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The next day, in the evening, a knocking on Raven's door resounded, pulling her out of the meditation. She sensed anxiousness and curiosity from the person.


"Raven, do you have a minute?" came Aqualad's seemingly calm voice. She noticed he was much better in hiding his nervousness than Beast Boy. Aqualad was better in hiding his emotions in general, he wasn't as expressive as Gar, making him hard to read at times. Sometimes to the point of making Raven feel slightly frustrated with him. But for now, his nerves must've been too much to handle for him. She knew the talk was to be expected, but that didn't mean she felt ready for it. On the other hand, she may never be ready. With a heavy sigh she spoke.

"Come in."

The door opened and closed behind the handsome Titan. Raven watched him from her lotus position on the bed. His eyebrows were knitted together as if he was in deep thought.

"I suppose you wanted to talk about Beast Boy?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. Aqualad nodded.

"Yes. But if you don't want to I can come back later..." this again, he was always careful about getting her out of her comfort zone. So absolutely not like Beast Boy. He cut off, seeing her shake her head.

"That's fine, we can talk now" Raven lied skillfully. Next she patted the space beside her, inviting Aqualad to sit down. After he did, they both gathered their thoughts in uncomfortable silence. She wondered if she should begin or would he rather asking specifics? It would be easier for her, providing that he wouldn't ask too personal questions. Then again, the whole thing was personal...

"Why didn't you tell me it was him who comforted you after Malchior?"

Ah, questions then. That's fine. Raven shrugged her shoulders.
"I didn't think it was a significant information."

"Why not? It speaks volumes about your relationship with him." That caught her attention, making her look up and into his dark eyes.

"What volumes? What relationship?" she asked with a scoff. "It was a long time ago and he didn't respect the space I needed like others did."

"You didn't need the space if his action actually helped you." It didn't exactly sound like an accusation, but it certainly felt this way. It left her speechless. Aqualad continued. "Maybe he just wanted to make you feel better, no matter if you thought you needed it or not. And because it was a long time ago, it shows just for how long he's been harbouring feelings for you."

"He's not harbouring any feelings for me" she denied a little too quickly. "He's just teasing me, being the jokester he is. He doesn't mean it."

Aqualad rolled his eyes. "Who are you trying to kid, Raven? His feelings are obvious, why are you denying it?"

She lowered her gaze to her palms again, her leg bouncing nervously.

"Raven, if you love him, just tell me."

Her head raised definitely too quickly. Something snapped in her neck and it hurt like hell, but she didn't let him see anything was different.
"I don't love him" she lied in a firm tone. "But I can't do anything about his so called feelings towards me."

Aqualad hummed in agreement. "And what did he mean by 'embracing his inner beast'?"

Raven massaged her temple, trying to think of an answer. She finally sighed, giving up. "I really don't know. We had that fight with a villain once, Beast Boy fought him, fell into some chemicals and they both transformed into..."

"The beasts?" Aqualad prompted.

"I'm not sure how to call that. It was kind of like a werewolf or something of the sorts."

"Okay?" he drawled, not sure if he was intrigued or scared. And it was hard to determine Raven's opinion on the beast.

"Either way, Beast Boy and I had a fight that night, but I suppose that was because of the chemicals and he was really edgy then, as if some freaking alpha male instinct was trigered in him, then Adonis attacked the tower, and I bumped into him, and Beast Boy..."

She was talking so fast now, he barely understood all the words. He got lost quickly. "Wait, Adonis?"

"That villain who hit on me in the earlier fight..." Raven explained, disregarding it with a wave of her hand. Aqualad's eyes though, opened wide.

"He hit on you?"

"Did I forget to mention that?" she furrowed her brow, truly perplexed.

"And after that Beast Boy acted and attacked the guy?" he asked, already seeing huge potential in the action.

"Possible, but I can't remember. Why?"

He debated the idea of telling her, but decided against it. He'd talk to the higher instance later. He knew if he mentioned his theory to her now, she'd get mad at him. And that was something he did not want.

"No reason." By the look on her face he knew she sensed the lie, but didn't call him out on it. Or rather he asked a question, successfully turning her attention to the memories again, to prevent her from doing so. "You were saying the villain attacked?"

"Yes, and I got injured badly, but before Adonis could end me Beast Boy stepped in, in that same werewolf-like form, I guess he wasn't even conscious then..." That speed talking again. And to match her emotions, a book lying on her nightstand opened and leafed through, as if to portray the rush of her speech. They glanced at the book simultaneously, but quickly chose to ignore it coming back to their lively conversation.

"So he saved you subconsciously, even though you guys had a fight just few hours earlier?" Aqualad gave her a significant look, having a feeling she already had some idea about his theory on Beast boy's feelings for her. Raven merely rolled her eyes at him as if to say 'here you go again'.

"That doesn't prove anything" she told him.

"Oh, I think it does."


"Raven!" he mocked, then continued. "Why do you insist so much on ignoring the guy?"

"Because; I don't need an immature man."

Aqualad's eyes bore into her soul. Or maybe to her head? Her brain began to hurt.

"Do you really think about him like that?" Aqualad asked.

"Why would I lie, Garth?" Raven askd rolling her eyes.

"No, I mean, do you actually think he's that immature?"

Raven frowned slightly and pondered on the question. Why does he even ask that? Of course Beast Boy is immature. Why would Aqualad think he may not be? Besides, it didn't seem as important as Aqualad portrayed it.

"Why are you asking?" she asked him, still frowning.

"Because I think you underestimate him, Raven."

"That's something a Bae fan would say" she noted. That sole fact made her nervous. Did he want to break things off?

Aqualad chucked lowly. "I like you a lot, Raven" he began, putting his hand on her palm and intertwining their fingers together. "I may even risk saying I'm falling for you. But I'm willing to step aside, if you have the chance to be happier with someone else."

Translation, I don't like you that much to fight for you, Raven's thoughts hit her like a truck. All the romantic novels lie.

"At least for now I feel like I could give you away without killing someone" he continued. "Because if we're doing this for real, I'm probably going to fall real hard." His nervous chuckle made her mind relax a little, because that meant he was just scared of getting hurt. Maybe he's just cautious and reasonable.

"I understand" she told him, squeezing his hand gently.

"This being said, I want to ask you one more thing." The wave of seriousness, nervousness and anxiety washed over her, and she did not know what to expect. The emotions kept the air in her lungs, making her feel like she's about to suffocate. "Do you have any sort of feelings towards Beast Boy?"

And what now, tell him the truth? He'll step aside. And Beast Boy isn't any match for me. Never was, never will be. The opposites attract is a myth. If you have only half of an orange and you're searching a match for it, you're not going to match it with a half of an apple, right?

Then another voice in her head spoke: No, but a glove can fit the hand...

Raven chewed her lower lip unconsciously, with her brow furrowed and staring into Aqualad's eyes as intensely as he was watching her. Finally she batted her lashes and regained her straight face.

"Of course I have feelings for him." Oh, Azar, the hurt in his eyes... Raven felt his grip on her palm losen. She squeezed his hand once more and reached out her other hand to put it on his handsome face in order to make him look at her again. "But it doesn't go beyond friendship."

Liar! Raven did her best to ignore that self-accusation.

The spark in his dark eyes lit up again.
"Are you sure?" Raven nodded. "Then why does he know you so well? How come he feels so strongly for you? How did that happen? You two have to be close, am I right? Meanwhile I hear from Cyborg that you guys have a weird relationship, and once you hate each other, then another day everything's fine. And on the Q&A videos I see you guys flirt. Can you please explain it to me?"

Wow, that was one hell of a jealousy wave from his aura. Although there was no indication of accusation in his tone, she sensed he was confused, angry and felt helpless. Raven didn't blame him, it really did not look well from his point of view. And knowing Aqualad (as much as she could say she actually knew him), he was probably just trying to find out his position, checking the ground he was standing on. But it made her uncomfortable still. Despite that, she knew he deserved some explanation.
Being the nervous wreck that she was, she swallowed the ever growing lump in her throat and pushed the hair behind her ear.

"Well, it is kind of complicated" she admitted. "We started off as just two kids bickering. We fought almost everyday, couldn't agree on anything. He annoyed me to no end. Then some events brought us closer, then we began growing up. We talked, shared a few things with one another, exchanged points of view..."

"And he fell for you" Aqualad stated.

"Apparently, yes" she shrugged, watching his reactions intensely and keeping track of his emotions.

"But you didn't fall for him?" he raised an eyebrow.

"I thought that our relationship was improving, that's all. I don't find him suitable."

"Why not?"

Yeah, why not?

Raven groaned with an eyeroll and began to count on her fingers. "Because he's messy, crude, crass, a slob, doesn't respect my boundaries."

Also the conversations with him can be both challenging and interesting, because he has a different point of view. He makes en effort to know you better, he's concerned about your well-being and he takes interest in your hobbies even if they may put him off a little. He makes you open up, smile and laugh. He compliments you a lot and makes you feel good about yourself. He generally makes you giddy and happier just thinking about him. Oh, don't forget you not only dream about him at night, but daydream also. And...

Oh, just shut up! "Next, he's irresponsible and reckless. Doesn't share my interests, doesn't understand me..."

"Well, yesterday he said something different" Aqualad noted.

"He says many things." She may have said it a little too harshly. It left them both sitting in an uncomfortable silence. She chewed on the inside of her cheek nervously, but stopped immediately once she felt his thumb rub against her palm gently.

"So you're saying I seem more suitable than Beast Boy?" Uncertainity, hope, desire, that's what she sensed from him. He seemed so insecure.

Raven smiled that Mona Lisa smile and spoke to him gently. "Well, I'm here, trying my first real romantic relationship ever with you, not with him."

Aqualad felt his brain turn into a mush under her gaze. The indigo of her irises was magical and made him think of one and only thing, to make her his. He nodded his head. He still thought of Beast Boy as a potential rival in the competition to her heart. But maybe they had equal chances. He wasn't naive enough to believe her, he saw what was going on. But he wanted her and he'd try to get her.

Hope, insecurity, desire, attraction, infatuation. Those are the things his aura was full of. He stared at her with such intensity she felt her lids just want to close, so instead she batted her lashes. And he found it adorable when she did that. He reached his arm and pushed the lock of her hair back behind her ear. His hand tangled somewhere in her black hair, he leaned to her slightly. Raven prepared herself mentally for the incoming kiss... but instead heard him ask.
"Can I kiss you?"

Raven opened her eyes wider and sighed at her own stupidity. "Garth, I know what I said about warning me before you do anything to me, but it's another time in a row, it ruins all the mood and..."

