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Raven and Beast stepped into the common room alongside dr. Love. Everyone looked at them with their breaths held in. Raven was fourteen weeks through now, and it was the first attempt to determine the twins' genders. So, clearly, they all wanted a confirmation on their predictions, since they all had placed their bets.

"Well?" Cyborg prompted, glancing at Raven, Beast and the doctor alternately, not sure who'll spill the news.

Doctor Love inhaled, wearing a wide smile, as always. "Fetus number one, a.k.a. the portal baby is, according to plan, a girl."

Timmy whined discontently while Melvin pumped her fist in victory. "Okay, we already knew that..." Arella stated, caressing Tim's red head gently. The boy was about to cry, but was bravely holding it in.

"Fetus number two, a.k.a. the little beastie is... " doctor Love cringed slightly, but managed to remain smiled. "... very active, but not willing to cooperate just yet."

"What does it mean?" Melvin asked. Raven sighed heavily while her husband laughed joyfully.

"It means the baby's moving a lot, but wouldn't show us its sex" Beast replied with a chuckle. Everybody groaned dissatisfied. Cyborg immediately took out a phone from his arm and called. Few seconds later he spoke.

"Yo, Flash! ... Yes, that one's a girl. The other one's being mean. ... What do you mean, what do I mean? I mean the doctor couldn't see anything! ... No, it doesn't mean it's a girl, it means the baby showed its meanie butt! ... Yeah, the bets are still on. ... No, you can't change your bet. Once you bet you don't change, man! That's the rules!"

"Bets?" doctor Love looked inquisitively at Raven.

"Bets are a big thing in the whole organization" the soon-to-be mom explained.

"We're all just a bunch of old gamblers" Beast joked, making the doctor chuckle.
Raven and Garfield were both settled for the bedtime reading. She opened her book on parenting and began reading it. From the corner of her eye she could see her husband wasn't reading as he did daily since they knew Raven's going to be pregnant.

"What'cha readin', Rae?" she heard him ask in an almost teasing tone, so she looked up at him. Her gaze met the camera's lens, and her mate's smiling face was behind it, staring into the tiny monitor. Raven glared at him with a surprised and questioning eyebrow raised, then asked.

"What are you doing?"

"I asked you first" he replied, grinning. She sent him a menacing look.

"Gar..." she drawled for better effect. To no avail.

"Rae..." he mocked her. "You answer my question, I'll answer yours. So what'cha readin' there?"

Raven rolled her eyes with a sigh and picked up the book on her lap so he (and the cam) could see the title. Siblings: How to Divide Your Love, it said. The man chuckled.

"Aww, Look at how hard mama's tryin'" he cooed, not letting the recording camera down. "Rae, why 'r ya readin' this?" he asked, lovingly caressing the right side of her head.

"It's gonna be five of them, Gar" she glared at him over the annoying device. "Two needy newborns included. I'm sure Melvin knows very well what's coming her way, but Timmy probably doesn't remember Teether being born. And Teether may suffer a very big shock wave. I want to know how to make it easier for the boys."

"You're dividing your love fine, you have the three for a while."

"Yes, but I've never prepared a child for the arrival of a new one. And we're getting a double package" she reminded him, trying to turn back to the reading. "And what is this that you're doing exactly?"

Gar chuckled. "Aw, Rae. The question's not about what I'm doing. It's about what we're doing."

Raven's face remained still. Her only reaction was blinking. "So, what are we doing exactly?"

"Making another video our kids are gonna have a blast of." He grinned at her.

She glanced at the cam reluctanly and again back at him. "Why?"

Gar sent her a significant glare. "Because it's a fun thing to do, Rae. Common, don't be a stick in da mud."

"I'm not." She pointedly picked the book up to cover her face from the camera and Garfield's view.

"Common, babe. You can read in five minutes" he spoke in a chuckle.

