echoed in his head.

"Animals don't have feelings, Rae. I mean they do, but first of all they've got instincts." Now he finally turned his head to face her. "Instinct to fight for the highest place in hierarchy, to find food and a place to live, to find and protect a mate." He swallowed hard at this point, watching her taking the information in with furrowed brow. "Look, I don’t remember that night with Adonis as much as you don’t. But I do remember what I felt. I remember being furious that someone was between me and you. I remember the need to get you to some place safe. I remember wanting to defend you at all costs. And today, when I heard you calling or help I just went straight to the beast mode. I'm not exaggerating.”

“Oh, this is rich!”
“He’s a maniac?!”
“Look at her faaace! She paled like hell D:”
“She’s going to faint!”
"whoa, so bb's obsessed with her? like literally? Is that it?"
"I don't f*cking believe it"

Everything started to make more sense. Raven tried to ignore the lump that had created itself in her throat and the butterflies flying all over her stomach. She felt lightheaded.

"Are you telling me...?" she cut off, looking him in the eyes. They glowed in the dim light of the torches.

"Yeah, I've had feelings for you for that long" he admitted grimly.

"So..." His ears perked up. "The animal part of you chose me for its mate a sickeningly long time ago?"

"Yeah" he slowly nodded with a nervous laugh. "Add to that I've been falling for you ever since. It's a mean thing, I can't really help it anymore and I've tried."

"All those girls you slept with...?"

"Rebound sex. Meaningless. I gave them what they came for. And if after the sex they asked for dating I either denied or tried. No one was forcing anyone to do anything they didn’t wanna do. I just let off some unwanted steam and had some fun doing it. Don’t worry, I made sure it was all legal and never caught a disease. Besides, I stopped doing girls a while ago and switched to gym.”

“That’s… not exactly my point, but I’m glad” she admitted. "What about Rikki?"

"Oh" he spoke slowly. He sounded very tired and as if he already given up. "Rikki purposefully helped me realize I would never get over you. You're my mate of choice. I can't do anything about it" he said with a shrug. "But hey, I do like her a lot."

"And where does Terra fit into this?" Beast Boy sucked in some air loudly.

"See, I knew you'd bring her up."

"Who the duck is Terra?"
    "wasn't that the chick who tore Jump apart and they said they weren't ready to talk about her to the public?"
        "When did they say that?"
            "One of the Q&A, one during the Titans Trade, because I remember Speedy being there. And I think Jinx and Kid Flash were                 there, too, but not sure"
    "probably his ex or somethin"

"Well, why wouldn't I?" she asked with a frown.

"Maybe because Terra was waaay before all that? She's in the past, Rae, it's over, she's moved on and so have I." She looked at him as if she didn't believe his words at all. "It's like with that song!" Now Raven frowned.

"What song?"

"By La Sera?" he hinted with raised eyebrows, but seeing her still confused face he began singing. "I love my life without you... Ugh, I'd play it, but, y'know, I left my guitar at the tower."

"Why didn't you tell me about this?"

"What, that I'm over Terra?" he asked naively trying to change the subject or at least soften the air around them.

"No, that you consider me your mate." Beast Boy didn't answer. "It's been years since the incident with Adonis, you should've told me."

“Oh, puhlease!" he scoffed. "Don’t tell me what I did was wrong. I know your opinion. I know you’ll reject me. I was only protecting myself.”

“Still, you should’ve told me. I don’t want you to suffer because of me. And look for how long you have.” She got up and started pacing around, massaging her temples.

“What would it change if I told you earlier?”

“If I’d known I…” She stopped her pacing to look at him. “I would’ve left” she admitted with a helpless shrug. He straightened himself and looked at her harshly.

"But left, like, left the titans...? wut?"
"Okay... why? O.O"
    "I don't get it either"

“You would’ve left” he repeated her words before scoffing. ”You are sooo predictable, Raven.” She frowned. “That’s exactly why I haven’t told you. You would’ve left. You didn’t even think of the consequences of you leaving. Do you remember when Star traveled twenty years ahead? It was a future without her and the team had split up!”

"It's officially confirmed, they even travel in time."
    "I'm so jealous"
        "I'm not. Apparently Star didn't have a nice time, discovering the future of her team without her in their lives."

“That is a completely different situation” she objected, folding her arms.

“Why?! Because it was Starfire?! Because your absence would be meaningless?!” he screamed. He was so angry at her. How could she think so low of herself, and after all those years? “You’re just as important to the team as any of us! We care about you and you say if I told ya I loved ya and picked you for my mate, you would just run away, without a blink of an eye!”

“That’s not what I meant!”

“What else could you mean by saying that?! You would leave us all without second thoughts! Just because you’d rather run away than fight!”

“I told you years ago, I’m not a fighter!” she defended herself.

“What about all those years being a superhero, huh?! You are a fighter, Raven! You just can’t fight for yourself! You’re too much of an emotional coward to try a relationship!”

“I’ve tried relationships!” She felt like a child trying to defend herself from a big bully. It was only a matter of time she’d start crying and say her big brother will kick his ass. Her hands were shaking, her heart was about to jump out of her chest and her head was pounding.

"Wow, Raven really does have super low self esteem... and look how hot and smart she is"
    "Yeah, it's like, on the far bottom and under 20 feet of mud... Poor Rae"
    "I think she's kinda socially awkward. but that may be because she's a smart person"
"I completely understand her. I'm insecure like that too"
    "Aww, who hurt you, hon?"

Beast Boy seemingly calmed down, slowly nodding his head. His eyes were challenging her though.
"Alright" he said. "Tell me about those 'relationships'." He drew air quotes, speaking sarcastically. Just when Raven opened her mouth to reply, he added. "Besides Aqualad." Raven closed her mouth and thought for a few seconds, whilst Beast Boy was looking at her expectantly.

"Well, there's Malchior, for starters..." she spoke quietly, as if she was embarrassed.

“Malchior doesn’t count” he immediately declared. Raven glared daggers at him.

"And why not? Because I was fourteen?"

"He was a fvcking dragon!"

"So? I didn't know it then."

"Oh, of course you didn't!" he agreed, his tone still sarcastic and unpleasant. "Because you thought he was a freaking knight in shining armor!"

"He still counts" she defended herself, ignoring his accusations.

"It lasted a week, it doesn't count!"

"He deceived me, used me and broke my heart. He got all the points of the relationship gone wrong, he counts!"

Upon hearing this Beast Boy put his arms up in mock surrender, saying. "Fine, the dragon counts. Who else?"

"that's it. I'm done. She's a demon, a daughter of satan, supposed to be the end of the world, and dated a f*cking dragon"
    "so? she's still a good person"
    "*whose. learn some grammar before ranting sh*t"
"I think I recall a big f*cking dragon on the tower's roof..."
    "I'll never forget it, my dad called me then and told me it's okay that I'm gay and that he loves me anyways... I think he might've        thought the dragon was about to attack the city..."
        "haven't we all? XD"

"W-what?" Raven stuttered uncontrollably.

"Did you have any relationships after Malchior?" Raven opened her mouth, but before she could speak, he again stated. "Besides Aqualad."

"Jericho." Beast Boy's eyebrows shot up as he looked at her in disbelief.

"OMG, I'm so jelly, I luv J so much, he's such a cutie pie <3"
    "he's mute, lol XD"
        "so what?"

"Oh really?" he asked, obviously not believing her. Raven straightened herself. "You're serious" he realized, laying his wolf ears flat. She merely shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly and remained silent. Until Beast Boy snickered. "You dated him? The guy I found in mountains, like, among flowers and with his banjo?"

Raven rolled her eyes. "It's a guitar! You know it's a guitar, you own a guitar!"

"No, actually I own two" he corrected her casually.

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes again.

"But seriously? The blond, mute, cherub-like dude?"

"Being mute doesn't disqualify anyone" she argued.

"How did you communicate anyways?"

"Isn't it obvious?" she asked rhetorically.

"You both learned ASL?" he asked sarcastically, making Raven glare.

"We used telepathy, you idiot."

"Oh, yeah, that's super obvious for a normal person xD"
"and where's the place for privacy and the right to a few secrets? D:"

"Oh, now I know why you guys broke up." She looked at him with a curious frown. "He couldn't think sh!t with you on the trail of his every thought. Must've been hell for him."

Raven narrowed her eyes at him. "Do you even know how telepathy works?" Beast Boy thought for a second, before answering.

"No, not really actually."

"Telepathy isn't necessarily invading one's mind and reading everything you can. In our case it was more of a narrow communication channel through which we could send the thoughts which we wanted to share with one another."

"Oh. That actually sounds kinda cool" he admitted.


"So why didn't it work out?"

“We just decided the long distance relationship won’t have any future.”

Beast Boy wrinkled his nose and regarded her. She didn’t look at him and her voice was trembling. She was obviously lying.
“I call bullsh!t. Why even start a relationship?”

“He liked me, I liked him. It just didn’t work out” she replied evasively.

“You can teleport, Rae. Distance isn’t a problem for ya." She looked him in the eyes. “What’d he do?”

“He didn’t do anything.”

Then it hit him. He smirked and his eyes glowed dangerously in the dim light of Minecraft torches.

“oh, dear lord, he looks so creepy right now! D:”
    “r u kidding me?! he’s totally sexy with the glowing eyes! <3”


“What’d ya do, Rae?” He asked teasingly. Raven stiffened and took a huge breath.

“Nothing. And stop calling me ‘Rae’” she demanded.

“Now you made me curious, what did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything” she repeated.

“So it’s about what you didn’t do?” he concluded. “Gee, mama, did he tell you he loves ya and you didn’t reciprocate?”

“What?” she asked, almost shrieking. “Where’d you get the idea from?!”

“No offence, Rae, but you can be pretty cold if it’s about feelings” he said, wrinkling his nose.

“This comes from a guy who claims to love me” she said in an accusing tone.

“It only means I love you despite your flaws.” He smirked slyly.

“Oh, right, because you’re so great” she spoke sarcastically with an eye roll.

“Why’d you break up with Jericho?” he cut her off, looking at her harshly. “What was so wrong that you couldn’t try to work it out? I know he’s a nice guy, probably the best for you, why would you…”

“He broke up with me, okay?” she spat and began pacing around the room again.

“I’m sorry” he said honestly.

“Well, yeah, I was, too” she admitted, irritation audible in her voice.

“So what happened?” Raven sighed aggravated and tilted her head back as if asking the heavens for help.

“He told me I was already in love with someone else and that he didn’t want to interrupt.”

Beast Boy seemed to regard his next words before speaking up.
“Well… was he right?” he asked and Raven stopped in her tracks. She looked at him. He was giving her this hopefull look.

“Even if he was, what would it change?” Wait, why did she say that? Didn't she want to finally listen to everyone's advice and try the stupid relationship with Gar? And here she was, again letting him know she wasn't interested? Why can't she just think before speaking?

“Who is it?” he asked coldly.

“What does it matter?”

“It just does. Who is it?”

“Beast Boy…” she said with pleading tone and shiny eyes.


"It's Jack." His eyebrows shot up again.

"You're in love with a guy named Jack" he stated doubtfully. Raven remained silent. "Who the hell is Jack?!" he flipped out. "Do I know him? What does he look like?"

"Remember the guy I met on that party Blackfire took us to?"

"who the f*ck is Jack? is it a Titan's real name?"
    "I'm Jack"
        "hit the road Jack, and don't you dare coming back anymore, it's Bae time!"
            "I see what you did there"

At first he just scowled, trying to remember, but then his eyes opened wide. "Noooo!" he drawled in disbelief.

"Yep, that's Jack. And I love him." Beast Boy made a disgusted face. "With all my heart. Since the night we met. I flipping love that guy."

Beast Boy's features softened as he came up with a realization. "Bull. Fvcking. Sh!t, Raven" he said accusingly. "You're lying. You don't love that Jack guy."

"How can you tell what I feel and for whom?" she defended herself.

"Okay, okay, fine. You love this Jack person. Does Jack love you back?"

Raven scoffed. "Of course he does."

"Then why aren't ya together?" Raven mumbled something under her breath. "What?" Beast Boy's ears stood errect.

"I said, because he's gay!" she said impatiently, rolling her eyes. She finally made the decision to sit down across from Beast Boy.

"Oh, yeah, I get that. So you guys were friends, you fell in love with him, then dated Aqualad and the love of your life just became so jealous..." he cut off. "No wait, that doesn't make any sense!" he exclaimed in a comical way. “Were you trying to make me jealous?”

Raven scoffed. “Pfft! No!” She took a strand of her hair and began twirling it on her finger. Then she asked with a little too much hope in her voice. “Did it work?”

“You freakin' troll, mama! You did say it to make me jealous!” He smirked. "Aw, Rae." He put a hand on his cheset. "That's so cute, I'm flattered."

"Whatever" she muttered, blushing profusely.

"Raven, you f*cking troll, you scared us Bae shippers with some unknown Jack guy XD"
"I don't f*cking believe it. Raven is a troll."

The only sound in the room was the wagging of Beast Boy's wolf tail, hitting the floor. But the once green Titan, being his impatient self, had to speak.