The real kiss, which she did not see coming, cut her off. Just as the few other times, his lips were soft and smooth. He tasted fresh, like mint and lemon. His left hand remained tangled in her hair while the other rested on her waist. He wasn't forceful, seemed rather subtle. He gently deepened the kiss with his tongue. She felt the blood rush to her face with the speed of light. Also, she had no idea what to do with her hands. Should she put them behind his neck, or should she cup his face? Maybe just stay on his chest, like now? But that seemed so awkward, how do people kiss on those movies? Why hasn't she payed attention to the positions? Was her breath okay? Did she open her mouth wide enough? Or maybe too widely? How exactly should she move her tongue? Were those questions to haunt her by the occassion of every single kiss from now on?

Aqualad broke the kiss, his lips still brushing hers as he whispered in a husky voice. "I told you."

"Told me what?" she whispered back, her head light and heavy at the same time.

"That questions ruin the mood." He kissed her again.

A warm wave of delight and happiness mixed with arousal rushed through her mind. That meant he must've felt content, right? Maybe she could focus on his emotions and feed on them just a little? Not that the kiss wasn't pleasant for her, it was just that so many thoughts were assaulting her mind now and she couldn't focus on the pleasure of it. She mentally reached out to his aura. The book on her nightstand flipped through the pages again and closed loudly, making her flinch and let out a soft and quiet sound that she sensed, Aqualad just loved. He didn't let her move away, instead sliding his hand up her spine and efficiently pulling her closer. Her soft breasts smashed into his chest and he couldn't stifle a small, guttural moan. Raven shyly pushed her one arm up his chest, through his collar bone and to his nape. There she pulled a single strand of his long hair and began unconsciously twirling it on her index finger, sending pleasant goosebumps all over his body. In response he drew little circles on her back, making her press her chest to his even more.
Dizziness and butterflies, that's what the kiss was doing to her. And heat. Dear Azar, was it suddenly extremely hot in the room. Raven felt her whole body was going limp and the more it did, the more she was leaning into him. She felt safe and taken care of in Aqualad's arms. He was warm and gentle, and he successfully avoided strong squashing of her tiny body and gripping any parts of her. She was glad he focused mainly on her back, waist and hair. He occassionally rubbed her cheek with his thumb, which felt nice. Raven felt kind of proud of herself, because making out was such a proximity with another person, and still all that happened was a book closing itself. And there were so many feelings and sensations coursing through her mind and body. There was warmth, pleasure, arousal... Yes, she couldn't deny she was aroused. She was making out with Aqualad for crying out loud! She even found she had the urge to moan a few times, but stifled it into a sigh only because she felt it would be awkward to moan from just a kiss. Also, she was excited to the point of actually considering asking Aqualad to touch her in some less appropriate places, but decided against it. She didn't want to overdo it with new things. And then there were his emotions. It was all so warm and thick it made her dizzy and she thought she might pass out from all the sensations.
So far, so good. The only thing that her powers moved was the book...

A loud thud made her jump away from Aqualad with a surprised gasp. The said book found its way from the night stand straight under the opposite wall. Azar damn it, it took just one random thought about a book and her powers act on it. Good thing nothing exploded, that would be a real reason to be ashamed.
Raven felt Aqualad's fingers push her black hair behind her ear. It was something he did often, she noticed, and the action always made her look into his dark eyes.
"You okay?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just got overly excited..."

"Mm, you're saying?" he send her a significant look. She merely glanced downwards and saw his pants struggling to keep it together. She instantly turned her head away, embarrassed to no end and even redder on the face than merely seconds ago. Her reaction made him chuckle. "You're so cute when you're flustered."

"Careful with that, I can send you to hell in no time."

Aqualad smirked. "Did anyone ever tell you you're adorable when you make such threats?"

Yes. "No. Why would threats be adorable?"

"Because they come out of the tiny girl like you."

"I know I'm short, no reason to rub it in" she said sarcastically making him laugh out loud.

"There's nothing wrong with being short. In fact tall women can be intimidating."

She instantly looked back at him. "That's interesting. Why?"

"'Cause they seem like they can take care of themselves. Short women seem to need the man's care. And we like to feel needed."

Raven pondered. Was she in fact needy? Did she want a protector? She could take care of herself, right?

"Well" Aqualad's voice pulled her out of her musings. From the corner of her eye she noted his pants fortunately came back to their previous shape. "I should get going. It's kinda late." Raven glanced at the clock on the wall. It was indeed past bedtime. When did the time fly, and why so fast? Make out sessions surely shorten the day efficiently.

"Alright, see you tomorrow then" she said meekly. He gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and twirled a strand of her hair once before walking away with a soft 'good night'.

Raven's heart fluttered like a caged humming bird.
Once Aqualad stepped into his room, he called Robin. Raven was a bad liar, at least as far as it was about her feelings. She may have been good at keeping her face straight, but her eyes always betrayed her. And as much as Garth wanted to believe her, he just had a feeling Raven was merely trying to convince herself she couldn't be with Beast Boy. Either way, he may end up heartbroken.

The signal stopped, and Aqualad finally saw the face he wanted to see.

"Aqualad, is there an emergency?"

The Atlantean smirked at the boy's antics. "No, Robin. I'm calling to ask you a favor."

"What favor?" Robin repeated baffled. "Sure, how can I help?" His tone and body visibly relaxed.

"Could you send me full reports on the night when Beast Boy and that villain turned into the beasts?"

Robin frowned. "I see you talked to Raven." Aqualad merely nodded his eyes as serious as Robin's under his mask. "I heard how your challenge with Beast Boy went. He was pretty upset."

"So was Raven. Listen, about the reports..."

"They're not gonna help you" Robin's statement cut him off. Aqualad frowned.

"Why not?"

"We all already read them a thousand times to search out any clue about their feelings toward one another" Robin explained calmly. "Starfire even made it a habit of re-reading them weekly. But it's pointless, Beast Boy omitted anything related to emotional sphere, something unlike him. And Raven was oblivious at the time, so there's nothing there."

Garth felt his teeth greet and his fist clench. "Even if that's true, I'd like to read them still."

Robin nodded with understanding. "I thought so. I'll send them to you right away." His movements showed he was in the process to fulfill his words.

"Can you think of any other reports that might be helpful?"

Robin shook his head. "Right now I'm blank. I'll ask Star and if she thinks of any, I'll be sure to send them to you."

"I'd appreciate it."

"Why do you want them anyways?"

Robin's question echoed in Garth's head. Why do you want them anyways? To find out she lied to you and you're just a tool to make her forget him? Why do you need them, to break your heart sooner?

"I want to find the information Raven isn't telling me" he finally said, ignoring the vile, ringing voice in his head. "I want to know how close they are, to know what are my chances for real."

"What if you actually find something that's not in your favor?"

Aqualad sighed. "I don't know."

Robin stared at him for a long, silent moment before speaking with concern. "Remember Raven's more sensitive than she lets on. I know there's a lot of risk for you too, but..." he sighed heavily. "Please don't break her."

Her?! What about you?! The girl's most probably using you and he's got the guts to ask you not to break her?! You should smash her! Stomp on her heart before she does it to yours! Do her, then leave her, change like a dirty cloth!

But she really
is fragile... And I don't want her to hurt. I want her to be happy.

Aqualad swallowed the lump in his throat along with the terrible thoughts. "I'll keep it in mind."

Robin looked at him worried. "Look, I know Raven can be difficult. She's new to all that relationship stuff."

Aqualad smirked. "Look who's talking, you were new to this yourself, not too long ago." Seeing Robin's throbing vein Garth's smirk turned into a grin.

"What I meant was, it may be tough to be with her. And I don't want neither of you to be hurt, so..."

Now the Atlantean scoffed amused. "Are you mothering me?" Robin's mask widened, showing he was shocked. His cheeks stained red. "On Poseidon's trident, you really are the mother hen of all Titans, aren't you?"

"Okay, I'm done listening to Starfire from now on" Robin muttered flustered. He began pretending Starfire's voice ineptly. "'Be more outgoing. Show your friends you care about them.'" He scoffed. "What a bull."

Aqualad laughed sincerely. "Girls make us so soft, am I right?"

"They're at the advantage! They have eyes and boobs and you can't negotiate with those!" Robin complained.

"Yeah, especially when those eyes bat their lashes at you and the boobs are all out because of the cleavage, and then they blush...!"

Robin groaned. "Don't even start! It's disarming!"

"I know!"

They both sighed simultaneously. Robin then glanced back up at Aqualad.

"So you're saying Raven batted her lashes at you?"

"I'm not sure if she does that on purpose, but yes. Yes, she have. And I'm telling you, her lashes are so long she could braid them."

Robin chuckled at that. "I know, it's insane." A knocking to Robin's door resounded. "Gotta go, someone's at my door. I promise I'll look into what you asked for."

Aqualad nodded. "Thanks."

"Anytime" Robin answered with a friendly grin and hung up.
After hanging up, Robin cleared his throat and said a loud 'enter'. Beast Boy walked in, visibly tired. It seemed like he hadn't slept well. Or hadn't slept at all. Who knew? The green Titan sat on the chair in front of Robin's desk, propped his elbows on the said desk and put his face in his hands, slightly rubbing it tiredly. He groaned.

"Rough day?" Robin asked, watching his friend cautiously. Beast Boy confirmed with a hum before letting his forearms fall down on the desk. "I saw a girl escape your room in the morning" the team leader mentioned casually. "She was quite nice looking." He decided not to mention the fact the girl looked terribly similar to Raven. Pretty short, dark hair, blue eyes, decent chest and wide hips divided by thin waist. Although she had nothing to do with the killer legs Raven had. Beast Boy merely offered another tired groan. Robin decided not to push him too far. "Anything interesting you got for me?"

"Yeah, uh..." the green one stopped to gather some smart words. The hangover was still clutching his head. "I'm pretty sure we can rule out sex addiction."

"How sure?" Robin questioned.

"Ninety nine percent sure. He's avoiding girls, rathed focuses on getting one for me. It's like he's moping about that girl who dumped him."

"So you're thinking it's more alcohol and drugs?"

Beast Boy nodded, rubbing his face again. "At least soft drugs. I caught him smoking pot yesterday. But I get the feeling it goes worse than that."

"Hard drugs?" Robin wondered. "I wouldn't be surprised."

"Yeah. I'll still keep an eye on all his actions, but I'm telling you, he's not looking for sex. If anything, he keeps searching out Asian girls in the clubs and pubs and if he's drunk enough he compares them to his ex. So I figured Jade the Heartbreaker is Asian. That's all I've got for now." Robin nodded.