"No, thank you." Came her voice from behind the book. "I rather read, trying to prepare myself and learn something for the future."

Garfield chuckled, and spoke as if to their future kids. "Mama's a real big bookworm." Hearing this, his wife lowered her book just for her eyes to glare daggers at him. This only made him chuckle again. "Okay, now imagine we both died" he began, gently taking the book from her hands and putting it on his side of the bed. Raven folded her arms on her touchy chest, still killing him with her gaze only. "Don't you think they'd want to know something about us firsthand?"

"I'm sure Kori will tell them beautiful stories about us, making it more romantic and fluffy than it was in reality" she replied with an eyeroll.

"I was thinkin' 'bout Cy and Sarah being their legal guardians in case we both die" Garfield confessed. "So it's more like Cy's gonna tell 'em epic stories about us and show 'em all the kickass videos."

"Victor hasn't even gotten back together with Sarah, Gar, so you can't possibly think about them. Star and Dick are more stable."

"But Rae! Dick's gonna be the most boring dad ever! All he'd be doing is establishing rules and restrictions! Cy's so much better! And Sarah is very reasonable and loving, plus she's a teacher, she has more experience with kids. Star's gonna pamper and smother them!"

Raven cringed. "You're right... But Sarah-..."

"Isn't back with Vic, I know" he interjected, rolling his eyes. "But they're on a very good way to it."

"You know what? We still have plenty of time to think about it" Raven said diplomatically, unfolding her arms. "Right now we're both fine, I'm healthy, carrying that twin pregancy and you're being careful on missions. So now let's do whatever it is you want to do with that camera and let's get some sleep afterwards."

"Ooh! Can we record us having sex?" he looked at her, hope making his eyes glow. Raven glared daggers at him, yet again.

"No." His ears drooped. "Why would you even mention something like that in a video meant for our children?" she asked, narrowing her eyes.

"'Cause if they're gonna watch it when they're teens, they're gonna think I'm a cool man." He grinned his trademark grin at her. Raven was still glaring.

"Ew, Gar" she deadpanned. "I love you, but ew." That made him laugh.

"You're such a lady sometimes." He kissed her cheek lovingly.

"And you're bearish, as always."

He instantly turned into a bear (losing the camera somewhere in the depths of their blanket) and nuzzled into her neck, making her huff out a giggle. "Gar, you dropped the camera...!" she told him, trying to supress another fit of giggles. "You'll break the bed again..." she managed to say. The bear in her bed grunted before turning back into the green man. He brushed the tip of his nose at hers with a contented smile.

"Ya know ya love some fur in the bedsheets..." he teased her in a sultry voice.

"I do, but our kids don't have to know that" she replied. "Now pick up that camera before you set me off."

Her husband hummed intrigued. "Are the horny hormones staring to work?"

"Maybe. And if you'll be good, you just may get lucky tonight."

He purred, something she adored about him. "Me likey. Okay, let's get that video done" he said, picking the device up to his face. "I'm gonna get laid" he spoke directly to the lens, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Only if you're good, Gar. Only if you're good." Raven patted his head gently, making him purr again. Then he scooted closer to her and turned the camera around so it would embrace the view of them both. "Alright, what do you actually want with that video?"

"I dunno" he shrugged. "I figured we'd just kinda talk to them."

"About what?" He shrugged again. "Don't be like that, Gar. It's your idea, at least start a 'conversation'." She drew airquotes.

"So, how's school?" he asked. Raven nearly facepalmed.

"Good job, Gar. At least start with some epic sentence like 'if you're watching this, we're probably dead'." She rolled her eyes.

"Or we didn't have a kids-friendly movie so we turned this on, so you wouldn't burn the tower down" Gar grinned.

"Or we're really dead and uncle Vic is letting you see how much of two imbeciles we were" Raven chimed in.

"Rae, stop entertaining those dark clouds by being pessimistic" he said, looking at her, but not putting the camera down.