"So how did the relationship with Aqualad go?"

“We dated, then split up, what’s the big deal?” She shrugged, still playing with her hair, a habit he knew she took after Starfire. Or maybe it developed after she grew her hair out with that hair growth potion? We wasn't really sure now.

“So why’d you break up this time? He didn't want to interrupt the other guy, too?” he asked with a knowing smirk and Raven let out a groan.

“You’re pain in the ass, you know that?”

“So I’ve heard from a few girls…” he admitted proudly. Raven gave him a disgusted look.

“Ew. Just…. ew.”

“What? They wanted to try!”

“There’s no way a girl would want to try that!”

“Wanna bet?”

“You’re such a pig!”

“Normally I would turn into one, but can’t, so…” he grunted like a pig at her, earning an eye roll in return.

"Raven's such a virgin XD it's cute"

Another few moments of silence passed. "So how did you and Aqualad break up?"

Raven sighed. "It was a mutual decision."

"To do what?"

"To break up."

"Why?" Raven frowned and looked up at him.

"I bet it bugged her that he talks to fish"
    "more than he talked to her, and that's a serious communication problem if your bf rather talk to fish than you XD"
    "Beast Boy can become fish"
        "what's your point?"
"I think she felt threated by all those mermaids X3"
        "and I thought she just didn't feel safe around a pirate :D"
"he just smelled of fish, that's why"
"he was a little too fishy ;P"
"well, he was just never home, always out on the sea, on a search for another booty."
    "and then he gave her syphilis"

"Why do you want to know? Why are we even talking about my relationships?"

"I already know Aqualad's side, Rae." Raven froze, her gaze stuck on his green eyes. She looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"W-what did he tell you?" Damn, that stutter again.

"Go get 'er, tiger."

"lol rotfl lmao XD"
"I don't f*cking believe it"
    "type it one more time. I dare you. I double dare you mother-f*cker. Type it one more goddamn time"
    "I don't know who you are, I don't know what you want, but I will find you and I will kill you"
    "Everybody oranges! :D"
        "wut? o.O"
        "Lambada! :D"
            "f*cking trolls"
"Rae's face! omg, she's gonna murder someone XD"

"What?" she spat quickly.

"That's how he ended the conversation" he clarified calmly.

"Oh, he's dead" Raven said. "He's officially done. He's so done his own mother won't recognize his dead body!"

Beast Boy chuckled uncontrollably at her behavior.

"What are you laughing at?!" she snapped at him.

"Your short temper and hurt pride" he answered in a chuckle.

"You're lucky I don't have my powers right now!"

"Hey, at least you can yell it all out."

"I'm not a thing that can be 'gotten', you know?" she said after a few seconds of silence.

"I know." He still laughed.

"I feel offended" she added.

"I can see that."

Raven pouted for a few more seconds, while Beast Boy's laughter died out.

"What else did he say?" she asked with anger apparent in both her voice and posture.

Beast Boy pondered the question. "Well, he said that even though he tried and hoped and prayed, you wouldn't stop thinking about me. That he gives up, wishes me good luck and threated me that if I ever hurt you in any way, he'll send kraken for my sorry ass."

"He did?" she asked softer.


"Azar, he's so sweet..."

"And then he said the..."

"'Go get her, tiger', yeah okay" she finished with an eye roll before mumbling her trademark 'whatever'. She hung her head low and fidgeted with her fingers.

"Rae?" Hearing him speak her name she looked up at him and awaited his question. "Why are you so afraid of me?" She frowned.

"Gar, I'm not afraid of you, I told you before..."

"Yeah, I meant the feelings."

"I don't understand" she said genuinely.

"Rae..." he licked his lips nervously and took her hand in his. "You've tried with a few guys. Why do you refuse to try with me?"

"Ooh, the sh*t just turned serious"
    "I think it was pretty serious from the very beginning..."

“I tried with them because I thought that maybe, someone would want me."

"I want you!" he interrupted, but she merely rolled her eyes at that.

"I didn’t try to seek love from them. You don’t need to love someone to be with them, it’s just a matter of getting used to the person.”

“You're kididng yourself" he cut her off, still holding her hand, squeezing it slightly. "I know you, Raven. You’re just another good girl that wants to love and be loved. And you did search for affection from those guys, just without the risk of getting hurt or putting your loved ones in danger. Well, it doesn’t work that way. Life sucks and love hurts. And either you try, trust the other person, love them and let them love you or you just stay all alone for the rest of you life.”

He stared at her for another long silent moment. When she still didn't say anything he spoke up again.
“Look at me" he asked gently and she shook her head. He noticed tears falling down on the wooden floor. "Please, Rae. You gave a shot to a guy zapped into a book. And you didn't even know him. Why do you reject me all the time?”

A sob came out of her throat before she finally looked up at him. "What if it doesn't work out?" she asked. "What if it ruins the friendship we have?"

"Rae..." He laughed bitterly, wiping a few tears from the side of her face that wasn't swollen. "It already did." A spasm shook her. "It always does. Sometimes going from friendship to love is only natural. Look, I can't stand you with another guy. Whoever comes near you, I wanna bite their hearts out and eat 'em. I mean, I'd do crazy sh!t for ya!" He watched her wipe the tears away and chew on her lip nervously.

“I may not be an absolute hunk from Atlantis...” He smiled hearing her let out something between a sob and a laugh. “But I know you well. We’re roommates and teammates for five years now. I know your routines and habits. I know what you like and what you don’t. I grew to know every tiniest piece of your body language. Like you chew on your lip when you’re nervous.” She immediately stopped chewing on her lip. “When you’re getting angry you get migraines so you rub your temples to stop them. You frown whenever you think intensely. You cock your eyebrow…" he cut off. "Well, in many cases, everything depends on the context and the kind of look you’re giving. It can be doubt, it can be surprise…” He watched her advert her gaze and push her hair behind her ear. He reached out and pushed the hair also from the bruised side of her face. She glanced at him blushing. “When you’re ashamed you look away and push your hair behind your ear. And you blush whenever I tell you something too suggestive. And then your eyes get all sparkly and dreamy.” She looked away again, pushing his hand from her bruised cheek. “I see things, Rae. I notice everything about you. It’s like having a Master’s or even Doctor’s degree on you.” She rolled her eyes hearing this. “Maybe if you let me I could get a Professor’s.” As he said this he caught her by her chin and made her look at him. “I know you’re scared, Rae…”

"It's not just that, Gar" she said, putting his hand down. "We disagree on almost everything. Every chance for a fight we get, we take it. We're so different..."

“We’re not as different as you think.” She frowned and gave him a look of disbelief.

“Where have you been all those years we fought and bickered?”

”Oh please, Rae. We were kids and obviously played the unwanted come-ons!” He chuckled. Raven rolled her eyes. “Do you know why I kept bringing you on edge all those years? Because I liked you being just you. Your normal, short-tempered self.”

“I’m not short-tempered” she defended herself, but he only snickered.

“Sure you are. You’re just too proud to admit it. Just like you were too proud to admit your fear, and you’re too proud to admit any of your feelings. You like to think you’re emotionless. But you’re still human.”

“Partially” she interjected bitterly.

“Still a human. And humans don’t do emotionless. But they do moody. They do anger. And even when I pester you too much and you lose your temper and go all demon mode, I’m not really afraid of you. Sure, you threw me into the ocean a few times, it only made me practice fast shifting under pressure.” He laughed lowly and Raven let a small smile on her lips. “But you never really hurt me. Like you never really lost control. And I trust you with your powers and with my life.”

“You know how my powers work” Raven whispered after a few seconds of thinkin gon his words. “Even if I wanted to try a relationship… it didn’t really work out with any of those guys I dated. And I didn’t love them. Well, most of them” she admitted bitterly. Beast Boy was listening closely. “Imagine what a havoc my powers would cause when I was with the one I actually held some feelings for.”

If it was possible, his wolf ears perked up even more. Did she just say…?

“Did she just officially admit she liked him the same?”
“This is too rich”
“Is someone recording this from the beginning?”
"I ship it"

“You just love to make yourself a martyr, don’t you?” he chuckled lowly.

“Excuse me?” she asked, frowning at him.

“We may be different outside, Rae, because we wear different masks for the world. But inside we’re just the same. We’re hurt and scared. You’re not the only one to fight your inner demon. Imagine that, I have my demon too. The beast. Actually all hordes of beasts. All with very different instincts, with very different tempers. It's like having zillion personalities. They tear at my humanity, just like your demon side tears at yours. And our dark sides scare the crap out of us. We hate them, we want them out, we can’t get rid of them. You’re scared that one day you’ll lose it, that you’ll become a demon, like your father. Well, I’m scared that one day I’m gonna lose it, give into my animal instincts. Become a mindless beast.”

It sounded all too familiar. He was saying all this with such anger and pain only she could relate to. She knew he wasn’t stupid, that he’d notice their common ground. And she was always scared he’d make it his advantage. Obviously the doom’s day had come.

“Beast Boy…” He didn't let her say anything more.

“Can you imagine that we both have procedures named after us? Robin knows about our problems and he’s prepared for any circumstance. You know that, right?” She simply nodded. The ‘Raven’ and ‘Beast’ procedures were last resort, in case they actually lost it someday. They both knew it, and somehow it made them both feel safer. “Weird, isn’t it?” he asked. “There’s no ‘Starfire’ or ‘Cyborg’ procedure. At least not yet. What d’ya think it means?” he asked and before she could open her mouth he continued. “It means we’re both the most dangerous in our team.” They locked eyes. “I already told you I’m not scared of you, Rae. And that I trust you with everything. Do you trust me? Or are you scared of me?”

”How can you still ask me that?” she asked upset. “I told you before, I’m not afraid of you.”

“Why, because Raven ‘don’t do fear’?” he mocked. “From my experiences with you I can take that you also ‘don’t do love’ and ‘don’t do feelings and relationships’. Maybe you ‘don’t do trust’ too?”

“I trust you, if I didn’t I would’ve left the team a long time ago.”

“Are they soulmates or what? :D
    “mates being the key word”
"Why is he jumping from caring to mean? I don't like that :("

“So you completely trust me with everything?” he asked.

“You know I do, Gar.” She looked at him imploringly. She was so tired.

"Then why do you keep doing this to me Rae? What's so hard in just trying?"

“It’s not that simple.”

“Why not?”

“You know why, Gar" she began slightly irritated. "You perfectly know why. Because I’m a half-demon, I'm emotionally unstable and my powers are a threat. And on top of it all, I'm being chased by a guy who thinks he'll do my father a favor if he rapes my ass and brings him here. Which is stupid on its own, my father will do as he pleases anyway.”

“What?! OAO”
“I don’t think any of it is good…”
Livestream On, Powers Off ch_6 remastered!
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Beast Boy ducked from another swing of the sword, grasped the man’s wrist and dug his new, sharp teeth into the forearm. The scream of his victim was delightful. According to the plan, he let go of his ridiculous toothpick. Beast Boy pulled the guy’s arm and threw the hopeless creature behind himself. He quickly turned his face to the dark-haired bastard and looked as he fell face first to the ground. He didn’t wait for him to get up. He turned him face up, then punched him straight on the already bleeding nose. The cartilage cracked under his fist. Then another punch. Then claws. He clawed at his face and all over the body. The man’s screaming ceased, but Beast Boy still clawed furiously. Then suddenly he stopped his motion, gasping and watching the bloody body before him. It didn’t move, but was still breathing faintly. He let go of his last instincts. He howled. A few, loud, proud howls. Calling his mate. When he heard some howling response from the wolves of Minecraft he got a grip on his consciousness. He realized howling was pointless. The beast in his mind considered her his mate. But she wasn’t really his and she could not respond to him.

He glanced at his prey and stifled the urge to vomit at the sight of his work. He looked around, picked up the man’s sword and then went to take his bundle. He was hurt, covered in stinky and sticky blood, tired. But he knew he needed to find Raven. He sniffed the air. It was good to have his senses back. Although, they may have been a little stronger than normally. She would now know her theory about their powers was right. And he would have to explain some things to her. But it didn’t matter now. He caught her scent and followed it without even glancing back.

“I hope someone is recording this.”
“They need a soundtrack.”
"He nearly killed the f*cker!"

Cyborg heard distant howls of wolves. It started with one, really far away, and it sounded powerful. He didn’t know wolves in Minecraft could howl. He had never heard it before. Could it have something to do with Beast Boy? Could the first howl be his? If he got his powers back, he might’ve turned into a wolf and try to find them all by scents.
Cyborg continued to build the stairs in his wide tower and prayed he was at least at some level right.

When Starfire heard the first howl she couldn’t shake the feeling it meant something. The feeling of concern and worry filled her heart and soul as she heard the other howls join the first one. She sat up on the leather she has been lying on and glanced around. Robin hasn’t come back from his search yet and she was getting more anxious with every minute of the distant howling. She finally got up to her feet and ran to the hole Robin had disappeared in. She hollered his name, panic evident in her voice, but got no response. She then decided to attempt acting on her suspicions. She took her communicator and thanked X’hal, for she had the reach.