"I wouldn't be too quick to judge which addiction he has, he's only here for a week or so. And I've read this." Robin opened one of the drawers in the desk and took out a book, handing it to his teammate.

Beast Boy took it and looked at it closely. It wasn't very thick, but wasn't thin either. There were colorful markings in between the pages, Robin's courtesy, he guessed. The title said Help me, a guide book on addictions. The green Titan raised a doubtfull eyebrow at the leader.

"I studied it fort he whole past week, it's pretty handy in our situation. Even though it's just a fraction of the whole problem" Robin was saying as Beast Boy glanced throught the table of contents. Introduction: What is an Addiction; Helping an Addict: How to Start and When to Give Up; Children and Addictions: Prevention and Intervention; Alcohol Addiction; Drugs Addiction; Sex Addiction; Diet Addictions; Computer and Internet Addictions...

"Only after reading it I figured out I'm addicted to coffee, adrenaline and probably beginning to develop a sex addiction..."

Robin's confession made Beast Boy look up from the book again. "Dude, you know those books are meant to make you think you've got a problem, right? Starting with the 'you can get addicted to anything', you'd think all people are addicted to water."

Robin scoffed and chucked sadly, shaking his head. "It's not like that, Beast Boy."

The green Titan rolled his eyes. "You're dating Star. Anyone would get addicted. If you don't hurt or force her to anything, you're fine." He layed the book on the desk between them. "And I'm developing a sex addiction" he countered at the end.

Robin smirked. "Getting laid for a week and you think you're addicted?"

"I'm not just saying it to make you feel better, Boy Blunder. I mean it." Robin's face became serious. He motioned to the book.

"Then you should study the chapter on sex addiction. Maybe then you'll be able to rule it out from the list. Also I'd like you to read the other chapters I marked." Beast Boy took the book on his lap with a loud sigh of discontent. "Shouldn't take you too long. I want you to be prepared essentially, so you know what you're looking for in Speedy's behavior."

Beast Boy nodded. "I get it."

"I'll also have a silent meeting with Cyborg and Starfire to make sure they know how to watch him too." Beast Boy nodded again.

"Wouldn't it be easier to just test his blood?" Beast Boy asked in a complaining tone.

"I discussed it with Cyborg, but for now it's not a chance." Hearing this the green Titan groaned again. Robin smirked. "Don't tell me you're complaining about getting laid."

"It's a bittersweet bonus, dude, I told you" Gar said with a glare. Robin chuckled.

"Fine, fine, if you say so" He said with his arms up in a mock surrender. Beast Boy didn't seem to be in the mood for laughing. They both were silent for a short while until the green Titan spoke.

"If that's all, I'll go head to bed..." He began to stand up, but Robin stopped him.

"Wait, I'd like to speak to you about one more thing." Beast Boy sat back down with a groan.

"If it's about Raven..."

"Look" Robin began, cutting him off. "I know it's none of my business."

"But you're gonna stick your nose in, anyways" Garfield shot back, not even trying to conceal how irked he was.

"I'm worried." Beast Boy rolled his eyes at that and looked away, avoiding eye contact with Robin's mask. The team leader continued. "You can call me a mother hen or whatever, but I want to make sure the atmosphere is clear when Raven comes back to us."

The other Titan scoffed. "That is, if she comes back."

"She will" Robin stressed.

"What if she wants to stay there for good with Mister I'm Sexy And I Know It?"

"I-..." The Boy Wonder hesitated. "I doubt she will want that."

"How are you so sure? I mean Aqualad's perfect in every way possible, and we both know Raven's a damn perfectionist and everything has to be ideal and her way...!"

"I just talked with Aqualad, he's feeling insecure" Robin stated, making Beast Boy's ears perk up.

"Insecure about what?" he asked evidently interested in the new information.

"About his chances with Raven in opposition to you." Seeing Beast Boy frown in wonderment, he hasted to explain further. "Aqualad called me to ask about reports on that night you and Adonis turned into Beasts. He wanted to test the grounds. He sees Raven has some feelings for you, that's why I think you still have a chance with her."

Beast Boy wondered. Did he really have any chances with Raven? Was he a threat to Aqualad?

"But anyways" Robin said, making Beast Boy look up at him more consciously. "No matter what happens between you two... or should I say three?" He shook his head. "Whatever happens is not my business. I want you and Raven to remain professional no matter the circumstances. And I want you both on my team. Did you call her yet?"

Beast Boy hung his head. "Why? She doesn't wanna talk to me."

"To clear the atmopshere."

"It's too early for that, dude. I messed up. I'm mad at her. She's mad at me. We need a break anyways." He shrugged.

"Or to talk things over." Beast Boy did not reply, so Robin spoke. "I want your relations fixed by the time she comes back, I'm not gonna intervene in what's going to happend during that time."

Beast Boy merely nodded.

"You are dismissed" Robin stated, on what Beast Boy slowly got up and walked out of Robin's office, leaving the team leader even more concerned than before.
Raven's phone rang so suddenly she instantly answered it, not even glancing at the caller.

"Well, hello friend Raven!" She recognized Starfire's cheerful voice.

"Hi, Starfire. What's up?"

"Oh, the usual..." The alien began casually. "Robin is busy with the paper work, friend Cyborg is out with a girl who he denies is his girlfriend, but we all know better, friend Beast Boy is spying on friend Speedy's addiction and bringing a girl over for the night every now and then, I feel a bit lonely..." The moment she heard about the girls, Raven's heart began aching for some reason. She tried her best to ignore it.
"And what is the up for you, friend?"

"Well, you know..." Raven shrugged. "Nothing special. Getting beaten up by Bumblebee for trying to get rid of her creepy dolls, picking up some Spanish from Mas and Menos, making out with Aqualad..."

"Oh!" Star exclaimed excitedly, but before she could ask, Raven cut her off by questioning.

"Wait, Cyborg's got a girlfriend?" '

"This information is uncofirmed yet!" Starfire blurted out with the speed of light. "You said something about making the out with friend Aqualad?"

"What do you mean 'uncomfirmed'?" Raven asked, totally ignoring her friend's question. "He's either got a girlfriend or not."

"He most probably does, but he denies all of our charges. The boys had not found any proper clues yet. Now please, friend, tell me about that making of the out. I am dying of the boredom in here!"

"Why won't you just go snoop for Cyborg's love life instead?" Raven defended.

"Please, Raven, my soap opera ended yesterday and the new one is sucking the balls. I need the drama! Also, there is so much masculine company, activities and maxims here, I fear my own femininity may be beyond repair when you finally come back!" she whined shamelessly. "Plus your love life is closer right in the moment..."

"So... you need some girl talk?" she guessed hesitantly.

"Yes, please!" Starfire got overly excited, judging by her loud speaking. Raven sighed heavily and rolled her eyes. "Fine." She could almost hear the gleam is Star's eyes. "I guess I could tell you a thing or two."

"Alright, I am all the ears! Is that the expression?"

"Yes." Raven confirmed and fell silent.

"Well?" the Tamaranean urged her.

"Well, what do you want to know?" Raven asked meekly.

"Oh, friend, you are as bad at this as ever" Starfire giggled sweetly. "Everything, of course!"

Hearing this Raven rolled her eyes. She could've predicted such answer. "I guess I'll just start from the beginning." She heard her friend's affirmative murmur. "I'm sure you know about the little challenge Aqualad and Best Boy had yesterday?"

"Ah, yes. It did not go too well, did it? I know for sure friend Cyborg was hanging a new punching bag that evening. The previous one was completely torn..."

"Anyways, some things came out and Aqualad, being the respective person he is, gave me my much needed space, something Beast Boy would never do, and came back to me today to talk things over."

"Mhm... And what did you talk about?"

Raven almost forgot. Almost. She shifted uncontrollably under the preassure of the truth. "He asked me if I had any feelings towards Beast Boy."

Silence. Dead silence. Raven just opened her mouth to ask if Starfire was still there, but her friend's gentle voice cut her short.
"Do you?"

Raven hesitated. "I told him we're just friends..." she said with a stutter.

"But it is a lie, is it not?"

Raven froze. Well, of course it was a lie, obviously! Now, should she keep lying, even knowing Starfire knows and won't believe her denies, just like she doesn't believe Cyborg's about having a girlfriend? Or should she just skip the whole drama and denial and just talk sincerely to her best friend?

"Yes. No. I don't..." she cut off to sigh heavily. "Yes, it was. I just... I don't even... I can't-..." Raven sighed again, while Starfire waited patiently. "I can't comprehend just why exactly am I drawn to him" she uttered finally. "I've hated him for-... no, I hated his antics for so long. He's been annoying and childish, and so easy going and he never respected my boundaries..."

"But instead he moved them around." Starfire's statement made her freeze again. "He broadened them, destroying the wall you had built around yourself. He made you more outgoing, more social, less scared and he led you out of that shell you lived in."

"You really think that?" She heard Star scoff, something so unlike her.

"I do not only think so, I know. I may seem oblivious, but I can see things, friend. I see that you smile more often when friend Beast Boy is around. You even talk more."

"Do I?" she raised her eyebrow curiously. Was she really acting like a school girl around Beast Boy?

"Do not worry, friend, it is normal to behave so. And you are not the only one. Friend Beast Boy looks at you often and very closely. Tries to catch your eye, always seeks your approval and tries his best to make you feel comfortable, included and most of all to make you smile. And as I have mentioned, he succeeds."

Raven had to reluctantly agree with that. He did make her feel and do all those things. But Aqualad did that too, and it scared her. It made her feel like she cheated. Starfire's next question pulled her out if her musings and cut the silence on Raven's side.

"And what does it look like with friend Aqualad?"

"W-what do you mean?" Raven stuttered. It was becoming a habit of hers, and a pretty decent nightmare.

"Does friend Aqualad make you feel something?" Raven pondered the question, taking another long silent moment and making her Tamaranean friend impatient. "Anything?"

"I think so..." Raven began reluctantly. "I'm not sure, it all confuses me." She began massaging her temple with her free hand and lied down on her bed.

"Then what does he make you feel, friend?" Starfire prompted gently.

"I don't know... Butterflies?" Hesitation was evident in Raven's tone. "But I get those with Beast Boy, too, so I'm not sure if it counts." With horror in her mind she noted she just openly admitted she had experienced the 'butterflies' from just being around Beast Boy. She recalled that scene from Game of Thrones, hearing that annoying bell and the word 'shame!' being exclaimed loudly over and over again. She shuddered.

"Of course it does, why would it not?" Star almost sounded outraged. Almost, if not for the joyful note in her voice. "What else do you feel with friend Aqualad?"