"I'm pregnant by my own father, I can't help it." Raven shrugged.

"Hey! You're pregant by me, too" he reminded her before grinning widely to the camera and showing off his fangs.

"I still have no idea how we pulled that off..." she confessed, staring into the open space before her.

"Me neither" Gar admitted. "But don't think I'm gonna favor my kid. I'll love the portal, too." He smooched at the camera, making his wife smile. "Love ya, kiddo!"

"We have to think on names, I hate calling her 'the portal'." Raven drew airquotes, cringing slightly. "It's so impersonal."

"I know, I hate it too. What will ya say to Daenerys?" Raven merely glared at him. "Margaery? Arya? Sansa?"

"If anything, I'd pick Melissandre, Gar."

"Aaah!" he nodded. "For-..."

"... The night is dark and full of terrors" they cited simultaneously.

"But we're not naming her after a character from Game of Thrones" Raven stated definitely.

"Aww, Rae!" he whined. "Just think of it!"

"Nope" she shook her head.

"But Dany!"


"But you love Dany!"

"I also loved Bellatrix Lestrange, Severus Snape, Mephisto, Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle..."

"Ooh!" Gar looked at her with eyes huge and full of hope.

"Gar..." she drawled warningly.

"Oh, common! How cute would it be to call her out!" He put his palm to his face to perform the calling act. "Twilie, dinner!"

"Gar, we are not naming our kids after fictional characters!" Raven stated firmly.

"But Raeeee!!!" he whined.

"Gar, leave it." Raven folded her arms on her chest and cringed slightly. Stupid breasts.

"Just think! If it's both girls, we could name them Twilight and Luna!"

"Garfield." Raven's firm tone and gaze made him roll his eyes and give up.

"Fine!" he sighed out, before looking directly at the camera lens and mouthing 'we are so naming you Twilight'. Raven just shook her head disapprovingly, staring into the cam. Noticing it, Garfield cleared his throat and spoke.

"So! Today we confirmed that... uuh... Not-Twilie is a girl!"

"Yay" Raven deadpanned. "But we already knew that."

"Yep." Gar nodded and popped the P.

"Because I was told, by the occasion of my miscarriage, caused by Trigon himself, that girls are better portals."

"The other baby remains a mystery" Gar wiggled his eyebrows.

"Until next time we try." Raven shrugged, while her husband turned to look at her.

"Hey." She looked at him. "D'you wanna boy or another girl?" His wife shrugged again.

"I really don't care, I just want them both to be healthy and not demonic."

Gar chuckled. "Aww, common, Rae. Mine's got 98.06% of my genes, there's no place for the demon mode here. If anything, it's gonna be green..." Suddenly his eyes widened and ears dopped down. "Oh god, Rae..." he said terrified. "What if it's gonna be green?"

"That doesn't matter, Gar, we're still going to love it, it's our child" she stated plainly.

"Yeah, but the green...!"

Raven reached out with her hand and caressed his hair gently. "Stop worrying, Gar. Your child will be fine. If it's going to be green, it will only make the two of you closer. Plus, I love the green." Garfield smiled sadly at her, evidently not convinced. Raven sighed, retracting her hand. "And I'm sure there's still a gene with normal looks somewhere in your DNA." Gar's ears perked up shyly.

"You think so? I've been genetically modified. For all we know, you could be giving birth to a minotaur or a centaurus..."

Raven huffed with a smile. "Don't be silly, Gar, both of them are developing normally, you saw it, and doctor Love confirmed it. And who knows, maybe your kid will also inherit your fool's luck" she added with a teasing smirk. This made him lighten up with an honest laughter.

"Oh, god, mama, I hope you're right..." he finished, wiping the corners of his eyes from tears.

"Me too. And I hope that Trigon's child won't inherit all the worst parts of his DNA." Garfield scoffed and waved his hand dissmissively at her, making Raven frown. "She only matches 86.6% of mine, Gar. 13% is plenty. And I'd like to remind you, I'm not exactly an angel either, I have some bad traits, too."