“Starfire calling Beast Boy” she said through the mic. “Starfire to Beast Boy, over. Friend, do you copy?”

Beast Boy’s face appeared on the screen.

I do, Star.” Starfire sighed with relief. He seemed OK, a little tired, bruised and in a hurry, concluding from his hurried walk.

“Thank X’hal, you are unharmed. I have heard the…” she silenced and furrowed her brow, suddenly noticing the change in his looks. “Friend, have you attempted to change your form?”

Now it was Beast Boy’s turn to frown. “No, why?

Starfire’s eyes were huge like saucers and they were seemingly boring into his soul.
“Your appearance had changed. You have… ears.”

That’s not weird at all” he defended, but the redhead shook her head.

“You have misunderstood, friend. I meant the ears of the dog creature. And your hair is somewhat longer…”

Beast Boy seemed to stop and glanced at himself. Indeed, his now longer hair was hanging from his head. He touched his head and felt his dog… actually wolf ears. He also noticed his gloves were ripped from the new found claws instead of human nails.

Oh dude! How the hell that happened?

“Are you not the one to know?”

Then I guess Raven was right…” he muttered under his breath and resumed his walk.

“What was Raven right about?” Starfire asked curiously.

Uh, she had a theory that maybe if we feel emotions strong enough they would trigger our powers to act on us again.” He explained. “And I seemed to prove it just few minutes ago, so if you want to feel things, feel whatever makes you use your powers.” He smiled at her.

“That is wonderful news! How did friend Raven come to such conclusion?”

Uh… I’ll tell you later… maybe. Why’d you call?” Quick change of topics. Typical for Beast Boy when he doesn’t want to reveal something. It was unusual for Beast Boy to hide things from Starfire, but she decided not to push. She would probably find out anyways.

“I have heard the howls and grew concerned. Should I be worried?” Was it just her or did Beast Boy blush?

I must’ve kinda started the whole howling session.

“Oh?” That sounded interesting. “And why did you howl, friend?”

Should he tell her? Or rather not?
Ok, according to Raven’s theory I felt some strong emotions that probably started, but didn’t finish, my change and I kinda acted on my instincts and started howling, nothing to be concerned about.” He explained on one exhale. It was a good thing Starfire knew him for a few years now and was able to understand his fast talking. Also, she might’ve practiced a little more language. Kissing Robin paid off.

“I see.” She nodded resolutely. “And what kind of emotions did you feel?”

Baaad…” he chuckled sheepishly.

“Were they towards friend Raven, who is now apparently absent?”

W-what? N-no. I mean... uh… I don’t wanna talk about it.


Is the interrogation over yet?” he asked quite impatiently.

“I believe so, yes” Starfire admitted with a nod and Beast Boy sighed in relief.

Great, can we finish? I’d like to go find her.

“As you wish friend. I hope we will be in contact.”

Me too. Bye.” And saying that, he hung up. Starfire sighed. There was something wrong. Beast Boy usually trusted her with everything. She was the first to know about his crush on Raven, even before Cyborg (who would undoubtedly mock his green friend, without restraints). Robin liked to play oblivious, but he was actually the first to notice anything happening between Raven and Beast Boy, and he didn't hesitate to share his observations with his girlfriend. It didn't change the fact that Beast Boy had come to her with almost anything he had on his mind and she always listened and comforted him. She also gave him some advice, but was never sure if they were of any use. She still had tamaranean mentality. Oh, how she hoped her friends were the OK. And where the hell is Robin?!
She decided to move her cute little butt form her spot when suddenly she heard a scream from inside the hole in the wall. Robin emerged from the darkness with a single torch.

“Robin?” she asked thoroughly confused. Without a word he threw the torch to the floor and started to build up the wall with planks. When he finished, he dropped to the floor himself and panted. Starfire kneeled beside him and put a hand on his arm with her eyes answering the unspoken question for her.

“I found a zombie spawner” he said, but it was no explanation for her. She just noted in her mind that it had something to do with the dangerous things from the game of Minecraft. She shook her head slowly. “So what’s up? What did you do all this time?” he asked, his breath a little calmer now.

“I have talked to friend Beast Boy.”

It seems like she had been sitting there for a whole eternity, hugging her knees to her chest, staring mindlessly on the falling waters. She didn’t move this whole time, she merely blinked and breathed. She stiffled the urge to cry a long time ago, she was so tired of crying. It only made you feel worse with the rhinitis and the headaches afterwards and what not. She just decided to relax. She tried to meditate, but it just didn’t work, so she just turned off her thoughts and stared, hoping this would help her. So she had no idea how long she was just sitting there and she didn’t take attempt to think about it, she just didn’t care. Not in the slightest. But then she heard him say her name in a broken voice and she just couldn’t fight the urge to look at him.
She raised her head to look at him through the wall of falling water. She wasn’t surprised to see him. After hearing his howls she knew he would come to her sooner or later. She was only wondering if he would be in control of himself, because he clearly lost it earlier. He still wasn’t green. Actually dark blood was spotting all over his figure. Whether it was his or not, she wasn’t sure. He looked awful, like something the cat had dragged in. And so the urge to cry came back to her. He had saved her and she left him there, she was ashamed. And how much more she was ashamed and embarrassed that she actually needed his help, his protection. She felt the tears sting under her eyelids, her throat tightened and her lower lip quivered dangerously. She didn’t trust herself to say a word or to look at him anymore so she rested her head and tried to suppress the tears again. Didn’t really work.
Beast Boy looked at her, hugging her knees and probably crying. His heart broke into thousands of pieces. He wanted to come to her, hug her, tell her she was safe with him. Assure her it was okay now. But at the same time he was afraid she might be scared of him now. Maybe she didn’t want him around. Maybe she hates him now. Beast Boy noticed her tighten the grip on her legs. Not really thinking much he went into the water and swam under the waterfall. It washed most of the blood off of him. Not all of it, but enough. The water was cool and nice against his heated skin and the burns on his back. He entered the cavity and went to Raven, kneeling in front of her, all drenched in water. He only heard her deep breathing stop dead. He reached out to her and barely brushed her palm. Raven jerked her head up and immediately retracted her hand from his. She looked at him like a scared animal, as if her heart was about to fall out of her chest. He put his extended had on his knee.

“Geez, Rae” he said, making a huge effort to sound casual. “If I didn’t know you I’d think you’re scared of me.” As he said it, he felt his throat tighten and he got so insecure he felt tears forming in his eyes, but they stopped right there, not going further. “Are you?” His voice broke.

“She’s in aftershock or something…”
“Of course, she’s scared of you, you turned into a bloodthirsty monster, massacred that guy and screamed she belonged to you, who the f*ck wouldn’t be scared of you now?! You’re dangerous, you freak! You should be put to prison, or a zoo, or a circus at least!”

Raven was looking at him. He saw the tears glistening in her eyes and awaited the dreaded answer. She obviously didn’t trust herself with speaking, because she only shook her head ‘no’.

“wut? O.O she’s not scared of him. wtf’s wrong with her? OAO”
“Either she’s mentally ill or in love.”
    “It’s the same thing”
    “I vote for love”
“That oughta be love”
“I don’t f*cking believe it”

Beast Boy felt relief wash over him. But he had further doubts.

“And I would never hurt you. You know that. Right?“ His voice had failed him the second time. Raven merely nodded in response. They both didn’t say anything for a few seconds, each being lost in their own thoughts.

“Did he hurt you?” Raven glanced at him again wondering what he meant and if she should tell him about the throbbing and swelling place on the left side of her face. She shook her head ‘no’ again.

“What do you mean, he didn’t hurt you?! He backhanded you and then hit your face on the ground! OAO”
"Talk about denial"

Beast Boy nodded, but had a feeling she lied to him.

“He scared you, didn’t he?” They looked each other in the eyes, but she didn’t speak. He just saw new tears form. “Don’t look at me like a wounded doe deer, say something…” he pleaded.

“He surprised me” she whispered as her lip quivered slightly. “I didn’t even know what hit me…” she started choking on air as tears dropped from her eyes. She covered her mouth with her hand and tried not to cry.

“Shh, Rae.” He tried to soothe her. “Don’t…” he started as he reached to pull the damp her from her face but immediately lost his train of thought when he saw what was hiding underneath. She had a cut eyebrow and lip, and her cheekbone and eye were badly bruised and colored purple. “Jesus Christ, Raven! You said he didn’t hurt you!”

“Technically he didn’t…” she said.

“Uh, technically he DID. Did you see yourself? That’s nasty! Half of your face is purple!"

“Oh, that. He wore some signets.” She looked away as he was still looking closely at her major bruise.

“And slapped you?!”


“He what?!”


“I should’ve killed him” he muttered, slightly touching her eyebrow. She grunted and pushed his hand away.

“And he might’ve hit this side of my face on the ground…” Upon hearing this Beast Boy looked her in the eyes. His lips turned into thin line.

“I’ll kill the bastard” he declared and got up, but Raven quickly grasped his wrist.

“I’m sure you’ve done enough.” He turned his face at her and locked eyes with her.

“No, Rae, I haven’t. Now let me go, I’ll finish what I started.” He pulled his hand, but her grip was strong.

“Don’t!” He turned to her abruptly, his eyes mad and his nose wrinkled. He bared his fangs, his wolf ears were erect and forward.

“You belong to my pack, Raven! He tried to hurt you! Attacked you! And no one attacks MY pack!!!” he yelled, his voice turning into slight growl. He was furious and ready to find this man and end his life, she knew that. She didn’t need her empathic powers to know.

“Beware, beast mode is on again!”
“Why is she stopping him?! The bastard don’t deserve to live, he’s a trash!”
“They’re superheroes, they don’t kill people, they put them in jail”

“Please calm down, Gar” she pleaded, feeling her eyes begin to fill with tears again.

“I won’t! How can you ask me to calm down?! He assaulted you!”

“Stop it!” He kneeled again and cupped her right cheek in his hand.

“Rae. He knew what he was doing. He got you at your most vulnerable and used that. He surprised you, hit you…”

“Well, I did bit him and hit his throat…” she cut in, pushing his hand away.

“Are you defending him?!” he asked with disbelief.

“I’m just saying that killing is wrong, Beast Boy!”

“Oh yeah?! So is raping!”

Raven couldn’t stand his furious gaze and looked down, swallowing hard and trying to control her breathing.

“I think I know what’s BB’s opinion on the death penalty…”
“I’m with B, I can’t understand Raven’s position. She’s the victim, she should want the guy to rot in hell”
    “Maybe she does. It doesn’t mean she wants to kill him herself or let BB kill him.”
        “uh.. hello?! She’s a demon, didn’t you hear? and demons like to kill”
            “That information is unconfirmed”

“He didn’t accomplish anything” she insisted.

“But tried! And he would finish what he started if only he’d unhook the stupid button!”

She didn’t answer him, mostly because she knew he was right.
“Just calm down, would you?” She sounded a little frustrated, and tired. Seeing another wave of tears in her eyes he decided to take few deep breaths. Maybe he was acting inappropriately. But how do you react to something like that? It’s not like they were fighting a criminal and she could’ve braced herself. She was defenseless at the moment and Beast Boy just couldn’t handle the injustice. But maybe she needed him to be calm right now. Maybe he wasn’t helping her at all. She probably just needed some support. He decided to try and turn to his normal self through a joke.

“See, I told ya thousand times, you shouldn’t run around with bare legs like that and now look.” He felt his failure wash over him. He didn’t believe this joke and she may even feel insulted. Great thinking, BB. “And Cyborg told you, and Robin told you…”

“It wasn’t even like that” she whispered. He frowned in confusion as he glanced at her.

“What d’ya mean?” Raven inhaled deeply.

“He had another… higher reason to… assault me” she explained, wiping a stray tear from her cheek.

“I don’t get it.” He shook his head frowning. “What ‘re ya talkin’ about?”

“I don’t know.” Her voice started to tremble slightly and she played with her shaking fingers nervously. “He was talking something about a prophecy…”

“Oh god, not a prophecy again!” Beast Boy sighed and rubbed his face with his hand.

“I know, it’s like I’m cursed or something.” Raven rolled her eyes.

“prophecy AGAIN? that doesn’t sound good, can I start panicking?”

“Anyways, he said something that the prophecy says that when he marries me…”

“Whoa, whoa, hold on!” Beast Boy held his hands up. “I know how to marry a girl, and that’s not what he was trying to do. I’m not that dumb.”

“Actually, he’s the priest of the Church of Blood, they initiate marriage by sexual intercourse.” Beast Boy made a face and Raven let out an exasperated sigh. “It’s a cult worshiping my father.” His eyebrows shot up.

“Your father has a cult?” She didn’t answer.

“Her father has a cult? Whose daughter is she, Satan’s? OAO”

“You knew about it and you didn’t care to share the information?” She didn’t respond, avoiding his gaze. “Does Robin know?”

“I didn’t think it was important. Everything seemed like they weren’t active anymore” she explained hastily.

“He’s gonna be pissed” he sighed, going his hand through his hair.