"Well..." Raven stopped to focus on her memories and feelings. "I feel fully accepted and respected. But I noticed I get clumsy a lot. And with Beast Boy, too, at times..." Starfire confirmed with a hum, while Raven kept on thinking.

"And do you feel respected and accepted by friend Beast Boy too?"

This time Raven hummed. "Yes and no. Sometimes I feel like he's trying to change me into someone who I know I'll never be. Maybe someone like Terra..."

"Some changes are good for us" Starfire noted. "And I would not think too much on friend Terra. I am convinced friend Beast Boy has gotten over her."

"So I'm overthinking it?"

"Indeed. I know for sure Beast Boy is fully oriented on only you."

"What about those girls he's banging?" Anger was evident in Raven's voice, something she wasn't able to control. Star ignored it. Anger was always the most expressed emotion by her friend, and she was used to it. Besides, she would be mad herself in such a case.

"I asked him the exact question, he told me 'it comes with the job'. So I think he only does it to befriend Speedy more."

"Star, do you think there is a possibility he's just... well, you know..." Raven cleared her throat nervously and felt her face burn with the intensive blush. "Trying to..."

"Compensate for your absence and rejection?" the Tamaranean princess hinted, leaving Raven with just an affirmative hum. "Well, is it possible you are just too stubborn to admit your obvious feelings towards friend Beast Boy and would rather try a romantic relationship with friend Aqualad instead?"

Now, this made Raven frown. "Are you saying I'm using Aqualad?"

"Well, it seems so, from my point of the view" Starfire replied sincerely.

After a moment of silence, Raven sighed in defeat. "It may just be the truth. On the other hand, I really like him."

"Like him in what way?"

"Well, you know..." She blushed again. "He's attractive, a gentleman, reasonable and stable. At least he seems so. And he just... I don't know, he kind of gets me in a way."

"And friend Beast Boy does not?"

"Well..." Raven cut off to think about it. "We are similar in some ways" she admitted hesitantly. "And he does understand me in aspects I never imagined he would but he's so..."

"Different in dealing with the darkness he is carrying."

Starfire's words left her astonished. And suspicious. "True. Were you talking to him?"

She could almost hear the grin growing on Starfire's lips. "Well, with friend Cyborg being busy with the girl who is not his girlfriend, friend Beast Boy would rather discuss his love life with me than Robin. Although I know he's been also talking with friend Speedy. They are getting pretty close to one another."

"I hope Gar stays professional" Raven said.

"We all do" Starfire agreed. "But it is a delicate matter."

"No doubt."

"But getting back to our subject" Starfire began. "You know I will support you no matter what choice you make."

"Thank you, but it doesn't really help me..."

"I cannot decide for you. But if I were you, I would make a list."

"A list?" Raven ask dumbfounded. "A list o what?"

"Pros and cons, and your feelings towards the boys."

"I'll keep that in mind" Raven said, before changing the subject. "Hey Star? How do I restore Karen's femininity?"

The princess wondered. "Hm... Maybe the two of you could make a list of things that you find feminine and then try and do them?"

"What's with you and lists?" Raven asked with a smirk.

"As I meantioned before, I am bored and lonely here..." Starfire replied with a sigh.

Raven was silent, trying to think of something to make her friend feel better. And what was better than... "We should have a girls' day out" She offered. "I mean you, Karen and I."

"Oh!" Kori's yell almost broke Raven's eardrums. "That would be glorious! I miss you so much!"

"I miss you, too" Raven confessed quietly. "Anyways, I'll talk to Bee about it tomorrow. Right now it's past bedtime..." she noted, glancing at the clock on the wall.

"Yes, we will be in touch. Have nice shlorvaks, friend."

"Good night, Star. Thanks for the talk."

"That is my pleasure, friend" Starfire replied, it was evident she was smiling. "Good night."
The Titans Trade pt. 5
Another crappy chapter, sorry... ;____; I'm in a bad shape. Maybe because I'm partially overthinking that improving of the 'Livestream on, powers off' series. But life and time aren't on my side...

I don't own Teen Titans or Game of Thrones (or The Song of Ice and Fire that it's based on).

Part 4
Raven stared at the envelope lying on the table in front of her. Her hands shook and she nervously chewed on her thumb, just staring. She didn't dare open it. It was a plain envelope, with her name (or rather new name, Raven Logan) on it, addressed to the Titans' Tower. It was from the clinic, the dreaded paternity test. It came this morning and the moment the others learned what it was, they all nagged her to open it and find out. But she was scared. The fear paralyzed her and she couldn't do it. Only her mother stood in her defence, saying she should open it when she felt ready to do so. So she layed the envelope on the coffee table, took a book on maternity to relax and preoccupy her thoughts with it and sat on the couch. But since she opened the book, she never even glanced at the words. Her eyes were focused on the envelope the whole time and she had no clue where she'd started or for how long she's been just sitting there, chewing on her thumb.

She started nervously once she felt someone's weight shift the spot beside her and something blew up in the kitchen. Her face covered in blush while Garfield chuckled at her antics.

"Chill out, mama. You should open the god damn thing if it makes ya so twitchy."

She looked up at him. As always, his face was smiling at her and his eyes shone. If it wasn't for her empathic powers, she wouldn't even think he was nervous at all. And indeed he was, comparatively to her own nervousness. His anxiousness pulled at her own. She knew she was making him impatient.

"I'm scared" she confessed.

His smile turned from cocky to gentle. "I know, babe." He caressed her cheek. But whatever they found out might make you feel relieved."

"Or panicked" she said bitterly, piercing the envelope with her gaze as if it was evil.

"Rae, look at me." She did as he said. His eyes shone at her reassuringly. There was something firm about him, but warm and steady. "Now you're panicked."

"No, now I'm scared" Raven corrected him.

"Shitless" he said with a knowing smirk that made his fangs shine seductively. His wife hung her head, trying desperately to hide her embarrassment and blush.

"Yeah..." she admitted meekly.

"Aw, com'ere." She felt her man's arms embracing her and he gently pushed her head to his chest. Gar leaned his chin on her head and caressed her hair lovingly. "Whatever they wrote there, remember, no matter what happens, we're gonna love both of 'em."

Raven did want to believe it, she really did. But it was easier said than done. Try not to favor the child that is actually from the man that you love. Or the child who isn't destined to tear the world apart. Now he said that, but in a few months they would find out if they will even survive this storm. And the storm is up for lasting about fifteen years, so...

"I know" she finally said, trying not to think about it all right now.

"Then what's the difference if both of them are his or just one?" Gar asked in a hush tone.

"It's a reminder" she said bitterly, trying not to let the tears fall from her eyes. "Of everything he's done. To me, to us..." Her voice cracked.

"Rae, you're taking it all wrong." He let go of her to look her in the eyes and smiled comfortingly. "Don't think of them as his kids. Think of them as yours." Seeing the doubt in her eyes he chuckled shortly. "They're your kids, Rae. You'll be raising them, and they're gonna be as awesome as their mom. And hopefully they're gonna be nothing like Trigon."

"Three quarters demon blood, Garfield" she reminded him sternly, her eyebrow raised doubtfully. "It's not the same as half. It's stronger connection..."

"You're making excuses, Rae" he interjected with an amused eyeroll.

"I'm not making excuses, I'm thinking rationally!" she opposed, crossing her arms defensively.

"Yeah, that's your excuse since forever" he smirked. "Now stop being scared and let's just see what they've got..." He reached for the envelope, making his wife shrink and cringe. He handed it to her with a positive look on his face. "Now do us all a favor and just open it."

She glanced at the envelope as if it was to bite her. Then looked up into Garfield's eyes, and again at the envelope. With a heavy sigh she took it from him and immediately her hands began shaking. She knew there was no chance for Gar to be the father of one of the kids, but there was always that tiniest light of hope, and reading the truth would crush her, and she knew it. But he wanted to know.
She ripped the paper with her fingernail and took the content out. Then she froze. Her hands shook even more and her throat was hurting from the tension. An anxious wave from her husband didn't really help. He was devilishly curious.

"Rae?" His voice made her look at him. "You can unfold it now, y'know..."

She hung her head in shame. "No, I can't, you read it" She said handing the document to him. He took it in his hand, but hesitated.

"You sure?"


"Ok..." He said hesitantly, stealing the last glance of her profile. She hadn't looked at him, so he took it as a final confirmation that he should be the one to read the news. "Here we go." He unfolded the paper and scanned it for the most important info.

Raven sat straight and tense like a guitar string. Her jaw was clenched like never before and she knew the tears would come as soon as he said the words out loud.

"Well, we knew it..." came his voice. It was tense and small, like his throat wouldn't let out anything louder than a half-whisper. Raven closed her eyes shut and let the tears fall. A window cracked and she focused on taking deep, calming breaths.

Of course both kids were Trigon's, how could she have been so stupid to even hope? There were only about seven cases of twins having different fathers in the whole world, it was impossible for them to actually make it.
"We saw that coming" she whispered.

"Yeah, I mean, I'm lucky, but..." He cut off to laugh. Laugh. He began laughing. Like a maniac. His aura turned uncontrollably happy, cheerful and it made her crack a smile herself, it was contagious. He continued. "But can you believe I'm that lucky?!" He pointed his hand at the paper.

Raven furrowed her brow, not really understanding, but before she could ask him, he brought her in for a massive embrace, then kissed her forehead and lips. It was all so fast she got dizzy.
"What are y-...?" She cut off, seeing the paper way too closely to her face for her to be able to read it.

"Look, Rae, this one's zero percent match!" he pointed to the paper in the specific place. Okay, yes, that's understandable, that would match Trigon, she thought. "And then this one's ninety eight percent!" He laughed maniacally again, while she took the document and scanned it repeatedly.

He must've been wrong, he must've looked at some wrong statistics, right? She looked closely at the tables. One was the match with the mother's DNA. Embryo 1 was matched eighty-six point six percent. Embryo 2 only one point ninety-four percent. She frowned and looked further at the next table, this one matching to the tested man's (aka Garfield's) DNA. Embryo 1 zero percent, no doubt. And then Embryo 2...

"It's ninety-eight point zero six?" she read incredulously.

"How lucky am I, right?!" Gar was antsy like a kid who was about to get his favorite candy and the game he was begging for, for the last few months. Raven couldn't believe it. All the windows shattered at this point and the wind was howling through the whole room, but she didn't care. She looked up at him.

"You know what the chances for this are, right?"

"Like one to from-here-to-Tamaran, I know!" he blurted out happily. They fell silent, merely looking into each other's eyes.

"You lucky bastard..." Raven smiled.