"Like being pessimistic?" he asked, his eyebrows raised significantly. Raven folded her arms again with a frown, but remained silent. "You know you actually have some influence on your kids, right?"

"What if she inherits all the worst parts of me and is essentially evil?"

"Rae, stop worrying. She'll be a little angel, you'll see." He patted her head lovingly, with a gentle smile on his lips. Raven sighed.

"I wish..."

He looked at the camera again. "So, as you can see, we're both worried about somethings." He summed up.

"Please don't be evil..." Raven said pathetically.

"Don't beat yourself up, mama. Let's tell them something about the pregnancy."

"Like what?" she looked at him.

"I dunno, an interesting fact."

Raven wondered, her eyes travelling all over the place in the process. Then after a few seconds, she looked back to the cam's lens. "How about, one of you has already been in my uterus?"

Garfield frowned. "Wait, what?" He looked at his wife for explanation. Raven sighed.

"I'm an empath, right?"

"Right." He nodded.

"And I feel other people's energy." He nodded again. "The energy being essentially a person's soul..." Gar cut her off before she could elaborate.

"Wait, you're telling me you felt the moment a soul was entering what we now call a fetus?" he asked incredulously, his ears perked up. Raven wondered.

"I don't know about the moment of entering, I just woke up one day and felt I'm not alone" she shrugged.

Gar was watching her closely, with that incredulous look on his face before blurting out. "Well, you should call the pope! Call the government! Tell the world, people have to know!"

She rolled her eyes. "You're overreacting, Gar." He seemed to ignore her comment.

"And you're saying you're feeling the exact same energy?" She nodded.

"Didn't I tell you that?" she asked truly surprised. Her husband shook his head vigorously.

"But tell me, did you feel that soul before or after we had sex that time?"

"Gar, before the male gametes, Trigon's and yours, even made it to mine, they traveled for a few days. I'm not sure which one's which, even if I kept track then, it's impossible to tell."

"But either way, there's a soul that's kind of bound to you? To be your kid?"

Raven shrugged. "I don't know, maybe."

Gar grinned. "That's one stubborn little soul, isn't it?" He glanced at her swolen stomach and gently rubbed it. "Welcome back to the five star inn 'Under the Loving Heart', we're pleased to have ya back." Raven smiled gently, but rolled her eyes anyways. The man continued. "Remember the buffet is open twenty four seven, but the lulling in your room only lasts till mama's bedtime. Playtime also lasts twenty four seven, although you sleep during the day. In few weeks you're gonna feel you've gotta roommate so please remain civil with one another. Enjoy your stay." He finished by kissing his wife firstly on the cheek, then on the lips.

"You're so cheesy, Gar" she whispered.

"And you love it" he rubbed her nose with his.

"Did you read a book on pregnancy?" she asked him with a smirk.

"Oh, yeah!" he reached into his nightstand and took out a book, showing it to her. What to Expect When Your Woman Is Expecting. He then showed it to the camera. "Finished it last week. It explains all the hormonal things, shows the whole pregnancy calendar with all the stages of the fetus and what changes for the mom, shares some tips for the dad etcetera, etcetera. It's all here. And look, we're living in times so modern, that the title is about 'your woman', not 'your wife'. It almost sounds like 'your female'." He chuckled.

"And which one are you reading at the moment?" Raven asked, making him put that book down and reach to the nightstand again for his current reading material. He handed the book to her.

"'First things first'" she read the title with a frown. "What is it about?"

"Things you need to prepare and establish before the child is born" he stressed. "There are two categories. One is all the things that are necessary to welcome the newborn into the world. Things like picking the doctor, the hospital, decide on the form of birth, collecting all the baby furniture and cosmetics, preparing the hospital bag, all that stuff. And then the second category is all the things legal and stuff, like choosing legal guardians in case of your death, 'cause later you're so busy with the care taking you don't have the time to think about them."