“Then don’t tell him.” Beast Boy couldn’t believe his ears. And his hearing was much better now, having wolf ears had its perks. But did she just ask him to do what he thought?

“Don’t you think it’s pretty important?”

“No. I mean, I’ll tell him later, just… not now.”

“Why not?”

“good question. maybe cause she's evil and wants to end the world?”

“Because.” She sighed and fidgeted a little. “He’s going to want to know how I found out they were active…”

“And you don’t want him to know their priest wanted to rape you” he finished her thought for her.

“I just… it’s not easy…”

“You don’t want to relive things, I get it. But it’s important. He needs to know about potential danger. And though I haven’t heard the rest of this prophecy I assume we’re screwed.”

“According to the priest’s words if he succeeds in ‘marrying me’ the world will end.”

“Wait, the world will end as in ‘your father will be summoned again’ or as in ‘the sky will crumble and the…’?”

“her father will be summoned – means he’s a demon or at least some evil spirit, she must be evil too.”
    “she doesn’t seem evil to me. maybe  a little creepy, but without her cloak she’s just a normal, pale girl. And she does work for the Titans, Titans aren’t evil.”
        "You're so naive. Evil things are clever enough to pretend being good."

“Is it really important? He said it will end the world. I don’t know how exactly it will work, sorry, I was rather focusing on making him let go of me, pushing him away, hitting him, biting, crying, begging…” her voice started to crack again and tears formed themselves in her eyes. She put her hand to her lips, trying to suppress the cry in her throat.


“I can’t believe I’m somebody’s pawn again…” she uttered in a whisper.

“It’s not your fault, Rae.”

“See? even if her father’s evil she probably despises him. Or so I hope. She can’t be evil.”
“I get the feeling she’s a victim in more ways than we know”
    “I get the feeling having her near is trouble by itself. I’m moving to Mexico”
        “If the world ends Mexico will not save you, moron”

“I know.” She sniffed. “And it’s even more unfair!” Few tears escaped her eyes and she quickly wiped them from her face. “Oh, Azar, I’m pathetic.”

“No you’re not” he denied, sitting closer to her.

“Yes, I am.” Sniff. “He didn’t even do anything and I’m crying as if he did.”

“I’m sure it’s normal reaction” he comforted her, fighting the urge to hug her. She was so vulnerable right now, so fragile. She was just herself. And the fact that she was an adorably tiny person didn’t help his want to embrace her.

“No, it’s not, he didn’t hurt me the way he wanted to-…!”

“But he tried” he cut her off and stared her straight in the eyes. “He took you by surprise, invaded your personal space, abused you…”

“Stop” she pleaded tears falling uncontrollably from her lashes. Her breath was shaky and she wiped the tears from her face but next ones rolled down her cheeks and she attempted to wipe those too, but Beast Boy suddenly took her wrists in his grip.

“Don’t do that, Rae.”

“What?” She looked at him confused and choked a little.

”Just let them fall.”

“No, I can’t…” she shook her head and tried to free her hands but he held her firmly.

“Yes you can. It’s probably the only time that you can cry and not think about your powers go haywire.” She didn’t look at him, still sobbing but trying to suppress it.

“Look. It may be once in a lifetime. You can now cry for all the times when you wanted to cry but didn’t let yourself.” Raven glanced at him from behind her damp eyelashes and he knew it was his chance to get to her. He continued. “For all the times when you were hurt or angry or frustrated. For every freaking fear you ever had. For every time someone used you like a puppet and then left you behind. For every single mean word you heard or said and regretted saying it. For every physical or emotional pain, you can cry now.”
He watched as her lower lip quivered uncharacteristically. She bit on it and refused to let her tears fall. She closed her eyes. “You may even get your powers back.” She stole a glance of his eyes, but turned her gaze away again, hanging her head low. “Or at least some part of ‘em. I mean, look at me, a went berserk on that guy and almost changed my form. Though I’m don’t think I can change back, you’ll have to call me Wolf Boy from now on.” He chucked slightly. Raven let out a sound that may have been a small laugh. A laughter through tears. It was a start.
“It’s okay to cry, Raven.” She shook her head. He decided to let go of her right wrist and reached his hand to her face, making her look up at him. The tears were so pent up in her eyes she probably couldn’t see him clearly, but still didn’t let them fall. “It’s okay to feel hurt. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re alive, Rae.”

A tear finally escaped her and she put her free hand to her mouth. Seeing this Beast Boy let go of her and she immediately covered her whole face, as if embarrassed. A few sobs shook her frame and Beast Boy just couldn’t help himself anymore. He put his arm around her and pulled her to his chest, being careful not to press the bruised side of her face to him. She stiffened for a second and stopped her sobbing. He was afraid she would scream at him or hit him for invading her space like that, but none of it happened.

“It’s okay” he said, embracing her with both of his arms now. “I won’t let my eyes off you this time.” After hearing this Raven somehow relaxed into him and another sob shook her. She pressed her right cheek to his collarbone and cried into the left side of his neck, staining his uniform with new tears. Not that it mattered, he was in water a few moments ago. But what surprised him the most was when she grasped his torso with her arms. It didn’t matter that her nails were a little painfully piercing into his skin. She was crying. She was hugging him. She was letting herself go. She was cleansing her heart and soul from the pent up feelings and emotions that hunted her all this time. Beast Boy let himself strengthen his grasp on her with one hand and the other started to stroke her still slightly damp hair.

“OMG, ‘it doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re alive’ he bought me, I luv him QAQ”
“He’s good, I’m crying too TT–TT”
“Who else is crying right now?”
“i can;t even see wut im writin…”
“He may be a jackass sometimes, but he’s a good friend”
“Ah, the feels…”
“So much fluff… can’t handle… must resist the tears…”
“When did he come up with all that?”
“He obviously knows her well. Suck it Aqualad, that's why he's better than you. Bae forever!!!!”
“Crying from time to time is good, lets some steam off of you.”
“what a sap, he probably cries a lot XD”
    ”That’s just mean, he’s helping her work through her feelings, doesn’t mean he’s a sap or that he cries a lot.”
“I think I’m in love. Are all the titan boys so nice and cool and everything?”
    “You remember he’s originally a green-skinned and -haired elf, right?”
        “I always thought the ears were cute ;P
            “You’re weird O.O”
“Ok, first Star cries, now Raven cries? why are they so emotional? aren’t they supposed to be tough? They fight criminals, for f*ck’s sake!”
    “They’re women, we’re all emotional. And in case you didn’t notice, Raven’s got a hard time. And what does it mean, they fight             criminals? Can’t they stay feminine and do that?”
        “She’s a demon, you’d think a demon girl would be a little more badass or something”
            “Did you ever see her fighting? she IS a badass”
                “She couldn’t even defend herself from a rapist, what is so badass about her?”

After a long while Raven’s crying ceased, but Beast Boy didn’t let go of her. He was still embracing her and she wouldn’t mind if it lasted longer, she felt safe with him. But she didn’t want him to know. However she would take whatever he was going to let her have. She looked up at him. He leaned his head on the wall behind him and his eyes were closed, he seemed relaxed.

“Beast Boy?” she started weakly, just slightly above a whisper. She was a little tired and sleepy after the crying session, and she felt a migraine start.

“M?” He didn’t open his eyes nor moved in any way.

“You’re invading my personal space…”

“XD That was cute”

Just then Beast Boy’s eyes snapped open and he realized she wasn’t hugging him anymore. Blood rushed to his face.

“Right. S-sorry” he stuttered as he let go of her. She managed to sit up on her own, trying not to notice his stutter. “Better?” She nodded, not looking at him but at her hands.

“But I guess I was wrong.” Beast Boy’s ears perked up.

“About what?”

“About our powers being triggered by strong emotions.” She sighed.

“Nothing came back?” he asked surprised. Raven looked up at him and shook her head slightly. “Not even empathy?” She shook her head once more. “Huh. That’s weird.”

“Why?” it was her turn to ask.

“No, it’s just… I’m pretty sure that’s what triggered my, uh… ”

“Unfinished change?” she helped him. He nodded. They both went silent, thinking.

“Wrong kind of emotion?” he asked as if to himself.

”I don’t think so” she denied.

“Wasn’t strong enough?” He tried.

“May be” she replied. “Or maybe not. Did you reach for your powers?”

“I don’t think so… I guess not” he said slowly.

“So you aren’t sure” she concluded.

“I guess. What’s your point? You probably reached for your powers when he attacked you, right?”

She was perfectly still for a second, blinked and then relaxed, biting on her nail.

“Yeah, you’re right…” she admitted. “I’m lost.”

“Me too, I say we drop it.”

“Yeah.” She sighed heavily and then looked at him. She noticed the long gush on his left upper arm, still bleeding. “Beast Boy, you’re hurt!” she said with reproach and attempted to put her hand on his arm to heal the wound.

“It’s just a scratch.” He neglected, grasping her wrist.

“The wound is deep!”

“Rae, you don’t have your powers.” That sobered her.

“Oh” she managed to say. She hung her head as he let go of her hand.

“Yea. There’s nothing you can do, Rae.” She frowned upon hearing this and looked at him angrily.

“I told you a thousand times, don’t call me that.” She approached him.

“I was calling you that a million times today and you never flinched. Hey!” he said as she tore his right sleeve of his uniform. “What d’ya think you’re doing?!”

She tore the sleeve to strips. “Making a bandage for you.” She then looked up at him and gave him a glare. “That’s something I can do. I don’t need my powers to survive or to help. I can use my knowledge.” He didn’t oppose when she tore the other sleeve from his uniform and tore it into strips. He just watched her actions carefully. Her moves were steady. She took one strip of the new bandage and went to the waterfall to moisten it a little more than it already was. She then came back to him and started to clean the wound. Doing so, she shook her head slightly.

“Aw, that’s so nice of her.”
    “It’s called being cute :)


“You're gonna need stitches” she muttered as she took another strip and applied pressure to the wound.

“Too bad” he said, trying not to show her it hurt. He finally growled lowly and Raven reduced the pressure.


”It’ll hurt anyways.”

Silence overwhelmed the cavity. Raven was wondering why he hasn’t complained about the wound. Usually when he was hurt or sick he behaved as if he was dying. And now when the wound is actually pretty deep (not to even mention his burned back), he didn’t even squeak about it or made a face. Instead he took care of her. Was he so preoccupied with her he decided to brush his health off?

“Why didn’t you say something earlier?” she berated him.

“Didn’t hurt all that bad.” This made her look at him in disbelief, her eyebrows both up. “What? It really didn’t.” Raven didn’t say anything, only glanced at the wound checked if the bleeding stopped. It looked decent so she started the bandaging.

“Why am I getting an impression he wants her to think he’s that tough? XD”
    “Cause he digs her, thus wants to impress her.”

After she was done bandaging his arm, she demanded he turned around so she could finally clean his back. He knew there was no arguing with her now. Besideds it was probably better to preoccupy her mind with anything that didn't involve evil priests, prophecies and demons wanting to take over the world.
Neither of them said a thing while she delicately massaged his back with the wet piece of fabric. Beast Boy was probably fighting the pain, but Raven couldn’t shake one more question that was nagging in the back of her mind. When she couldn’t stand the uncertainty anymore, she finally spoke.

“Beast Boy?”

“Yea?” He turned his head so he could see her from the corner of his eye. She was biting on her lower lip, like she always did when she felt insecure. She deepened her breathing to calm herself and focused more on being delicate with cleaning his wound. She tried to sound as casual as possible.

“Why did you call me a she-wolf?”
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Beast Boy untied the bundle made from Raven’s cloak and began taking out various cooked meats while blabbering.

“So what do you feel like eating?” he asked casually. “Chicken? Beef? Pork? Couldn’t find lamb, so we’re without beds again for the night. Unless we find some on our way to the waterfall.”

She didn’t even try to understand his words. She was thoroughly shocked by his un-beast-boyish behavior.
“Beast Boy?” she interjected his lecture.


“That’s all meat, you know?”

“I’m aware, yes.” He nodded.

“And you’re not making a deal out of this?” she cocked an eyebrow.

“Nope. I killed it, too.” Now Raven paled.

“You wha-…?“ she didn’t finish, leaving her mouth slightly open.

“I killed pixel, nonexistent animals and took their leather and meat. Yes.”

“And you’re going to eat it?” she asked a little scared of what she might hear as an answer.

“Well, technically that’s not real meat. But it looks and smells like real meat” he mused, scratching his chin. “I think I’ll pass.” He smiled at her and winked knowingly. She fought the blush coming on her face and felt a rush of relief come over her. He reached to the used-to-be cape and took out a red apple and bit on it with a loud crunch. “M! It even has a taste! Didn’t see that coming.” He laughed and looked at her. She was staring at the meats with a look of disbelief on her face. She was obviously thinking intensively, her brows furrowed. “Rae” he called her name and it seemed to get her attention. “Weren’t you hungry?” he asked with raised eyebrows. As if on cue, her stomach gurgled. He smiled indulgently, but she shrugged it all off.

“Let me get this straight” she said. “You killed all those animals for me?” She was now looking at him expectantly with her eyes wide open. He swallowed his bite of an apple.