"Fool's luck, right, mama?" he wiggled his eyebrows at her, efficiently making her chuckle. "You happy?" he asked, grabbing her waist and pulling close to him.

"You have no idea..." she managed to say before kissing him passionately. When they broke apart he grinned at her.

"Oh, I think I know, 'cause you're crying, Rae." He chuckled after getting a playul hit on the arm from her. "And we've got double win!"

She frowned once more, wiping the tears from her face. Damn you, hormones! "How come?"

"The other one matches your DNA generally, babe. There's a chance she's gonna be your tiny little clone!"

"A clone of mine and a clone of yours, well, there ought to be a lot of fighting..." She began massaging her right temple, feeling the incoming migraine. Garfield chuckled, kissing her other temple.

Then the whole gang of Cyborg, Nightwing, Starfire, Arella and kids barged into the room. Everyone scared shitless, wide-eyed, the Titans in fighting stances. They bombarded the two with questions of 'what happened?, are you all right?, who's attacking us?' etc. But seeing them Garfield did the only thing he could do.

"ONE OF THEM'S MIIIIIINE!!!!" he yelled, pushing his arms up in victorious gesture. They needed a few seconds, before they all yelled happily and began congratulating and hugging both of them. And then they celebrated with a lot of stuff Raven didn't fancy. But at that moment she was so happy she didn't care. The chances for twins to have different fathers are faint, only seven cases in the world so far, and still Garfield managed. And for the future portal-child to only match 13.4% of Trigon's DNA is a very, very pleasant surprise. Although, now that she thought of it, Raven and Arella were often mistaken for sisters rather than mother and daughter, so maybe she should've seen that coming? Anyways, it was a double win, something to celebrate.

And then Cyborg said that: "I bet Mento lost his jaw when he heard the big news!"

Beast shot up from his spot by the table, cursing and digging his pockets for a phone.
The sound was new to him. Mento knew he had heard it before, but it was a long time ago and now he had trouble to recognize the... Aaaand now it hit him.

"Rita, the phone's ringing!" he yelled, trying to ignore the sound and focusing on the documents in front of him. He did not get any response. The phone rang its third signal and Mento's brow was furrowed in annoyance. Fourth signal. "Rita!"

"I'm busy!"

"With what?! Because I'm working on Brain, what's your excuse?!"

"I have three stomachs to feed!" she yelled back, making him realize how hungry he truly was.

Mento groaned. "It's still ringing!"

"Then just answer it, maybe it's important!"

He pondered for a few seconds. "Negative Man!!!!" he yelled, but before he could order his teammate to take the call, he heard his wife's wrathful yell.

"For fvck's sake, Steven! Answer the phone!"

It wasn't normal for his wife to curse nor yell, so he obediently stood up from his desk. Not that he would let it slide, he already planned a reprimand in his head and mentally prepared for another argument. But after the, seemingly, hundredth phone ring he wondered what was so important for someone to call for so long. He finally picked up the phone.

"Doom Patrol residence, Ment-..."

"Hey, dad!" Beast Boy's voice interrupted him. Mento knew perfectly his adoptive son changed his superhero name to simply 'Beast', but for him, he'd always be 'Beast Boy'. Before Steven could reply, his son spoke again in a chirpy voice. "Guess what."

"You better make it short, son. Your call made your mother moody..."

"I heard that!!" came Rita's voice from the kitchen. And then some mumbling about him being the cause for her moodiness, but he brushed it off.

"One of 'em's mine" Gar spoke, the grin evident in his voice. At first Mento's brain stopped in its tracks. The sentence had seemingly no sense for him. The man frowned and asked.


"One of them is mine, dad" he repeated more clearly.

Now Steven understood the whole context, but failed to process the information. He repeated the previous question, but this time with a note of incredulity. "What?" He heard his son chuckle.

"I know! Rae couldn't believe it, too. She blew up all windows on the whole floor. Did you know there had only been seven other pregnancies like that in the whole world?" he stressed, making Steven realize the miracle of it.

"No, I didn't."

"Pretty messed up!"

"Yes. Yes indeed." They both fell silent for almost a whole minute. A genuine smile crept onto Mento's face. "You lucky bastard."

Garfield chuckled on the other side. "That's what Rae said."

"I'm happy for both of you" Steven said, noticing his wife entering the room while wiping her hands with a washcloth.

"Let me speak to him" she demanded without any ado, reaching out her hand for the phone. Mento took the phone out of her reach.

"Oh, now you're here? Where were you when the phone was ringing?"

"Preparing your steak, now I'm free, so you can give me the phone."

"I suggest you sit down" he said, before giving the phone to her. Normally he would be mean and start an argument, but he knew she waited for this information for this passed few weeks like it was something that kept her alive. Plus, the look she was giving him kind of made him shudder inside (making him wonder if maybe it was the time for the menopause...). Rita took the phone with a huff, then cleared her throat to speak lovingly to her son.

"Hello, Garfield!"

Few seconds later Mento heard her squeal, and supposed she began tearing up a little. Or more than little...

"Oh my god, I'm so happy for you, Gar! I can't believe it! Yes! And how's Raven? Or, you know what? Give her the phone, I'll talk to her. Yes, I'm sure, now come on! I love you, bye!" Few seconds of silence. "Raven, dear! Congratulations!"

She kept on conversing with their daughter-in-law with such a joy in her voice Mento caught himself just listening with a soft smile on his face. Rita hasn't been so happy in... in years. And hearing her like that made him recall all the pleasant memories of them together. He forgot all about the Brain and working on catching him soon. Right now he made himself comfortable in his chair, closed his eyes and listened to his wife's cheerful voice.
"We have to immortalize this moment!" Cyborg yelled out randomly, taking a small recording camera out of his arm (for once not using his cybernetic eye) and turned it at his face. "So, we just found out one of you guys is Gar's, not Trigons! Big time to celebrate!" he looked at everyone. "Give me some happiness, y'all!" They all screamed 'yay' while he recorded them. Raven was in the background, pacing in the kitchen with the phone by her ear, not really minding all the chaos in the living room.

"Here's your daddy! Hey, dad!" He turned the camera showing Beast with a grin plastered to his face. "Say a few words to your kiddos!"

The green man glanced at the camera slightly confused. "You makin' an interview or somethin'?" he asked.

"Nope" Cy popped the sound. "Just a little happy memory for the twins."

Beast's ears perked up. "Ooh! That's great idea, dude!"

"I know!" Cyborg said immodestly.

"Maybe we should make it like a series of videos! Through the rest of the pregnancy!"

"Oh, that's good!" Cyborg admitted. "Now tell them something!"

"God, what should I say? Do I say some big quote about life or something?" he chucked slightly.

"Yeah, 'Life is like a box of chocolates'. Cut the crap, just say whatever comes to your broccoli head, man!"

"Alright, so..." Beast smiled nervously. "I'm incredibly happy that one of you is mine. I mean..." he shook his head. "I'm the luckiest man in the world, it's awesome, dude!" Cyborg chuckled slightly. "I hope you're gonna turn out fine..."

"Bitch please, the kid's got nearly one hundred percent of your genes, turning out fine is not an option" Cyborg teased.

"Shut up, dude" Garfield chuckled. "I'm gonna try and be the awesomest dad I can be. To both of you."

"Aww!" Arella walked to Beast and hugged him. "Garfield, that was so sweet."

"Cause I meant it" he grinned. "You wanna tell the kids anything?"

"Sure" she shrugged, turning to the camera. "Don't call me grandma" she said sternly. "If you do, you're going to get crappy presents for your birthday and Christmas, and on Halloween you're gonna get carrots and apples, until you start calling me 'nana'." Then she blew a kiss to the camera. "Love you both!"

"Fine by me." Cyborg shrugged. "So! Melvin, Timmy and Teether!" He turned the camera on the kids. "Any messages for your soon-to-be siblings?"

"Yes!" Melvin began cheerfully. "I hope you're both girls!" Adults chuckled.

"Nooooo!!" came Timmy's voice. "Girls are boring!" he yelled at his sister, then turned to the camera held by uncle Cyborg. "Be boys!"

"No! I want sisters! I'm tired of little brothers, they're stupid!" Melvin kept complaining.

"You're stupid!" Timmy yelled at her, hitting her arm.

"No, you are!" She hit him back.

"Whoa! Guys, guys!" Beast intervened, holding Timmy's arms down the boy's body, while Arella held down Melvin. "Without any tests, we already know at least one's gonna be a girl!" Beast's announcement only caused Melvin to jump from happiness about finally having a sister, and Timmy to start crying and yelling, then lying on his stomach on the floor and flailing about. Cyborg turned the camera on Teether.

"Anything you want to tell your new siblings?" he asked.

"I love you both!" Teether said and send a flying kiss to the camera before giggling.

Cyborg turned the camera at himself. "I get the feeling he's gonna be your favorite big brother."

"Geez, what happened this time?" Nightwing asked, making Cyborg instantaneously turn the camera at him and Starfire.

"Heeey! Uncle Dick and auntie Kori!"

"Hi!" Starfire waved joyfully to the camera, while her husband frowned.

"You did not just introduce me with that name" he spoke menacingly.

"I just did, Dick."

"I can't even comprehend how Richard can become Dick, it doesn't make any sense" Nightwing muttered.

"It does, because all Richards are d!cks apparently" Cy joked and laughed at Nightwing's stink eye.

"Stop it. It's supposed to be the video for the twins" Starfire reminded before looking directly into the camera and putting a nice smile on her face. "I hope you are both healthy and will grow up into wonderful people like your parents are."

Dick snickered. "One child is Gar's there's no way for it to turn out normal."

"That's what I said!" Cyborg exclaimed happily. Starfire frowned.

"You are both being awful friends" she stated before speaking directly to the camera again. "Don't listen to them, your father's genes are wonderful, you will be fine."

"Don't even hope" Cyborg murmured straight into the cam.

"They will be both fine, friend Cyborg, stop being mean!" Kori scolded him. "Oh! And I hope you're a girl and a boy, it would be so adorable..."

Richard and Victor both let out a doubtful murmur. Star gave them confused glances. "What is it?"

"He can't be that lucky to have a son, Star" Cyborg said, making the Tamaranean woman frown.

"Although he did pull off the two fathers twins pregnancy" Nightwing speculated.

"Yeah, and that's where his luck must end. I'm betting on two girls." Cyborg was adamant.

"Excuse me, what is so better about having a son?" Kori asked, sounding almost offended. The men exchanged looks.

"Well, nothing..." Cyborg began, the camera in his hands slowly lowering, but still recording.