"I love it when you're responsible" she confessed, glancing at him from above the book.

"I know." He grinned. "Let's tell them something more 'bout the pregnancy."

Raven frowned. "Like what, symptoms?" Seeing him shrug and nod, she began recalling with a hum. "Hm... let's see. First symptoms... I think it was sleepiness."

"Yeah, you slept a lot" he chimed in.

"Then I had enhanced smell and nausea..."

"For the first time your mama didn't want a waffle. That never happened before" Gar interjected. "Hey, what about the breasts?"

"No, I don't count that, they always hurt before period."

"But they still hurt, right?"

Raven looked him in the eyes. "Yes, now they're a symptom." She stressed annoyed, making him snicker like a hiena. Raven tried her best to ignore him. "I also have migraines more often. Of course there were moods swings and cravings..."

"And still are..." Garfield chimed in innocently, making his wife glare daggers at him.

"I also still have nausea to some extent" she reminded him.

"Yeah, but at least you've gotten some appetite." Then he turned to look directly at the camera. "First weeks yo mama was puking so much she lost weight. We were all panicking."

"It turned out to be normal for a twin pregnancy" Raven stated with an eyeroll. Gar nodded. "Two babies equals double dose of hormones."

"Yah. And now you guys are getting bigger and push on mama's bladder..."

Raven groaned. "Thanks for reminding me, I've been holding in all this time" she said, throwing the blanket away and trying to get up. Meanwhile Gar turned the camera fully on her and commented.

"Look at that preggy belly!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fat, I know" she complained while wobbling slightly to the door. "I feel like a beach ball..."

Gar chuckled. "Ya gassy, mama?" Raven merely groaned, walking out of the room. Garfield turned the camera at his face. "Believe it or not, but a lotta gas is one of possible pregnancy symptoms. Just like frequent hiccups and burping. First weeks Rae was a lil' gassy and burpy. I guess it's somehow connected to the nausea. But your mama's a lady, so she was very uncomfortable with all the noises and smells her body was making." Gar chuckled, only to become serious again. "And constipations. God, the constipations!" Here he rubbed his face as if he was tired. "Poor Rae..." He fell silent for a few seconds, before looking away to wonder. "What else? ... Ah, yeah. Mama's veins are more visible 'cause of the blood pressure getting higher. And the veins are everywhere. I mean it. Boobies, belly, arms, legs... It's like she's covered in a blue net or something. Maybe because mama's skin is so pale, but yeah. Uh... Also her nipples are darker, I still don't get why, but it's normal. At least that's what doctors say in every book and on every site... And yeah, the belly's pretty visible." He chuckled. "I'm hoping to feel some of your kicks soon. But Rae's not very pleased about the thought, 'cause you're gonna kick her ribs and insides..."

The door opened and Raven wobbled in.

"What about insides?" she asked, walking to their bed.

"I was telling them some more of pregnancy symptoms you had and that I'm hoping for their kicks, but you're not as excited." He explained while she was settling in the bed.

"Oh, no, I'm very excited" she told him. Gar's eyebrows shot up. "Don't look at me like that. I just can't wait for those tiny feet to make me breathless by kicking into my diaphragm, or making me more nauseaous than I already am by kicking into my stomach. Or..."

"Babe" he cut her off. "If you're not excited about it, just be honest." Raven sighed heavily before looking into the camera.

"Okay, so I'm not really excited about you two kicking the hell of me. I will probably curse you out." Gar snickered. "But if you stop kicking or moving about, I'm also going to panic, so kick all you want. I'll manage."

"Aww, Rae" he leaned her in, to kiss her forehead. "You're gonna be worried?"

"Of course I'm going to be, Gar, don't ask stupid questions" she said while making herself comfortable on the bed. Once she was set, she caught her husband's eyes glued to her with a warm gaze. Raven smiled one of her Mona Lisa smiles and blushed slightly. "What?"