“Well, would you rather not eat a thing or be on apples only?”

He was avoiding the answer. They both knew he wouldn’t eat the meat. So it was only logical that he killed those animals, broke his own code, for her. She wasn’t the one to push, but she couldn’t understand why. Why was he being so considerate? Why did he care so much about her, the demon spawn born to destroy the Earth? First he goes out in the night, probably risking his health and maybe life so she could sleep properly. He kills animals so she could have something to eat, then he freaks out with the creeper thing… Where was the catch? It was a perfect time to make her turn vegetarian, making her eat apples and all. But he didn’t. It was almost as if he accepted her for who she was and didn’t force his beliefs on her. Who is this guy? Because he’s certainly not Beast Boy she knew all those years. Or maybe she missed something? Just like she missed his puberty changing him form boy to young, handsome man? Wow, stop! Did she just think Beast Boy was handsome? Wait, didn't she promise herself she would stop denying her feelings after she comes back to California? Yeah, but that was before she found out about Rikki... but they broke up recently... Her head was a mess, so Raven shook her head so her thoughts would leave her alone and let him think she was denying his question.

“No, I’d rather not.”

“That’s what I thought" he said, obviously satisfied with her answer. What was weird for itself. "Now eat.”

“You mean an apple, right?” she asked suspiciously.

“Rae, why would I kill those animals if I wanted you to eat apples with me?” he asked, getting another apple.

“I don’t know, you tell me.” He frowned and she continued. “Maybe you want me to feel guilty for making you break your beliefs for me and turn vegetarian to restore the harmony in the universe?”

He blinked, then laughed wholeheartedly. “That’s a nice conspiracy you just made out, Rae.”

“It’s Raven. And… thank you?”

“OK, Raven. Listen.” He looked her in the eyes. “You know I care about the team, right?”

You mean your pack.

Raven nodded.

“And you’re the part of the team.”

the pack's alpha female
    I bet ya

She nodded again.

“That means, I care about you. Hence, I killed the pixel, nonexistent animals so you could eat. There’s not really much more to eat in Minecraft than meat, Rae.”

“Raven” she interjected quietly. He nodded.

“Why are you so shocked? C’mon, Rae” he said not really caring for using the nickname she didn’t want to approve. He reached his hand to her face. “Don’t you know I’d do anything for ya?” he asked, pushing a stray strand of her hair from her face. She blushed uncontrollably and her eyes glistened. She was looking at him adorably.

Brace yourselves! The kiss is coming!
Don't screw it up this time!

Normally she would give him some snarky comment, but now she couldn’t think of any. Not when he locked his eyes (again, might I add) on hers and she couldn’t really think straight. She was a girl after all, and she had a crush on this boy, no, young man in front of her. And his words and the proximity of his fingers slightly brushing her cheek made her heart sing a soft tune.

“Really?” she uttered, regretting that her voice most probably betrayed her feelings. Not that he didn't know about them. The whole world knew, but still, when she finally came home, they both made a silent agreement not to mention it at all and deny all accusations.

Oh, she's so totally his!
Kiss the girl, bb!

“Sure” he said, smiling this charming smile of his. “Plus, ya know, if you ever complained to Cy or Robin, they’d dismember me.” He laughed, unlocking his gaze from hers. If he stared into her eyes one more second, he'd throw himself at her, devouring her like a starving wolf. “I mean, did you hear Robin’s tone when you said you were dehydrated and he told me to explain myself? Dude, get the stick outta your butt, am I right?” he snickered.

Aw, man, he ruined it! D:

“Right. They can be a little…” Raven searched for the appropriate word reaching for the pixel miniature of meat. “Overprotective” she finished. The miniature meat grew in her hand and she just stared at it dumbfounded for a few seconds.

“You can eat it now, Raven.”

“It’s a whole chicken” she exclaimed with eyes wide open.

“Yes. And you may eat it now.”

“A whole chicken?” she looked at him doubtfully.

“Believe me, you’ll eat more than one whole chicken.” He tossed the apple up in his hand and then bit into it.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” She shook her head.

“We’ll see.” Raven felt awkward silence creep between them, something she has not felt since... well, forever. Must've been until they finally grew closer. Surprisingly the chicken was disappearing really fast and Beast Boy kept on munching apples, one by one. So when Raven was finished, and awfully full after her one chicken, she simply got up and walked behind her companion. Once she saw his back, she winced slightly.

"So. How's your back?" she asked, crouching behind him. She caught a piece of his burned uniform in between her nails and tried to detach it off his skin.

"It's not that BAAAAAAAAAD!!!!" He began casually and ended up screaming. He got up in no time and turned to face her. His face was red and hiseyes teraedc up a little. "What the FVCK, Raven?!" he yelled wildly.

"It's not that bad, you said?" she asked nonchalantly with a cocked eyebrow.

"It was, until you touched it!!" he accused.

"I'm sorry, I was just trying to clean your burns from your uniform. You're going to get a nasty infection. Do you want to get a skin transplant?" she asked keeping her voice down, unlike Beast Boy.

"I'll be fine as long as you don't touch it!"

"No, you'll be fine as long as you let me clean that wound" she corrected.

"Oh, how, how, HOW are you going to clean it, huh?!"

"Well, I need water" she stated calmly.

"Well, then you'll have ta wait, 'cause the only water we get's by the waterfall, where we're heading! Right effing now!"

Raven watched him flail and gesticulate lively, as he always does and waited until he was finished. Her face remained still. "First, don't yell at me. Second, stop punishing yourself for the creeper."

"No! It was my fault, I left you there and who knows what would happen if I came back few seconds later!"

"Please, Gar" she scoffed with an eye roll. "You went out at night for me and you saved me in the end. Stop being so hard on yourself."


"No!" she cut him off sternly. "Enough with the guilt, Gar. I'm not mad at you."

"You're not?" His eyebrows shot up in surprise.

"No. Of course, I will throw you out the window when I get the chance." He chuckled at that.

“If you finished then we can go” he said picking up his bundle.

“Are you seriously satisfied with three apples?” she asked afolding her arms on the chest.

“Um… I’m decent.” She looked at him knowingly. “What? I need to save some for later" he explained. "Finding an apple is just a push of luck. And we’re outta luck. I mean, Control Freak sent us here.”

“If you run out we’ll just look for some more.” She shrugged.

“I’ll be fine, Raven.” He rolled his eyes with a tiny smile.

“You really want to starve in some idiotic game?” She arched her eyebrow.

“Hey! Minecraft isn’t idiotic! It builds your creativity and survival instinct!”

“I’m sure.” She rolled her eyes and off they went.

Starfire and Robin were both lying on cow leather on the wooden floor of their new built house. They have filled their stone cave with planks and created a cozy space with a fireplace and two chests. One for food and animal related materials they had gathered, second for other items and materials. They even discovered that a fair part of their snow covered island was sandy (what Robin couldn’t understand for the life of him). So they created glass and windows. It was snowing again outside and they had really nothing more to do. Suddenly Robin spoke.

“I’m ready for another round, are you?”

Starfire didn’t answer him for few more seconds. When she turned her gaze away from the torch in the wall to his face she said.
“I love you.” Robin sighed.

“That’s a ‘no’ then.”

“Please, no more.” She shook her head adorably. “I need some rest.” She looked at him apologetically.

“It’s fine, Star.” He kissed her forehead and got up.

“What do you wish to do now, Robin?” she asked, still lying on the leather nearby the fireplace following his steps with her huge, hazel-green eyes.

“I need something to take my mind off you. I think I’m gonna destroy this wall and try to find iron” he said, digging into the supply chest.
“What do you need iron for?”

“We could use a bucket. To hold some water for example.”

“We don’t have water, Robin” she reminded him. She really didn’t have to, he knew that. He just was a little sick from melted snow. It was a little weird to drink such water.

“Yeah, but I just might find some in the stone. Snow isn’t the same as normal, clear water.” Starfire nodded in agreement. “Or if not a bucket, we could make some weapons like swords or arrows…” He scratched his chin. “I completely forgot how to create a bow. Nevermind, I’ll worry later. Besides, I’m sure BB will know. You stay here and try contacting Cyborg, or check on Raven, I can bet she’s going nuts with BB around.” He instructed her, filling his utility belt with pixel miniatures of torches, pickaxes, shovels and few pieces of cooked meat. It was extremely convenient to use his belt as a holder for his equipment. “Or just rest.” He smiled at her and began destroying the wall across from her.
When he disappeared Starfire sighed and looked at her communicator, wishing to contact anyone, but she saw she was out of the reach, yet again.

“I will try later” she mumbled to herself.

“OMG, Star can’t handle that much Robin love XD Too cute ;3”
“Robin’s a darling, he said it was OK for her not to have another round of wild monkey sex with him, he’s a keeper xoxo”

“Are you people as tired of Cyborg’s nudity as much as I am?”
 “Nope. can’t get enough ;D”

Cyborg was thinking intensively while building his tower.
Control Freak isn’t smart enough to create an energy ray so strong it would deprive us of our powers.  And there is no such technology to create a new, living body for me. He can’t work alone. Unless he’s a crypto genius or something, but that’s impossible. Control Freak must have some ally like Ding Dong Daddy, Mumbo or Mad Mod. It would explain the no-powers thing and illusions that I’m normal. Maybe they all worked together? Anywho, I need to find a way to prevent situations like this in future. The others should have flares to send or something. But flares would be impractical and inconvenient…
And so he mused and planned, jumping up and placing blocks of trunks underneath himself. He looked at the horizon and decided the one-block-wide-tower was tall enough. It exceeded every mountain in his eyesight. He then glanced down and immediately felt dizziness. It reminded him why he wasn’t fond of heights. He tried to get off his tower, but then realized.
“Aw, man. I forgot to attach some ladder.” He sighed heavily. “OK, the whole idea needs improving” he decided. And being his ambitious self, he started dismantling his work.
“That oughta be a looong day” he muttered under his breath.

They were walking in the waterfall’s direction for quite a while. The distance really seemed shorter from above. Beast Boy wolfed down an apple from time to time, not that she could blame him. He even gave her two when she started to complain about thirst. She swallowed her stinging guilt about stealing his only food and ate the apples, knowing they were the closest to drinking water they had now. Only now she was in trouble because of that.
Beast Boy reached into the bundle and swore.

“Damn, we’re out of apples.”

“If you ate the meat with me…” she didn’t finish, seeing the glare he was giving her.

“I’d rather die than eat some poor once-living thing.” Raven stopped. From two reasons. One, she actually was impressed by his consistency and two, her bladder was killing her. Beast Boy turned back to her.

“Why’d you stop?” he asked.

Raven cringed and tried to suppress the stinging in her coil.
“It’s nothing.” She pressed her legs together.

“No, something’s wrong, what is it?” He shook his head and walked to her. She started jumping slightly.

“It’s nothing, really, it’s just…” she silenced, focusing on her problem.

“What? Does something hurt?” He asked now really concerned.

“Beast Boy…” She said, looking him dead in the eyes. “I need to go.”

He just stared at her, blinked twice in confusion and asked.
“'Go' where? We were going just seconds ago.” He reminded her. Raven rolled her eyes, now jumping a little more.

“No, I need to go.”

“I understand the word, Rae, just…”

“No you don’t! I-…” She bit on her lower lip, blushing furiously. “I’ve got to go… tinkle…” she whispered the last word.

Realization literally audibly clicked in Beast Boy’s brain.
“OH! You have to GO!” He slapped his forehead and then smiled devilishly, not moving his hand away from his face. “And did you just seriously say 'tinkle'?”

“It’s better than 'pee-pee', now isn’t it?” she replied rolling her eyes. “Besides it’s irrelevant. Now please, build some bathroom or something.”

Beast Boy grinned. “Oh, so you’re that kinda princess.”

Raven frowned. “Excuse me?”

“You’re all tough and rough when it comes to fighting and getting dirty but you won’t take a piss without a piece of porcelain.” He laughed, seeing her frown. “I finally figured you out! You’re a toilet princess!”

“Are you done?” she asked unimpressed, although a little blushing.

“Yep” he said with a huge toothy grin.

“Then start building the stupid toilet.” Saying so Raven put a hand between her legs and pressed her thighs together.

Beast Boy snickered. “If you ever agreed to play a game with me, you’d probably know I can’t.” She sent him a terrified look.


“You don’t build toilets in Minecraft. I mean I could, but not on Survival. Besides, it wouldn’t be the toilet you need.”

“You’re kidding me.” She was dead serious, he was grinning like an idiot to a piece of cheese.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Now she sounded desperate, but he still was grinning.


“Beast Boy!!!” Raven shrieked. Raven never shrieked. Ever. Beast Boy didn’t give a damn, he was smiling still.


“I need a proper, civilized bathroom!”

“No, can do, mamma” he said, winking to her. Raven shot him a furious glare now, her lips a thin line.

“What did you call me?” she asked through her clenched teeth.

“Oh c’mon, Rae. It’s a compliment. Means you’re hot.” He explained, wrinkling his nose adorably and disarming her so. “Why don’t you just go into the woods and relieve your bladder?”