"No, please, Victor, do not antagonize me. Tell me the truth. Why are the males superior to females?" she asked, crossing her arms on the chest.

"I didn't mean superior..." Cyborg scratched his head sheepishly. "Dick, help me out here."

"Well, maybe on Tamaran it's different, Kor, but on Earth our civillizations are mostly based on patriarchy..." Nightwing began hesitantly. Seeing that didn't help, he continued. "You know, sons used to be heirs of their fathers and they inherited the assets... Then they passed the name, continuing the dynasty..."

"Yeah." Cyborg finished with a shrug. Starfire did not seem content with their answer. "Besides, daughters are so much more work" he muttered, making Star look outraged.

"Excuse me! What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means daughters give their fathers a hard time" Nightwing explained.

"And why might that be?"

Cyborg and Nightwing exchanged looks again. Then Cy began explaining. "Let me paint you a picture. You have a daughter. She's a teen and all she does all day is snappin' some half-naked or completely naked selfies and then puts 'em on the internet. She screws around with boys, but comes home and cries nobody loves her and she wants a real boyfriend, who would love her unconditionally and would respect her. And you in fact know that she'd friendzoned the perfect guy. And when you give her some wholehearted, real good advice, she ain't listening to ya and tells ya you don't get her at all. Now tell me that does not sound like a nightmare to you." He dared her. Starfire did look reluctant to the picture her cybernetic friend just painted for her.

"Yeah, you have to try really hard and keep a close eye on your daughter to make her a decent person. Sons are easy" Nightwing stated.

"Yeah! What's the worst thing your son could do? Bang a girl? You sneak him a condom and give your thumbs up! Get into a street fight? At least he'll learn either how to beat the crap out of someone or to run real fast!" Cyborg scoffed. Starfire actually pondered.

"I guess it would be possible for him to tear the city apart..." The three fell silent for a few seconds before Victor spoke up.

"Still better than growing up into a ho." Nightwing high-fived with him.

Starfire frowned and took the camera from Cyborg's hands, turning it directly on her own face. "I changed my mind. I hope both of you are girls." Then she gave him the camera back and walked away.

"Well, that was mean" Victor said.

"For Gar, yes" Nightwing admitted. "I honestly think it's gonna be a pair."

"Bet fifty bux?" Cyborg asked, reaching his metal hand to shake Richard's.

"Double stake, it's twins we're talking about" Nightwing smirked, shaking his friend's hand. "Hey, Raven got off the phone, you should catch her too." Hearing this Vic looked over his shoulder and saw Raven sitting on the floor talking to Timmy, who still stubbornly lied on the floor.

"Right, thanks, man" he said, turning the camera on Raven and Tim, and recording shamelessly.

"... I told you, whether the twins are both girls or just one of them, no one has control of it. There's no point in putting a tantrum over something you can't change" Raven said, caressing the boy's red hair. Tim still didn't look convinced, but at least was calming down. Raven turned to Melvin. "And you shouldn't call your brothers stupid." The girl hung her head in remorse, mumbling something about the younger one being fine. "Now both of you be good little people, say sorry to one another and don't fight over things."

Timmy sat up and simultaneously with his older sister said a half-hearted 'sorry'.

"Thank you. And you!" Raven gave Cyborg a look that curdled the blood in his veins. "Why are you recording this?"

"Just making a little something for the twins" Victor smiled sheepishly while Raven's features softened.

"You wanna tell 'em anything, mama?" Beast smiled at her encouragingly. His wife blinked unconsciously.

"Yeah, sure" she said, turning directly to the cam. "You guys make me pee a lot more often than my usual" When everyone stopped laughing, she continued with audibly tired voice. "But seriously, I just want you to be healthy and not evil. That's all."

"Yeah!" Gar made sure to be visible on the future video. "Be good little kiddos and listen to yo mama."

"Yo mama" Raven scoffed before speaking to Cyborg. "You can turn it off now."

"You tired, mommy?"

"Shut up" she said, making her big brother chuckle and turn off the camera.

"But yeah, I'm going to bed..." Raven admitted, yawning.
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I'm thinking on improving (and pushing it forward by skipping the dream part at the end, it was rushed) the 'Livestream on, powers off' thing, but I'm afraid I'll have no time to actually do it. Tell me what you think?

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This is part 11 of an untitled series. Here's part 10.

Edit: Also, I have no idea how paternity test results look like. It's just my imagination.
Q: Raven, since you're awfully flirtarious with Aqualad, what do your mom and kids think about him?
Okay, this question's a little old, sorry. But here's the answer.

Aqualad turned the camera at his face. He seemed utterly confused.

"Alright, from the looks the kids gave me, I assume they're fans of Beast Boy. I hope not for long..." he said with a sigh. "The ladies went to prepare a tea party... whatever that means... So I'm stuck with the remaining two." He rotated the camera so it recorded Timmy with his blue blanky and Teether, sucking his thumb and looking around curiously.

"I'm bored!" Timmy yelled.

"Okay, buddy, so what d'ya wanna do?" Aqualad asked. His arm caught the roaming toddler and put him next to his older brother.

"I wanna tiger ride!" Timmy yelled out again, crossing his arms.

"Well, I can't do that, buddy. I'm not Beast Boy."

"You suck!"

Aqualad chuckled nervously. "How about a dolphin ride?"

"Dolphins are for girls!" Timmy argued.

"You think so, don't you? But do you know how dangerous dolphins can be?" The boy's head cocked to Aqualad, indicating he was listening. "They have very sharp teeth. And I can make them do coll tricks. So, what do you say, a dolphin ride?"

Timmy turned to his toddler brother. "Hey, Teeth, you wanna get a dolphin ride?"

Teether smiled, pulling the thumb out of his mouth and clapped his hands. "Yep!"

"Fine, we can do the dolphin ride" Timmy said in a true royal manner. "But can we get a shark ride too?"

"Y-you want a shark ride?" Aqualad asked, hesitation audible in his voice. The red headed boy smiled widely and nodded vigorously.

"Uh-huh! Sharks are cool!"

"Alright, if you don't have a good time with dolphins we can ask sharks for some play time" Aqualad spoke reluctantly. Blue letters appeared on the screen. I'm gonna have to do everything in my power to make him love the dolphin time. Dolphins are dangerous as they are, if I let sharks near those two Raven will eat my soul... ;________;

Frame change. The boys lied on the beach sand, both dressed in trunks and armbands. They were panting with wide smiles on their faces.

"So you guys liked the dolphins?" Aqualad asked.

"Yeah!" the boys yelled simultaneously.

Freeze frame. Mission accomplished! I'm gonna live! :D Unfreeze.

"Great, let's see how the girls are doing."

The screen shook slightly for few first seconds before settling on Bumblebee's door. Aqualad opened the door and saw a true extravagant sight. The fact that the whole room was filled with all kind of dolls wasn't surprising anymore. There was a small round table with porcelain on it and the ladies were all wearing puffed and ruffled dresses.

"Oh, hello, my future son in law" Arella smiled. Before Aqualad could react, Raven snarled.


Arella sent her a glare. "Alright, my future would-be son in law" she corrected with deadpan this time.

"Why 'would-be'?" Bumblebee asked intrigued.

"Because if she keeps snarling like a rabid dog, no one will want her" Arella explained with a shrug, then proceeded to drink the tea from her cup. Raven's jaw dropped and Bee giggled along with Melvin. Raven's mother looked back up at dumbstruck Aqualad who was hidden behind the camera. "Especially a man of your sorts, am I right?"

Aqualad didn't have the chance to answer, because Melvin spoke.
"Doesn't matter. He doesn't stand a chance against Beast Boy anyways."

"Melvin!" Raven regained her voice.

"That wasn't very nice. You should apologize" Arella said.

"Why? We don't like him" Melvin said, folding her arms.

"We?" came Aqualad's voice from behind the camera.

"Bobby and I" the girl replied with her nose raised up high.

"Oh dear Azar" Raven sighed before speaking loudly. "Bobby, would you let Melvin make her own opinions?"

"He's very forceful, isn't he?" Arella chimed in.

"I happen to always agree with Bobby" Melvin shrugged.

"I know, that's what worries me" Raven told her firmly.

"Excuse me, who's Bobby?" Aqualad spoke up.

"Oh, that's the giant teddy bear who's invisible if he's not amongst friends" Bumblebee explained to him with an amused tone.

"And so far you're a foe..." Melvin said with her eyes narrowed and arms still crossed on the chest.

"Melvin!" Raven and Arella scolded in unison while Bee burst out with a horse laugh. That brought Arella's attention.

She put up her hand to silence Bee and she slighty shook her head. "No horse laughing at tea parties, that's inelegant." Freeze frame for blue letters indicating Aqualad. That woman is a real lady. Now I know where Raven got that from. Unfreeze.

Bumblebee's mouth turned into a tiny 'o' and she nodded obediently, raising her cup, with the pinky obligatorily up. Meanwhile Raven again  spoke to Melvin.

"Remember what you thought of me when we first met?" Melvin nodded. "Then you should know it's not smart to stick to first impressions."

Melvin pulled a face. She glanced at Aqualad (almost straight to the camera) and then back at Raven. "But he's a pirate!"

The irritation on Raven's face was visible, but she quickly calmed down. "Well, Jack Sparrow is a pirate and you actually like him" she countered. Melvin puffed out her cheeks with a frown.

"It's Captain Jack Sparrow" she corrected in unison with Aqualad. Seeing Melvin's incredulous face Arella and Bee chuckled along with Aqualad.

"See?" Raven asked Melvin. "He's not so bad, huh?" Melvin looked at Aqualad again, narrowing her eyes.

"You'll never replace Beast Boy" she told him. They all (excluding Raven) chuckled. Freeze frame for purple letters. She's such a loyal creature... Unfreeze.

"I don't intend to" Aqualad said.

"Where are the boys?" Raven asked.

"I left them with the twins. They're getting along well. Teether already picked up some Spanish." He said, chuckling.

"Wow, that's something."

"Hey, bring the boys in here, it'll be fun" Bumblebee suggested.

"I'm afraid they'll be bored at a tea party" Raven smirked.

"Well..." All the stares turned at the camera man being Aqualad. "Not if we make this an interesting adventure..."

Frame change. The camera was now put somewhere inside Bumblebee's room, with the view on the closed door. It suddenly opened, revealing a pirate gang. All the boys were wearing bandanas and eyepatches. They had their arms painted to immitate tattoos, and all held wooden swords in front of them. Teether sucked on his pacifier, and Timmy had a cape made of his beloved blanket. Aqualad was all dresses up as...