"Nothing." He shrugged. "I just love you. And love looking at ya."

Raven's smile immediately widened into grin. "I love you, too". They leaned into each other to share a short, chaste kiss then they just looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds, both smiling slightly.

"So" Raven whispered. "Are we good for today?" She asked, motioning to the camera with her head.

"Yeah, let's get some sleep" he said kissing her nose before turning the camera off. He put it down on his nightstand and turned off the light. He was surprised to hear his wife giggle seductively.

"I was thinking about one more thing before going to sleep."

"Oh, really? And what might-Oh!" he cut off, feeling her hand in a very sensitive part of his male body. "I'm liking these horny hormones" he said grinning, before her lips shut him up.
The Portal Child XII: In Case We Die
I'm back, baby!!! I am a dummy! La la la la :happybounce:  I'm still on a tiny artblock, but I'll pull through soon, I hope. Anyways, I did not die or abandon any story. I was experiencing artblock, autumn blues and generally life.
I know, I know, this chapter is a little... yeah... I know. BUT! I came up with the general title for the series :D Nothing genius, I don't know why I didn't come up with it sooner =_=;
I'm working on another Q&A but I feel it's kinda shitty right now... I can't get it together, because it ties tightly with the Titans Trade series and I don't know which one to write first. I have it all in pieces ;___;

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans or other fictional characters mentioned.  I'm kind of curious about your name propositions for the kiddos XD I'm not sure someone still remembers this series tho... ;P I guess I'll find out.

Previous Part (11)
This is Part 12.
Next... in progress

I'm sure I forgot about something...
My book character Verena again.

Edit: So... *coughs* Some introduction maybe? *coughs, coughs* Well, okay...

Name: Verena de Brenton / de Nicco
Titles: Princess of Asuria Empire, Shadow Huntress Defender of Death
Race: Half-human, half-Asuri
Nationality: Asurian, but considers herself Emonitian.

Personality: Verena is very strict (mostly to herself) and stubborn. She's not a spoiled princess due to the fact she's spent most of her life in a monastery. She's an early bird and likes to read. I'm very bad at that bio thingy. She's very skilled with languages and memorizing. That's not really a personality trait but shh... She hates liars, bad manners and Asurians, especially her father and Ksandriel Lolindire. She's interested in every thing that concerns art. My brain's blank actually...

Powers: Fire Touch - an inherited trait she blames her father for. She considers it a curse. Fire Touch is a power that really has nothing to do with fire. It's an ability to decompose(?) anything to atoms (so she basically vanishes things with her touch). This ability was the initial cause of her arrival to the monastery in Freem, Emonitia. There the ability has been sealed and the seal placed itself on her forehead, indicating the power comes from the mind.
Retrocognition through dreams - she dreams of past events.
She can see shadows (demons), but blames it on her imagination.
She has yet to discover her bond with one of six elements (wind, water, earth, fire, bolt, frost), as all Asurians have. Hence she cannot transform into her animal yet.

Other information: We shall be reborn as half-twins of Asurian blood. I will be born of water and fire, and I will carry the spark of life in myself. You, though, will destroy everything you touch. We shall both be beyond the illusion of time before we begin our hunt. And once we come together the son of Peace shall put out the destructive flame with blood. (I am aware this sucks, but thanks for your concern)

I wanted to make it properly, but my brain is dying... I'll correct it someday, hopefully... I know I suck, thank you.

Character, bio, design and art belong to me. All rights are reserved.
Verena is a character from my book. It was my first time drawing with colored pencils only. And one of rare times I drew an animal XD Don't kill me if it's bad ;P

Art, design and character belong to me.

It scares me like shit that I'm submitting this... Cry forever 
She's a genie of the diamond mirror, or at least my first (old) design of her.

Art and design belongs to me.


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