Raven scoffed. “Forget it. I’ll hold.” She started walking in their previous direction. Beast Boy’s eyebrows shot up.

“You sure?”

“Yes.” He ran up to her.

“We could be here for another few hours.”

“I said, I’ll hold.” Raven hissed.

“You’ll get urine poisoning.”

Raven growled aggravated and stopped. “I don’t care! I won’t…” she stopped to look for a word, but was at temporary loss of words. “…GO in a pixel forest! A pixel forest, Beast Boy! Can I at least use those leaves as a toilet paper?!” she indicated the tree leaves above them.

“Why would you need a shit tape for pissing?” Beast Boy looked at her confused and Raven just didn’t care enough to explain. She just stared at him significantly. “Girls need a shit tape for a piss?” he asked thoroughly confused.

“I don’t know about others, but I don’t really like being all wet down there.”

Upon hearing this Beast Boy snickered and before he could stop himself, said.
“That explains a lot.” He then realized what he had said and covered his mouth… trying to stifle a laugh. Raven frowned.

“What does it explain?”

“Nothing” He said evasively and prayed she didn’t understand the joke.

“No, tell me. What does it supposedly explain?”

He flailed about, trying to make some excuse, but failed. He sighed and rolled his eyes.
“It was a dirty joke.” Realizing this Raven gasped offended and somehow managed to smack him in the back of his head.

“You disgusting pig!” Beast Boy grunted at her like a pig and she smacked him again. “What did you mean, that I’m asexual?!”

“Aren’t you?” he laughed.

“Well imagine that! I’M NOT!” she hit him yet again.

“Ok, ok, I get it! Uncle!”

“And I think I just peed a little…” she said with a disgusted face.

“Or maybe you just dig meh.” Beast Boy winked to her and she frowned.

“Grow up” she said rolling her eyes and walking away from him.

“Where ‘re ya goin?”

“To relieve my bladder. I don’t want to wet myself in front of you.”

“Good thinking, I’d never let you live this down.”

“Have you ever?”

He just grinned.
“Hey, if ya want some shit tape I think I’ve got some chicken feathers!”

“No way in hell!” she had to scream to him, so he could hear her now.

“Why not?!”

“Allergic!” Beast Boy’s brain paused for a second.

“To chicken feathers?!” He saw her turn behind a tree.

“Don’t you ever dare to speak about it!”

“Oh c’mon! Why not! It’s cute!”

“Shut up!”


“’Cause I’m trying to pee!” she growled.

“Oh” he muttered under his breath. “Sorry!” She growled again.

“Don’t make it harder than it already is!”

“It’s not that hard, Rae!”

“I told you to shut up!”

“You’re the one who keeps talking!” He heard her growl again and saw her come out from behind the tree.

“I can’t do this with you out there!”

“What are ya gonna do?!”

“Walk long until I can’t see nor hear you, douchebag!”

“Hey! Don’t call me names! It’s rude!” he screamed, only to let her know how far she should go.

“It’s also rude to call people asexual!”

“It’s nothing personal, Rae! I had a little bet with guys!”

“About my sexuality?!”

“Yeah!  Robin bet on you being gay and Cyborg bet on asexuality! But I think they were just hoping! You know they treat you girls like apples of their eyes!”

“What was your bet?!” He knew she probably just screamed to him to know her distance from him, but smirked nonetheless.

“That you masturbate like other normal people!”

“You’ve become really obnoxious within those few years, you know that?!” He could barely hear her now, but continued on screaming.

“What’s obnoxious about that?! Normal, human thing! Like peeing!”

He didn’t get any response from her this time. He supposed she was satisfied with the distance she had reached and he decided to cut off the screaming. She needed a while for herself, he wouldn’t be such an ass. To fill his free time with some activity he decided to search for some apples. He couldn’t live on the few mushrooms he had found earlier.

“OK, I’m SURE now, BB and Raven have a thing. Rae totally digs him and he totally flirts with ‘er”
 “Yeah, but he can be a jerk…”
   “Don’t matter, he broke his vegetarian code for her. He loves her.”
“She’s kinda cute when she’s blushing”

“And Rae’s cute when she need to GO ;3”
 “Vulerable so much, adorableness hits the skies. Who’s up for joining a Blushing-Raven-Funclub? :D

After finishing her business she grunted unsatisfied. “Wet, wet, wet…” she muttered under her breath and started to head over to Beast Boy. She felt she was observed. It was weird, it was unpleasant, but the feeling was there, and she could do nothing about it. Besides shrugging it off and neglecting it. Suddenly a male hand appeared on her mouth and she gasped into it. The other hand held her strongly in her waist. The hands were pretty pale, not as pale as Raven’s, but normally pinkish pale. And they were sweaty. She half expected it to be Beast Boy, hoped actually. But realized she was in trouble upon hearing an unfamiliar voice.

“Not a squeak, birdie.” She heard the stranger say. “We don’t need any company.”

Raven could almost hear the sly smile he was probably wearing. In the corner of her eye she saw dark brown, mid-length hair.

“Short introduction. I’m the priest of the Church of Blood.” Raven’s eyes widened and she heard him chuckle. “Yes, yes, the same your mother joined years ago. How is she, by the way? Still sane?”

She tugged at his hand and tried to yank out of his other arm. He was considerably taller than her. Maybe the same height Beast Boy was, she couldn’t really tell. He chuckled at her attempts to free herself. She tried to step at his foot, but he knew her plan. He chuckled again.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did you want to say something?” he asked mockingly then let go of her face. “There you go.” She managed to inhale deeply for a major scream, but he covered her mouth again. “Too late.” He laughed. “Ow, ow, ow!” he cried out when she pulled his pinky from her face with full force. She felt his grip on her loosen and she yanked her face away.

“BEAST BOOOOOY!!!” she yelled from her lungs before he covered her mouth once again.

“Dirty ploy, Raven” The man scolded her. “I told you I wanted a private audience.”

Beast Boy froze on the tree he was in searching for apples. He thought he heard Raven scream his name. A long, desperate scream from the lungs. But why would she? There was no one here besides them and the mobs. He was probably just daydreaming. He shrugged it off and kept on searching the leaves.

He heard her! Go to her!
Nooooo, why u no run to her?! D:
This guy's disgusting!

She tried to free herself and managed to sell him an elbow in the ribs. She started to run, screaming ‘help’ but the aggressor caught her arm and backhanded her with his left hand. She fell to the ground, tasting some blood on her tongue. Before she could get up he propped her back to the dirt and tried to lay on her. She began panicking. She put her knees to her stomach and tried to put him at range. In response he tried to spread her legs.

“OMFG he’s gonna rape her! Can’t look! QAQ”
“Do you see BB there? :O Bastard’s fast!”
 “RUN BB RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“You don’t even know what I want from you” he said simply while she tried to push him away by putting her hand on his chest. His dark, mad eyes were focused on her. Oh, she knew perfectly what he wanted form her. And she wasn’t willing to just give it up so easily.

“HEELP!” she yelled, but he put his right hand to her face. She felt a few cold signets on his fingers. And she felt another few on his left hand, prying on her legs. They were most probably some symbol of the Church of Blood. Or it came with the privilege of being their priest.

“Oh, you little bitch!” He was still trying to put her legs apart. Then she bit him on his hand. He cried out in pain and took his hand from her face but before she finished her ‘help’ scream he again backhanded her, with his left. She felt dizzy but tried not to leave her guard on her joined knees.

“You demon whore, you’re gonna pay!”

He leaned in and that’s when she gave him a strong punch on the throat with her fist, right into Adam’s apple. He was breathless for a second and Raven quickly threw him off her and started running as fast as she could.

“Throat hit, good one.”

She ran through the forest, to the place where Beast Boy supposedly was. Everything around was a blur, mostly because her eyes were tearing and she ran with all the speed she could muster. Oh, Azar, why was she only five feet tall? And why was she suddenly so aware of others being so much taller than her? Why did she have to be so weak now? Why couldn’t she defend herself?
Just then she felt a hand on her ankle and she fell to the ground, softening the fall with her hands. The priest dragged her closer to him and she screamed, trying to hold onto anything she dag her fingers to the dirt. She was near him nonetheless. She tried to get up, but he pressed her small body down to the ground. She kicked and tossed, but to no avail. Lying on her stomach, she was now completely defenseless. With one swift motion he spread her legs and positioned himself between them. She tried desperately to throw him off. She knew she had no chance for it, and felt a huge wave of fear, helplessness and defeat grow inside of her. New tears formed in her eyes.

“Did you see the priest? he came from the ground! he’s a sorcerer or smth!”
“She hit him on the ribs then throat, pulled the most sensitive finger and bit him. Also blocked his access to her with her knees up. She’s good, I’m impressed.”“OMG, Raven’s so tough! I would have no idea how to protect myself and she was able to escape from the d*ck! For a short while, but still… You go girl!”
“She’s on her stomach, she can’t defend herself now. Sucks.”
“Hang in there Rae, your frog prince is coming for ya!”

“Aaw, you’re gonna cry, aren’t you?” he asked mockingly, putting both her arms behind her back and holding them in one of his hands. He leaned down to her. “I’m sure your mother cried just like you when your father claimed her as his bride.”

“Please, don’t…” she uttered. He grinned upon hearing this.

“And now we’re at begging.” He said in a singsong tone. “Come on, beg once more.”

“Let me go.” Her voice cracked, even though she tried to sound as stern and dangerous as possible. Her throat was sore from all the screaming and she was losing any hope of getting out of this maniac’s hands. The man pulled a handful of her hair and she had to stiffle another scream. She didn’t want to satisfy him.

“You didn’t say the magic word.” He scolded her. “Say it.” She remained silent. “Say it, you demon bitch!” he growled hitting her head on the ground, the same side of her face he had hit twice before. She moaned and fought the urge to just burst into tears like a small child.

“G-go to hell” she stuttered.

“No magic word, no tenderness for you” he said reaching to his belt and Raven couldn’t suffocate her fear any longer. She started kicking and screaming again.

“No! Stop! Please, stop! Help!”

“Skip the drama, sweetheart.” Finally he managed to unbuckle his belt with one hand. “You could try and enjoy this, you know?” She heard him unzip his fly and Raven’s throat emitted uncontrollable sob. She kept on pleading and begging him to stop, but he didn’t even bother to listen. “I’m just gonna need a one, nice push, Raven. Then everything will stop.” He assured her. “When I claim you as my wife, the world will come to an end. That’s what the prophecy said and that’s what I’m aiming for.”

“F*ck, he broke her, shes begging! QAQ”
 “Which girl wouldn’t break? She fought, she ran, now her only hope is begging”
“I don’t f*ucking believe it”
“Am I the only one who heard something about demon, a prophecy and ending the world?”
 “Nope, heard it two. Should we be concerned? I know I am.”
   “Maybe he’s just nuts? Maybe he escaped from some asylum?”
     “Don’t think so, he was talking sth bout Rae’s mother joining his church. I smell a bigger case here.”
       “A fishy case ;/”

“breakneck speed, save your toilet princess, beastie!”
“Whoa, he’s shifting! :O Amazing!”
 “Aren’t their powers off?!”
“He’s gotta tail! :D

The realization downed on her, while he still fought with the button of his pants. That’s why he wanted to do this? So the world would end? She was somebody’s pawn again?

“Fucking button!” the man cursed. Raven heard something run to them and she heard any sign of words or breathing of the rapist stop short.

Beast Boy was running at breakneck speed. He was now sure he’d heard Raven scream. First he thought it was his imagination, because hearing Raven scream his name as if she was in distress wasn’t really normal. But few moments later he heard a short ‘help’, and then another, longer. So he started running in the direction of her voice. And he didn’t know how, but he was starting to smell her in the air. And someone else. A male’s scent. He heard her distant screams and the man’s voice drowned in them. He managed to hear “When I claim you” and the blood in his veins boiled. No one was to claim Raven. Not if he had something to say about it. Suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks upon the sight in front of him. He dropped his bundle.
There she was, lying flat on her stomach, pinned to the ground by a stranger who tried desperately to unbutton his pants. Raven didn’t see him, she was facing another direction, sobbing and begging for mercy. Beast Boy’s mind raced, his heart broke seeing her so helpless. Seeing the man on top of her, holding her arms on her back like a hostage, kneeling between her legs, preparing to hurt his Raven… it triggered something in Beast Boy he hadn’t accessed for a long time now. He felt wrath bubble inside him and bloodthirstiness pricking on his skin like billions of sparks. He would not allow this. He didn’t hear the words of the disgusting man. He only heard the signal to act. He felt his body rush to the bastard and his hand grasp his throat.

“He totally loves her, he’s furious!”
“A button defeated the priest. what a loser! :D


“Maybe you should’ve practiced unbuttoning your pants with one hand.” She heard another voice say. It was more of a growl than normal human voice. It seemed familiar, but she was sure she hasn’t ever heard it before. She glanced back at two men behind her. The priest was being held by the throat by someone who looked awfully similar to Beast Boy. Although, he didn’t look exactly the same when she last remembered. Sure, his eyes were green, but they were now glistening like eyes of an animal that lived a night life. His hair was still bright brown, but was a little longer somehow, falling on his burned back and shoulders. There was also a few more differences like dog ears on his head, but Raven couldn’t focus anymore. She has never seen him look at someone with such disdain, such wrath, bloodthirstiness. She heard her friend’s inhumanly growling voice speak.