"Captain Jack Sparrow!" Melvin yelled with a gasp.

"Yarr, me lovelies!" Twins and Timmy made the trade mark pirate 'argh!' sound while Teether lost all the interest in the play and walked to Arella. She sat him on her lap and began bouncing him, making the sound of a horse running.

"Onward me mateys! Let's find us th' finest booty of them all!" He jumped to Raven and wrapped his hands around her waist. "Mm! It seems I found th' lovely booty!"

Raven scrunched up her nose, but before she could comment on that, Melvin's scream got their attention.

"Captain, captain!" She pulled Aqualad's sleeve.

"Yarr, me tiny lady?"

"Can I join you?"

"Gunna ye be a tough pirate?" Melvin nodded her head vigorously. "Then ye're on th' board!"

"Yaaay!" The girl began running like crazy around the whole room.

Raven smirked. "So, Mel, who do you like better, Beast Boy or Aqualad?"

"Aqualad foreveeeer!"


"Aqualad rocks!"

"Teether?" The boy clapped his hands, still bouncing on Arella's lap.

"Horsie!" His joyful squeal earned Arella's chuckle.

"Teether remains neutral" Raven stated.

"A diplomatic little fella." Bumblebee smirked.

Frame change. The camera showed Teether, playing with colorful wooden blocks.

"Teeth" came Arella's voice. He looked at the camera. "Wanna say that again? Do you want to talk to your nana again?"

"Yes" Teether smiled.

"Who's your nana?"


"And where's your mommy now?" Teether wondered. "Where is she, Teeth?"


"She's out? What is she doing there?"


"She's fighting baddies?" The boy nodded. "And is your daddy with her?"

"Dada no!" Teether denied loudly, shaking his head.

"Daddy's not there? Where's your dad then?" Seeing Teether's confused face Arella giggled. "Well, nana is here, mama is out fighting baddies, and where's daddy, hm?"

"Dada home" Teether answered.

"Daddy's home. And who's your daddy, Teether?" The boy smiled joyfully and blurted out.

"Beat Boy!"

The camera turned around, showing Arella's smiling face. "The youngest is faithful, my second would-be son-in-law. You remained titled." Then she frowned. "But don't drink anymore."
The sound of the door opening and footsteps and the voices of the team entering resounded. Teether squealed, got up and ran towards Raven, with the 'M' word on his lips. Raven took him with a sigh. The camera turned at Arella's face again.
"Don't lose hope, Beastie, she doesn't know what she wants" she whispered before turning the camera off.

Purple letters said: Mom, you're not playing fair, tho... =_=;
Q'n'A#27: Tea Parties with Pirates
I don't own Teen Titans or Captain Jack Sparrow.

Yep, it's short, still hope you enjoyed :)

Next... in progress.
For the first few minutes Raven and Gar talked with the Titans on the video conference. Among talking about the dress, wedding preparations and then pregnancy Raven managed to blab out about the twins. And made Rita lose it again. Arella took care of that, fortunately (and of Mento's headache by the way). So the news spread, and after Speedy ended their call with a toast and congratulations, Raven was attacked by their female guests.

"So! Twins!" Sarah began with a grin and a gleam in her eyes.

"Yeah, how'd that happen, girl?" Bee asked.

"Oh, you know" Raven rolled her eyes. "When a man and a woman love each other very much..." The three chuckled.

"But that's exciting!" Karen said. "Are they identical?" Sarah nodded her head to show she wished to join into the question.

"No, they're not." Raven had to literally bite her tongue to prevent herself from saying 'they may have different fathers, too'.

"It would be super adorable if you got a pair!" Sarah squealed.

"I agree!" Kori chimed into the conversation.

"Yeah, sure." Have a portal-demon-daughter and a half-shifter-prankster-overly-energetic son? All hell would break loose... Oh dear Azar, what if that's what will happen?

"Have you been thinking on names yet?" Sarah's question pulled her out from that horrible thought.

"No, we're waiting for the gender reveal. Still at least a month to wait for that." But only three weeks until the paternity test, she comforted herself in her mind. Although that didn't bring any comfort at all. What if they're both Trigon's...?

"You scared?" Bee asked. Raven replied with a small smile.

"A little, yes." I'm scared as hell. As fvck even. I may freaking die and kill every person in Azar knows how big range! What if Trigon uses the child as his portal at the birth?! She felt her knees going week, and her vision failed her. She felt her body fall forward and she heard someone's panicked 'oh my god!' and she fell into somebody's arms.

"Raven, are you the alright?" she heard Kori's voice. She frowned, her vision slowly coming back to normal. People circled her, the first being Gar, Kori and dr. Love, then Sarah, Kardn, Arella, Rita and Jinx. She heard kids, asking what's going on, over and over again. Gar took Raven's weight from Kori.

"Okay, you've been standing for a little too long" he said, helping her to a chair. She gladly sat down, her knees slightly shaky.

"Have you eaten something today?" dr. Love asked her. Raven nodded, Garfield and Kori confirmed verbally. "Drink?"

"She drank one tea in the morning" Nightwing said. "Then we lost her to Kori and Jinx."

"I think we actually neglected it" Jinx admitted, exchanging looks with Kori. "Come to think of it, this is my first drink since the morning" she indicated the glass in her hand.

"Oh, Raven, I am so sorry to have had you dehydrated..." Kori whined, tears already welling up in her eyes.

"It's fine, I'm an adult. But that explains why I haven't been going to the bathroom all that much today" Raven muttered, taking a glass of orange juice from her husband and drinking it greedily.

"Do me a favor Raven and don't sabotage yourself, alright?" dr. Love spoke in a gentle tone. "Stay on that chair for few minutes. And drink often from now on."

She's listened to Arella and Rita scolding her alternately, then Melvin and boys walked to her all worked up and worried, so they needed to calm them down. Then Kori cried a little more about being an awful friend. After that Sarah and Karen wanted to make sure it wasn't because of their storm of questions. Of course Raven denied, even though her dizziness was partially caused by exactly that. Then Rikki came to the view.

"Hi" she said cheerfully. "It's me, the wedding wrecker."

"Hi wedding wrecker" Gar said, pretending to be on a support group of sorts.

"Okay" Rikki sighed as if she was preparing for saying something of great importance. "What you thought isn't gonna happen."


"Is not." Rikki emphasized. "I checked. Like a thousand times since I know you're preggy."

"Why wouldn't he just do it?" Raven whispered her question. Rikki smiled brightly.

"Well, my dear, because becoming his tiny pawn requires huge amount of energy. And newborns are pretty weary after coming out of the mom. Believe me, I asked my sister-in-law of blessed memory after she gave birth to Wojtek." Oh dear Azar, Polish names were so funny next to English words. Raven couldn't hide the smirk, Rikki followed her suit. "And nobody's gonna die. So you can do what the doctor ordered and just relax and stay positive. Because it's not going to be all that bad. You believe me?"

"I wish she did" Gar chimed in, gently caressing Raven's cheek.

"You have to trust me on this, Rae" Rikki said.

"What else did you see?" Raven asked. The Polish girl narrowed her eyes with a smile.

"Wouldn't you want to know..."

"Come on, Riks, calm her down a little more" Gar pleaded. Raven's palms were still trembling delicately in his own.

"No, I'm gonna spoil everything!" she chuckled. "Rave, listen. Everything's going to be fine. Just take care of yourself and agree on whatever Mister Hunt will ask of you. And then don't worry about anything. A'right?"

Raven sighed heavily. How she wished Rikki was right. Although, if she was to trust anyone on this, it was her. Not everyone can surf other dimensions and timelines on the internet, like Rikki could. "Fine."

"That's my girl" Rikki scrunched up her nose and walked away. And somehow, the Lakota man was in their faces.

"Are you okay now?" he asked, actually sounding concerned.

"It was just a little dizziness, I'm fine" Raven assured him with a faint smile.

"She didn't drink much today" Gar explained.

"No, that's not it" the holy man stated, staring at Raven intently. "You fear evil spirits."

They were both taken aback, but only Garfield spoke. "Is that some shamanic trick?"

"I am a talented man" Mr. Hunt offered. He sounded tired. "You see, I'm not just a holy man. I possess some... super power, as it is called nowadays."

The freshly married couple exchanged looks. Garfield spoke again. "You mean, you can actually contact the spirits and all?"

"Contact spirits, see auras, yes, that's all connected to my profession." The man seemed annoyed with the irrelevance of the aforementioned abilities to his speech. "But there's one thing you cannot learn if you're not born with its root." Raven raised a curious eyebrow, her husband frowned, trying to focus. "I was born with that root, as my grandfather before me, and his grandfather before him. And now..." He straightened his old back, looking proud and royal. "I believe I can see the root in my two year old grandson."

"Root of what?" Raven asked.

"Air bending." The two of them exchanged looks again. The old man continued. "I would love to teach him. To show him everything I know, like my grandfather did for me. But I'm old." He winced. Raven sensed emotional pain coming off this man, and it really didn't help her dizziness. "I'm afraid I won't be around long enough to teach him everything."

"So you want us to take care of it?" Raven concluded. Hunt nodded.

"The boy's mother... she suffered a depression and ended her life recently. And my son does not possess my knowledge. There might be some other medicine man who could teach my grandson, I see the potential in him, he's a very spiritual kid lready. But the priority is the air bending. And that..." he shook his head, setting his two braids in swinging motion. "Nobody knows but me."

"And by the time he's old enough to train, you may no longer live" Gar finished for him.

"That is my concern" the Native man admitted. "I don't want my grandson to be set astray. I don't wish for him to rot in the reservation like his parents did. I want him to have a good start and to become a great man. Hence my request."

"Do we have any aeromancer?" Gar wondered, glancing at his wife.

"I'm afraid not. Aqualad's a hydromancer. And we have Hot Spot, he's sort of a pyromancer. And if not them, there's always Geo-Force" she finished.

"That should suffice" Mr. Hunt said with a nod. "I believe all elements are quite the same. Can I count on you taking care of the boy when I'm no longer among the living?"

"As long as his father will agree, I think we can arrange that" Raven said.

"Can I ask of you to also keep an eye on his shamanic abilities?" Gaining nods from both of them, Mr. Hunt seemed to take a second of relief. "I will be forever grateful." He opened his eyes and looked directly at Raven again. "Now, about the evil spirits you fear." Raven raised an eyebrow. "The Russian girl showed me what can happen under certain circustances." Seeing Raven gasp slightly, he quickly shook his hand. "You are on the good way now, don't worry." The bride seemed to calm down. "However when the children are already born, their first bath you should give them in a cedar water." Raven looked at him both interested and confused. "Cedar represents soul and it purifies and attracts good energy and good spirits. Also burn incest or drink tea with sweetgrass and sage." Raven thought she must've been really desperate since she actually considered doing so. Next words took her aback though. "But not tobacco. Tobacco tea is terrible."