“You little shit” he said tightening his grip, not paying attention to the man’s already red face, now turning a little purple. The rapist finally put both of his hands on Beast Boy’s forearm, letting go of Raven and trying desperately to loosen the stone grip. Raven took her chance and crawled away to the nearest tree, wiping her face and gasping. She looked, still terrified, as her torturer mouthed words 'let go' to Beast Boy the life fading with each second in his eyes.
Beast Boy felt his control slip away.

“You pathetic scum” he managed to say before he lost control of himself completely and let someone else act on his instincts. He now watched himself throw the almost dead man at a tree. Raven heard a bone crack. “The she-wolf is MINE!!!!!”

The roar was inhuman and bloodcurdling. It sounded like lions, and wolves had combined their voices together. Raven flinched upon hearing this sound, and even more, upon hearing its essence. She saw the stranger priest get up to his feet and cough. He then chuckled.

“Do you really think-?” he wasn’t meant to finish as Beast Boy thrust himself in his direction with an angry growl and started clawing.

To say Raven was thunderstruck was an understatement. Her blood curdled in her veins. She heard screams and growls, and saw blood being shed. She blinked unconsciously when she saw a short sword in the man’s hand cut into Beast Boy’s upper arm. He snarled angrily. Raven blinked once more and realized it was her time to go, to run. As far as possible.
She got up and began her run, hoping it was in the waterfall’s direction.

“You can run, but I’ll always find you, Raven!” she heard the man scream before his voice was turned into a painful cry. She didn’t want to look back. She knew she should’ve, she was leaving Beast Boy all on his own with a guy with a sword in his hand. But she just wanted to run as far as her short legs could take her. So she ran, hearing the growls and scowls and screams blend into one. Then it all faded and gave way to another loud, but soothing sound. The sound of water falling down. She kept running, tears blinding her until she just fell into cold waters of the smallest pond. She felt the water close on her above her head and considered just staying there and let her lungs be filled with the cold, soothing waters. Then decided against it. She wasn’t here alone, and it would be selfish to just kill herself, knowing how much her friends would mourn her. Or would they? Maybe she’s a pawn in their plan too?
Ending oxygen in her lungs pulled her out of her musings. Even if she wanted to, she wouldn’t have enough courage to take her life this way. She swam up to the top and resurfaced. She coughed a few times and felt her stomach empty itself, its contents landing on the edge of the water and land. She then swam to the waterfall and passed it, appreciating the cold water falling on her dizzy head. She was surprised to see a small cavity behind the waterfall. She was tired, cold and terrified to the bone. And most of it, alone. At least she wasn’t thirsty anymore, she’s had enough water in her mouth for the rest of her life.
Raven climbed to the cavity and sat in the deepest part of it. She shuddered from cold, grating her teeth, and hugged her knees, focusing her gaze on the falling water before her.

“The growling, I got chills!”
 “You’re kidding me, my little brother wet his pants! And he’s 8 -.-”
   “And you let him watch a girl being almost raped? Not cool, man D:”
“I don’t think Raven did anything amazing, she was as vulnerable as any other girl. It’s BB who’s the badass here! Did you see his claws?! He’s awesome!”
“BB with long hair! <3”
 “He reminds me of Inuyasha, I wuv it! :D
   “I see what you did there”
   "I don't think Inuyasha has a tail..."
“Poor thing, she threw up QnQ”
“Shouldn’t she now be crying or something…? o.O”
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Raven and Beast stepped into the common room alongside dr. Love. Everyone looked at them with their breaths held in. Raven was fourteen weeks through now, and it was the first attempt to determine the twins' genders. So, clearly, they all wanted a confirmation on their predictions, since they all had placed their bets.

"Well?" Cyborg prompted, glancing at Raven, Beast and the doctor alternately, not sure who'll spill the news.

Doctor Love inhaled, wearing a wide smile, as always. "Fetus number one, a.k.a. the portal baby is, according to plan, a girl."

Timmy whined discontently while Melvin pumped her fist in victory. "Okay, we already knew that..." Arella stated, caressing Tim's red head gently. The boy was about to cry, but was bravely holding it in.

"Fetus number two, a.k.a. the little beastie is... " doctor Love cringed slightly, but managed to remain smiled. "... very active, but not willing to cooperate just yet."

"What does it mean?" Melvin asked. Raven sighed heavily while her husband laughed joyfully.

"It means the baby's moving a lot, but wouldn't show us its sex" Beast replied with a chuckle. Everybody groaned dissatisfied. Cyborg immediately took out a phone from his arm and called. Few seconds later he spoke.

"Yo, Flash! ... Yes, that one's a girl. The other one's being mean. ... What do you mean, what do I mean? I mean the doctor couldn't see anything! ... No, it doesn't mean it's a girl, it means the baby showed its meanie butt! ... Yeah, the bets are still on. ... No, you can't change your bet. Once you bet you don't change, man! That's the rules!"

"Bets?" doctor Love looked inquisitively at Raven.

"Bets are a big thing in the whole organization" the soon-to-be mom explained.

"We're all just a bunch of old gamblers" Beast joked, making the doctor chuckle.
Raven and Garfield were both settled for the bedtime reading. She opened her book on parenting and began reading it. From the corner of her eye she could see her husband wasn't reading as he did daily since they knew Raven's going to be pregnant.

"What'cha readin', Rae?" she heard him ask in an almost teasing tone, so she looked up at him. Her gaze met the camera's lens, and her mate's smiling face was behind it, staring into the tiny monitor. Raven glared at him with a surprised and questioning eyebrow raised, then asked.

"What are you doing?"

"I asked you first" he replied, grinning. She sent him a menacing look.

"Gar..." she drawled for better effect. To no avail.

"Rae..." he mocked her. "You answer my question, I'll answer yours. So what'cha readin' there?"

Raven rolled her eyes with a sigh and picked up the book on her lap so he (and the cam) could see the title. Siblings: How to Divide Your Love, it said. The man chuckled.

"Aww, Look at how hard mama's tryin'" he cooed, not letting the recording camera down. "Rae, why 'r ya readin' this?" he asked, lovingly caressing the right side of her head.

"It's gonna be five of them, Gar" she glared at him over the annoying device. "Two needy newborns included. I'm sure Melvin knows very well what's coming her way, but Timmy probably doesn't remember Teether being born. And Teether may suffer a very big shock wave. I want to know how to make it easier for the boys."

"You're dividing your love fine, you have the three for a while."

"Yes, but I've never prepared a child for the arrival of a new one. And we're getting a double package" she reminded him, trying to turn back to the reading. "And what is this that you're doing exactly?"

Gar chuckled. "Aw, Rae. The question's not about what I'm doing. It's about what we're doing."

Raven's face remained still. Her only reaction was blinking. "So, what are we doing exactly?"

"Making another video our kids are gonna have a blast of." He grinned at her.

She glanced at the cam reluctanly and again back at him. "Why?"

Gar sent her a significant glare. "Because it's a fun thing to do, Rae. Common, don't be a stick in da mud."

"I'm not." She pointedly picked the book up to cover her face from the camera and Garfield's view.

"Common, babe. You can read in five minutes" he spoke in a chuckle.

"No, thank you." Came her voice from behind the book. "I rather read, trying to prepare myself and learn something for the future."

Garfield chuckled, and spoke as if to their future kids. "Mama's a real big bookworm." Hearing this, his wife lowered her book just for her eyes to glare daggers at him. This only made him chuckle again. "Okay, now imagine we both died" he began, gently taking the book from her hands and putting it on his side of the bed. Raven folded her arms on her touchy chest, still killing him with her gaze only. "Don't you think they'd want to know something about us firsthand?"

"I'm sure Kori will tell them beautiful stories about us, making it more romantic and fluffy than it was in reality" she replied with an eyeroll.

"I was thinkin' 'bout Cy and Sarah being their legal guardians in case we both die" Garfield confessed. "So it's more like Cy's gonna tell 'em epic stories about us and show 'em all the kickass videos."

"Victor hasn't even gotten back together with Sarah, Gar, so you can't possibly think about them. Star and Dick are more stable."

"But Rae! Dick's gonna be the most boring dad ever! All he'd be doing is establishing rules and restrictions! Cy's so much better! And Sarah is very reasonable and loving, plus she's a teacher, she has more experience with kids. Star's gonna pamper and smother them!"

Raven cringed. "You're right... But Sarah-..."

"Isn't back with Vic, I know" he interjected, rolling his eyes. "But they're on a very good way to it."

"You know what? We still have plenty of time to think about it" Raven said diplomatically, unfolding her arms. "Right now we're both fine, I'm healthy, carrying that twin pregancy and you're being careful on missions. So now let's do whatever it is you want to do with that camera and let's get some sleep afterwards."

"Ooh! Can we record us having sex?" he looked at her, hope making his eyes glow. Raven glared daggers at him, yet again.

"No." His ears drooped. "Why would you even mention something like that in a video meant for our children?" she asked, narrowing her eyes.

"'Cause if they're gonna watch it when they're teens, they're gonna think I'm a cool man." He grinned his trademark grin at her. Raven was still glaring.

"Ew, Gar" she deadpanned. "I love you, but ew." That made him laugh.

"You're such a lady sometimes." He kissed her cheek lovingly.

"And you're bearish, as always."

He instantly turned into a bear (losing the camera somewhere in the depths of their blanket) and nuzzled into her neck, making her huff out a giggle. "Gar, you dropped the camera...!" she told him, trying to supress another fit of giggles. "You'll break the bed again..." she managed to say. The bear in her bed grunted before turning back into the green man. He brushed the tip of his nose at hers with a contented smile.

"Ya know ya love some fur in the bedsheets..." he teased her in a sultry voice.

"I do, but our kids don't have to know that" she replied. "Now pick up that camera before you set me off."

Her husband hummed intrigued. "Are the horny hormones staring to work?"

"Maybe. And if you'll be good, you just may get lucky tonight."

He purred, something she adored about him. "Me likey. Okay, let's get that video done" he said, picking the device up to his face. "I'm gonna get laid" he spoke directly to the lens, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Only if you're good, Gar. Only if you're good." Raven patted his head gently, making him purr again. Then he scooted closer to her and turned the camera around so it would embrace the view of them both. "Alright, what do you actually want with that video?"

"I dunno" he shrugged. "I figured we'd just kinda talk to them."

"About what?" He shrugged again. "Don't be like that, Gar. It's your idea, at least start a 'conversation'." She drew airquotes.

"So, how's school?" he asked. Raven nearly facepalmed.

"Good job, Gar. At least start with some epic sentence like 'if you're watching this, we're probably dead'." She rolled her eyes.

"Or we didn't have a kids-friendly movie so we turned this on, so you wouldn't burn the tower down" Gar grinned.

"Or we're really dead and uncle Vic is letting you see how much of two imbeciles we were" Raven chimed in.

"Rae, stop entertaining those dark clouds by being pessimistic" he said, looking at her, but not putting the camera down.

"I'm pregnant by my own father, I can't help it." Raven shrugged.

"Hey! You're pregant by me, too" he reminded her before grinning widely to the camera and showing off his fangs.

"I still have no idea how we pulled that off..." she confessed, staring into the open space before her.

"Me neither" Gar admitted. "But don't think I'm gonna favor my kid. I'll love the portal, too." He smooched at the camera, making his wife smile. "Love ya, kiddo!"

"We have to think on names, I hate calling her 'the portal'." Raven drew airquotes, cringing slightly. "It's so impersonal."

"I know, I hate it too. What will ya say to Daenerys?" Raven merely glared at him. "Margaery? Arya? Sansa?"

"If anything, I'd pick Melissandre, Gar."

"Aaah!" he nodded. "For-..."

"... The night is dark and full of terrors" they cited simultaneously.

"But we're not naming her after a character from Game of Thrones" Raven stated definitely.

"Aww, Rae!" he whined. "Just think of it!"

"Nope" she shook her head.

"But Dany!"


"But you love Dany!"

"I also loved Bellatrix Lestrange, Severus Snape, Mephisto, Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle..."

"Ooh!" Gar looked at her with eyes huge and full of hope.

"Gar..." she drawled warningly.

"Oh, common! How cute would it be to call her out!" He put his palm to his face to perform the calling act. "Twilie, dinner!"

"Gar, we are not naming our kids after fictional characters!" Raven stated firmly.

"But Raeeee!!!" he whined.

"Gar, leave it." Raven folded her arms on her chest and cringed slightly. Stupid breasts.

"Just think! If it's both girls, we could name them Twilight and Luna!"

"Garfield." Raven's firm tone and gaze made him roll his eyes and give up.

"Fine!" he sighed out, before looking directly at the camera lens and mouthing 'we are so naming you Twilight'. Raven just shook her head disapprovingly, staring into the cam. Noticing it, Garfield cleared his throat and spoke.

"So! Today we confirmed that... uuh... Not-Twilie is a girl!"

"Yay" Raven deadpanned. "But we already knew that."

"Yep." Gar nodded and popped the P.

"Because I was told, by the occasion of my miscarriage, caused by Trigon himself, that girls are better portals."

"The other baby remains a mystery" Gar wiggled his eyebrows.

"Until next time we try." Raven shrugged, while her husband turned to look at her.

"Hey." She looked at him. "D'you wanna boy or another girl?" His wife shrugged again.

"I really don't care, I just want them both to be healthy and not demonic."

Gar chuckled. "Aww, common, Rae. Mine's got 98.06% of my genes, there's no place for the demon mode here. If anything, it's gonna be green..." Suddenly his eyes widened and ears dopped down. "Oh god, Rae..." he said terrified. "What if it's gonna be green?"

"That doesn't matter, Gar, we're still going to love it, it's our child" she stated plainly.

"Yeah, but the green...!"

Raven reached out with her hand and caressed his hair gently. "Stop worrying, Gar. Your child will be fine. If it's going to be green, it will only make the two of you closer. Plus, I love the green." Garfield smiled sadly at her, evidently not convinced. Raven sighed, retracting her hand. "And I'm sure there's still a gene with normal looks somewhere in your DNA." Gar's ears perked up shyly.

"You think so? I've been genetically modified. For all we know, you could be giving birth to a minotaur or a centaurus..."

Raven huffed with a smile. "Don't be silly, Gar, both of them are developing normally, you saw it, and doctor Love confirmed it. And who knows, maybe your kid will also inherit your fool's luck" she added with a teasing smirk. This made him lighten up with an honest laughter.

"Oh, god, mama, I hope you're right..." he finished, wiping the corners of his eyes from tears.

"Me too. And I hope that Trigon's child won't inherit all the worst parts of his DNA." Garfield scoffed and waved his hand dissmissively at her, making Raven frown. "She only matches 86.6% of mine, Gar. 13% is plenty. And I'd like to remind you, I'm not exactly an angel either, I have some bad traits, too."

"Like being pessimistic?" he asked, his eyebrows raised significantly. Raven folded her arms again with a frown, but remained silent. "You know you actually have some influence on your kids, right?"

"What if she inherits all the worst parts of me and is essentially evil?"

"Rae, stop worrying. She'll be a little angel, you'll see." He patted her head lovingly, with a gentle smile on his lips. Raven sighed.

"I wish..."

He looked at the camera again. "So, as you can see, we're both worried about somethings." He summed up.

"Please don't be evil..." Raven said pathetically.

"Don't beat yourself up, mama. Let's tell them something about the pregnancy."

"Like what?" she looked at him.

"I dunno, an interesting fact."

Raven wondered, her eyes travelling all over the place in the process. Then after a few seconds, she looked back to the cam's lens. "How about, one of you has already been in my uterus?"

Garfield frowned. "Wait, what?" He looked at his wife for explanation. Raven sighed.

"I'm an empath, right?"

"Right." He nodded.

"And I feel other people's energy." He nodded again. "The energy being essentially a person's soul..." Gar cut her off before she could elaborate.

"Wait, you're telling me you felt the moment a soul was entering what we now call a fetus?" he asked incredulously, his ears perked up. Raven wondered.

"I don't know about the moment of entering, I just woke up one day and felt I'm not alone" she shrugged.

Gar was watching her closely, with that incredulous look on his face before blurting out. "Well, you should call the pope! Call the government! Tell the world, people have to know!"

She rolled her eyes. "You're overreacting, Gar." He seemed to ignore her comment.

"And you're saying you're feeling the exact same energy?" She nodded.

"Didn't I tell you that?" she asked truly surprised. Her husband shook his head vigorously.

"But tell me, did you feel that soul before or after we had sex that time?"

"Gar, before the male gametes, Trigon's and yours, even made it to mine, they traveled for a few days. I'm not sure which one's which, even if I kept track then, it's impossible to tell."

"But either way, there's a soul that's kind of bound to you? To be your kid?"

Raven shrugged. "I don't know, maybe."

Gar grinned. "That's one stubborn little soul, isn't it?" He glanced at her swolen stomach and gently rubbed it. "Welcome back to the five star inn 'Under the Loving Heart', we're pleased to have ya back." Raven smiled gently, but rolled her eyes anyways. The man continued. "Remember the buffet is open twenty four seven, but the lulling in your room only lasts till mama's bedtime. Playtime also lasts twenty four seven, although you sleep during the day. In few weeks you're gonna feel you've gotta roommate so please remain civil with one another. Enjoy your stay." He finished by kissing his wife firstly on the cheek, then on the lips.

"You're so cheesy, Gar" she whispered.

"And you love it" he rubbed her nose with his.

"Did you read a book on pregnancy?" she asked him with a smirk.

"Oh, yeah!" he reached into his nightstand and took out a book, showing it to her. What to Expect When Your Woman Is Expecting. He then showed it to the camera. "Finished it last week. It explains all the hormonal things, shows the whole pregnancy calendar with all the stages of the fetus and what changes for the mom, shares some tips for the dad etcetera, etcetera. It's all here. And look, we're living in times so modern, that the title is about 'your woman', not 'your wife'. It almost sounds like 'your female'." He chuckled.

"And which one are you reading at the moment?" Raven asked, making him put that book down and reach to the nightstand again for his current reading material. He handed the book to her.

"'First things first'" she read the title with a frown. "What is it about?"

"Things you need to prepare and establish before the child is born" he stressed. "There are two categories. One is all the things that are necessary to welcome the newborn into the world. Things like picking the doctor, the hospital, decide on the form of birth, collecting all the baby furniture and cosmetics, preparing the hospital bag, all that stuff. And then the second category is all the things legal and stuff, like choosing legal guardians in case of your death, 'cause later you're so busy with the care taking you don't have the time to think about them."

"I love it when you're responsible" she confessed, glancing at him from above the book.

"I know." He grinned. "Let's tell them something more 'bout the pregnancy."

Raven frowned. "Like what, symptoms?" Seeing him shrug and nod, she began recalling with a hum. "Hm... let's see. First symptoms... I think it was sleepiness."

"Yeah, you slept a lot" he chimed in.

"Then I had enhanced smell and nausea..."

"For the first time your mama didn't want a waffle. That never happened before" Gar interjected. "Hey, what about the breasts?"

"No, I don't count that, they always hurt before period."

"But they still hurt, right?"

Raven looked him in the eyes. "Yes, now they're a symptom." She stressed annoyed, making him snicker like a hiena. Raven tried her best to ignore him. "I also have migraines more often. Of course there were moods swings and cravings..."

"And still are..." Garfield chimed in innocently, making his wife glare daggers at him.

"I also still have nausea to some extent" she reminded him.

"Yeah, but at least you've gotten some appetite." Then he turned to look directly at the camera. "First weeks yo mama was puking so much she lost weight. We were all panicking."

"It turned out to be normal for a twin pregnancy" Raven stated with an eyeroll. Gar nodded. "Two babies equals double dose of hormones."

"Yah. And now you guys are getting bigger and push on mama's bladder..."

Raven groaned. "Thanks for reminding me, I've been holding in all this time" she said, throwing the blanket away and trying to get up. Meanwhile Gar turned the camera fully on her and commented.

"Look at that preggy belly!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fat, I know" she complained while wobbling slightly to the door. "I feel like a beach ball..."

Gar chuckled. "Ya gassy, mama?" Raven merely groaned, walking out of the room. Garfield turned the camera at his face. "Believe it or not, but a lotta gas is one of possible pregnancy symptoms. Just like frequent hiccups and burping. First weeks Rae was a lil' gassy and burpy. I guess it's somehow connected to the nausea. But your mama's a lady, so she was very uncomfortable with all the noises and smells her body was making." Gar chuckled, only to become serious again. "And constipations. God, the constipations!" Here he rubbed his face as if he was tired. "Poor Rae..." He fell silent for a few seconds, before looking away to wonder. "What else? ... Ah, yeah. Mama's veins are more visible 'cause of the blood pressure getting higher. And the veins are everywhere. I mean it. Boobies, belly, arms, legs... It's like she's covered in a blue net or something. Maybe because mama's skin is so pale, but yeah. Uh... Also her nipples are darker, I still don't get why, but it's normal. At least that's what doctors say in every book and on every site... And yeah, the belly's pretty visible." He chuckled. "I'm hoping to feel some of your kicks soon. But Rae's not very pleased about the thought, 'cause you're gonna kick her ribs and insides..."

The door opened and Raven wobbled in.

"What about insides?" she asked, walking to their bed.

"I was telling them some more of pregnancy symptoms you had and that I'm hoping for their kicks, but you're not as excited." He explained while she was settling in the bed.

"Oh, no, I'm very excited" she told him. Gar's eyebrows shot up. "Don't look at me like that. I just can't wait for those tiny feet to make me breathless by kicking into my diaphragm, or making me more nauseaous than I already am by kicking into my stomach. Or..."

"Babe" he cut her off. "If you're not excited about it, just be honest." Raven sighed heavily before looking into the camera.

"Okay, so I'm not really excited about you two kicking the hell of me. I will probably curse you out." Gar snickered. "But if you stop kicking or moving about, I'm also going to panic, so kick all you want. I'll manage."

"Aww, Rae" he leaned her in, to kiss her forehead. "You're gonna be worried?"

"Of course I'm going to be, Gar, don't ask stupid questions" she said while making herself comfortable on the bed. Once she was set, she caught her husband's eyes glued to her with a warm gaze. Raven smiled one of her Mona Lisa smiles and blushed slightly. "What?"

"Nothing." He shrugged. "I just love you. And love looking at ya."

Raven's smile immediately widened into grin. "I love you, too". They leaned into each other to share a short, chaste kiss then they just looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds, both smiling slightly.

"So" Raven whispered. "Are we good for today?" She asked, motioning to the camera with her head.

"Yeah, let's get some sleep" he said kissing her nose before turning the camera off. He put it down on his nightstand and turned off the light. He was surprised to hear his wife giggle seductively.

"I was thinking about one more thing before going to sleep."

"Oh, really? And what might-Oh!" he cut off, feeling her hand in a very sensitive part of his male body. "I'm liking these horny hormones" he said grinning, before her lips shut him up.
The Portal Child XII: In Case We Die
I'm back, baby!!! I am a dummy! La la la la :happybounce:  I'm still on a tiny artblock, but I'll pull through soon, I hope. Anyways, I did not die or abandon any story. I was experiencing artblock, autumn blues and generally life.
I know, I know, this chapter is a little... yeah... I know. BUT! I came up with the general title for the series :D Nothing genius, I don't know why I didn't come up with it sooner =_=;
I'm working on another Q&A but I feel it's kinda shitty right now... I can't get it together, because it ties tightly with the Titans Trade series and I don't know which one to write first. I have it all in pieces ;___;

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans or other fictional characters mentioned.  I'm kind of curious about your name propositions for the kiddos XD I'm not sure someone still remembers this series tho... ;P I guess I'll find out.

Previous Part (11)
This is Part 12.
Next... in progress

I'm sure I forgot about something...
My book character Verena again.

Edit: So... *coughs* Some introduction maybe? *coughs, coughs* Well, okay...

Name: Verena de Brenton / de Nicco
Titles: Princess of Asuria Empire, Shadow Huntress Defender of Death
Race: Half-human, half-Asuri
Nationality: Asurian, but considers herself Emonitian.

Personality: Verena is very strict (mostly to herself) and stubborn. She's not a spoiled princess due to the fact she's spent most of her life in a monastery. She's an early bird and likes to read. I'm very bad at that bio thingy. She's very skilled with languages and memorizing. That's not really a personality trait but shh... She hates liars, bad manners and Asurians, especially her father and Ksandriel Lolindire. She's interested in every thing that concerns art. My brain's blank actually...

Powers: Fire Touch - an inherited trait she blames her father for. She considers it a curse. Fire Touch is a power that really has nothing to do with fire. It's an ability to decompose(?) anything to atoms (so she basically vanishes things with her touch). This ability was the initial cause of her arrival to the monastery in Freem, Emonitia. There the ability has been sealed and the seal placed itself on her forehead, indicating the power comes from the mind.
Retrocognition through dreams - she dreams of past events.
She can see shadows (demons), but blames it on her imagination.
She has yet to discover her bond with one of six elements (wind, water, earth, fire, bolt, frost), as all Asurians have. Hence she cannot transform into her animal yet.

Other information: We shall be reborn as half-twins of Asurian blood. I will be born of water and fire, and I will carry the spark of life in myself. You, though, will destroy everything you touch. We shall both be beyond the illusion of time before we begin our hunt. And once we come together the son of Peace shall put out the destructive flame with blood. (I am aware this sucks, but thanks for your concern)

I wanted to make it properly, but my brain is dying... I'll correct it someday, hopefully... I know I suck, thank you.

Character, bio, design and art belong to me. All rights are reserved.


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