"You drank tobacco tea?" Garfield asked with a disgusted face.

"I'm old." They both nodded in understanding. "As I was saying, sage purifies the negative influences. It's very good with evil spirits." And it's healthy every few days as I recall, Raven thought to herself. "But basically it's good with all negativity, that's good for you. Sweet grass is for cleansing mind, soul and body. It also stops powers of evil entities."

"And all that works?" Gar asked.

"If it didn't, I wouldn't be talking so long" the shaman said with a shrug. "Anyway, I should get going." He got up.

"It was nice having you" Raven said getting up and feeling a little dizzy again. "And thank you for the ceremony and your advise."

Mr. Hunt waved his hand for her to stop. "That's the least I could do for you. I wish you two all the best."

"Same to you, Mister Hunt" Garfield said, shaking the old man's hand.
"Alright, newlyweds!" Cyborg yelled. "Time for the presents!"

"What presents?" Gar and Raven asked in unison.

"I mean, I know Alfred sent a terribly heavy package but..." Garfield went on while Cyborg pushed both of them to the nicely wrapped boxes Raven hadn't noticed before. I mean a pile of big boxes, Raven, come on, focus, woman!

"Alfred sent something?" she asked surprised.

"Yes, we get it, you love Alfred."

"I married you Gar. Just an hour ago."

"Yeah, just because he'll last longer" Nightwing teased. Raven and Gar both sent him glares while others laughed.

"Yeah, sure. Make fun of me because I'm fond of elderly people" Raven rolled her eyes.

"Okay, there's a note" Gar said, and read aloud. "Dearest, thank you for the invitation. I regret deeply that I could not attend to your wedding ceremony (I need to babysit that big baby in a bat's suit)..." he stopped, letting everyone laugh it up. "... I do hope this gift will make up for my absence and will turn out to be both useful and enjoyable. I wish the two of you the best of luck and happiness on the new way of life. With best regards, Alfred Pennyworth. P.S. I'm waiting for another round of chess play with my favorite chess partner..."

A loud 'aw' resounded through the guests.

"This makes me want to go there now..." Raven confessed.
They unpacked Alfred's gift (Gar much less gracefully than his wife) and opened the box. And then the unthinkable happened. Raven gasped, surged into the box and pulled out a book.

"Grimms' Fairy Tales!" she dug in the box. "Both volumes!"

"Seriously?" Gar asked, while his wife traced the letters and opened one of the books.

"Oh Azar, it's the first edition." Raven's eyes went wide. Her husband dove into the box and fished out another old looking book.

"What'cha got there, Beastie?" Cyborg asked.

"H. C. Andersen, Fairy tales Told for Children, Vol. 1" he read in a deadpan.

"Oh, no way!" Raven took the book from him and opened it with wide, hungry eyes. "Gar, do you know what this is?"

"Some old crap for kids?" he asked, digging into the box again and pulling out another Andersen's Fairy Tales. And earning a few chuckles from the watching guests.

"You're so ungrateful" Raven muttered, taking another book out. "These are the most beautiful fairy tales ever told, and as far as I see, they're all antiques. Look, Perrault's Tales of Mother Goose, this is wonderful!"

"Yeah, how many Andersens did he send us? Geez..." Gar muttered, taking yet another Andersen out.

"Probably all of them..." Raven said, sniffing. Jinx leaned down to her.

"Are you crying over some books?" she asked incredulously.

"Winnie the Pooh!" Raven read, not paying attention to her friends.

"Nope" Garfield said, gaining Jinx's attention. "She's crying over some old books" he corrected her.

"Look! Alice in Wonderland, with the author's illustrations!" Raven showed it to her unappreciative hubbie.

"I'd illustrate it better" he said, earning chuckles from the guests. He looked up at the guests. "Don't get me wrong, those books are awesome and all, but she didn't even cry at my vows. My vows, dudes! I mean, come on!" He slightly chuckled himself.

Raven waved her hand at her face. "Stupid hormones..." she muttered in complaint. "Gar, blow at my eyes, please?" she said, turning to him. Beast frowned.


"I have make up on, just blow." Hearing this he shrugged, ignoring the chuckles around them and blew gently into Raven's fluttering eyes.

"Hashtag Just-Girly-Things!!!" Karen yelled. All females clapped and cheered.

"Is anyone recording this?" Raven asked the crowd. Cyborg stepped closer to her.

"You know it, sis."

"Are you going to send this to Alfred?" she asked. Cyborg nodded. "Great. Thank you, Alf, I love them, I'll come as soon as I can."

"You better hurry, gonna be busy with two kids on your arms" Garfield muttered. Raven sent him a stink eye and Cyborg laughed.
After all the presents have been unpacked and gushed over, the party ended. In the tower stayed only its residents and Rita with Steven. And it was time to explain a thing or two to them. They both decided Arella would assist them, while Garfield told his adoptive parents the real deal. Mento was frowning intently, while Rita seemed terrified with her eyes opened as wide as they were. All the color drained from her face. Now Garfield, Raven and Arella only waited for some kind of verbal reaction.
Mento glanced over at Raven, then looked directly at Gar, and said.
"And you still married her?"

The disbelief in his voice must've been the thing that brought Rita back to life. She frowned at him, as if to scold him for even asking such a question, but stayed quiet.

"The woman I truly love?" Garfield asked rhetorically. "You were here, I thought. That happened few hours ago." He didn't even try to cover the fact that he was already pissed with Mento's reaction. "Why should I not marry her?"

"Well, for starters, the kids may not be yours. Second thing is, one or both of them will destroy the world someday. I thought you knew what being a superhero is?"

"So what, I should kill her and lose the opportunity to get the kids under control?"

Mento opened his mouth to counter, but nothing left his lips. Garfield smirked.

"Didn't cross your genius mind, huh? All you can do is jump to conclusions. And wrong ones."

"Garfield, I think that is enough" Arella put a hand on his arm while Mento rubbed his face.

"Besides, Steven" Rita began. "You should wake some empathy in yourself, Raven was abused by her own father. It's not her fault. And one of the children might be Garfield's..."

"Might" he spat the word like a venom. "What are the chances?"

No one answered. Of course they knew the chances were like one to the number of stars, but hope dies the last. And they were still hoping.

"We'll do the paternity test and find out soon" Raven reminded.

"I don't like it" Mento stated.

Rita groaned. "No one cares, Steven. I like that my son married for love. I hope they're going to be happy against all odds, and I am going to be supportive of them whether you approve it or not. And I'm going to love both my grandchildren when they're finally here."

Mento was speechless. So was Raven. Arella smiled contently and Gar raised his eyebrows.

"Thanks, mom" he said. She smiled at them kindly. Steven nodded his head as if he was slowly accepting the situation. Finally they got up and Steve reached out a hand to Garfield.

"I hope you know what you're doing" he said. Gar grabbed his hand firmly and shook it.

"I do. Have more faith in me tho." Mento nodded once and then pulled his son into a two-second hug, finishing it with a firm pat on the shoulder. Garfield returned the gesture. Then Rita hugged the three of them (Raven exceptionally firmly, the empath literally felt the love and support flowing from Rita's aura to hers), they said their goodbyes and disappeared in their ship.

While Mento prepared for the flight, Rita spoke.
"You think he's a fool."

"He's covered in sh!t up to his neck..." he responded.

"They love each other, Steve."

Mento turned the engine on and left his grim thoughts to himself.
I have no idea for the title... But hey, I'm back! I am a dummy! :happybounce: La la la la  I know this piece kind of stinks but at least the wedding is finally over, so I can write something new for this plot :) And I really have to write something, because all I have in my drafts are little pieces... But I'm trying (among getting my life together, you know, now have to find a job, maybe get out of this hell called my grandmother's apartment...), I'll be writing now, so don't worry.

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This is Part 10 of an untitled series. Here's Part 9
Part 11

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I'm sorry people, I'm not very active lately, but I do have very important reasons. I'm TRYING to write my BA thesis, and just thinking about it gives me a migrene (seriously, even my eye was twitching yesterday from all the stress), I have to do it until the rest of May (actually, I'm not sure about the real deadline yet, but it's at least to the first half of June, I think, so still not much time). I only have the half of the paper, and no idea what to do with it, but I sit on my butt, clench my teeth and write/read/re-read things. Believe me, it's not easy, I have no idea what I'm writing about :D Try reading Bhabha's "The Location of Culture" and not get a headache, I dare you.
And it's not only the paper, I mean my exams are coming real fast (all the frigging June ppl, OMFG!), and I do have two more exams than my other indologist fellas, 'cause I was lazy/stupid and I failed two subjects last year (Fuck yeah! :D) PLUS two frigging texts to translate.
I'm always super nervous about things, especially exams, especially the verbal ones, I'm terrified, even as I'm typing now, I'm getting all dizzy, shaky and jittery from just thinking about it all. I'm no good for Universities, for studying. I'm a coward, I'm antisocial, and too simple minded to learn about philosophies and antropologies and all that smart shit. I'll read an article about it, understand half of it, and I'll be happy. DON'T make me pass an exam at it D: That's why I've decided to never come back to the university. That's right, I'm not getting MA, I'm staying on the low, meaningless BA and fuck everyone who says 'you won't get a job with only BA', well I don't care. I don't care if I work with the language, I don't care if I work with ANYTHING related to my studies at all. I seriously just want to have kids now (I do realize I skipped the marriage part, it's because I don't really care anymore, he loves me, if he leaves me marriage won't change that, that's why divorce exists, ppl, srsly, wake up), I want to draw things for dA, I want to write fanfics for dA, I want to write my book FINALLY for fuck's sake. I want anything but studies, I'm too stupid, I'm tired of being reminded of that with each step I take. So, rest assured, once I finish the studies, and before I get a job, I'll be all for dA (I can't wait! TT~TT )

So please, please, don't get mad at me, once I'm through with all this (or maybe sooner, I hope and cross my fingers), I'll come back with tons of fanfics and maybe even drawings (yeah, 'cause I do that too, I just don't have time/or money to scan them :,D). At least it's not a writers block, so that's good, friends! :D Stay positive, I'm alive, I'm even trying to type something down whenever I'm on break (like right now, and I'm taking super long to finish, because I'm a lazy fuck and don't wanna write this thesis so much XD), so maybe if we're all lucky, there will be one chapter of something (I don't know what will come first, sorry) soon on my page...
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